Mayor Robertson Chooses Travel Over Doing Her Job Locally

Is Mayor Robertson your Mayor the the warehouses Mayor?

On January 9th The Mayor and City Council missed the third opportunity to do their job and allow Rialto to have a shot at a better financial future. As you will see in the video below not only was the Mayor not here in Rialto doing her job, but Mayor Pro Tem Scott choose to lie about where the Mayor was.

We need people who are in local politics for the people and the community. So many are in it for lush perks, power and the ability to travel on the Taxpayers dime. There is no reason for the Mayor to be in Washington D.C. when there is work to be done here. Also if she had a conflict she could have scheduled a special meeting to go over the new draft documents and move this issue forward. Also why is Ed Scott lying for the Mayor???


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  1. Carl Jones
    Feb 02, 2018 @ 22:32:39

    Ed Scott lies all the time, this is nothing new. He is a habitual drunk and a crooked politician

    As for the so-called “Mayor”, she is worthless, and does not care about the citizens of rialto or the city employees. The entire city council needs to be completely revamped. The current ones are INEPT!


  2. Janice Smith-Bourke
    Feb 03, 2018 @ 01:46:55

    There is a Mass Exodus from all divisions within the City of Rialto! Our Fire department has recently lost 4 fire fighters with 7 others currently testing. Our police department has lost 6 recently and currently has approximately 20 plus testing at other law enforcement agencies. Both fleet maintenance and public works are trying to get out as well. I have never seen so many early retirements or medical claims being filed against the city.
    When employees are questioned, they all respond that the council doesn’t care! The city claims poverty, but some employee divisions have not had a raises in 5 plus years. Citizens of Rialto, WAKE UP!!!
    Ed Scott and Joe Baca showed up at the January 2018, Rialto Police Benefit Association meeting and started talking about raises for the police department, claiming the city has approximately $50 million in reserves, but the department has been working for almost 2 years without a contract.
    Read between the lines, it’s an election year for Baca and Scott. Send a clear message and let’s get some new blood that will stand up and do the right thing…..
    Ask yourself what it costs to hire an employee and retain that employee? Employees do not stay at a job because they’re the highest paid. They stay because they are treated fairly and respected. When you hire an employee, it should be for life. Rialto has once again becoming a second-rate city.
    Why is Fontana, Ontario and Riverisde attracting our employees? Fair treatment as well as fair pay and benefits.
    Personal agendas over responsible governing!
    Term limits need to be impossed on this city Two terms and your done. This lifetime politician agenda needs to stop!


    • Carl Jones
      Feb 03, 2018 @ 03:08:56

      Well said and 100 percent accurate! Thank you for seeing what so many people in Rialto City Government are turning a blind eye to.


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