Big Checks Written to Pay off One Union for Pushing Permanent Tax on Residents

The city is super proud of themselves for taking the last bit of control away from the voters on getting spending in this city under control. As they were preparing for the June 5th vote the city was working out a lucrative payoff program for the Police Department.

“On May 31, 2018, the parties reached an oral tentative agreement on the terms for a successor MOU, the deal points of which are set forth below and affirmed by the execution of this formal written Tentative Agreement by the parties’ labor representatives.” (Police Union Agreement)

Let us tell you why we believe that this agreement is a slap in the face to the people who live in Rialto. Let us go over a few key points before we move on:

  • We are not against the Police getting paid for the job they do.
  • We realize that the Police were working on a contract that was two years old.

What happened is that the city of Rialto approved an 8% back pay lump sum check for Rialto Police Officers and Management for two years, then a 8% pay increase for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. There are two big problems with this move:

  • The city has no extra money – for the last 5 years we have been basically cash balanced meaning we can pay our current bills but if the car breaks down we are screwed. Our budget has zero room for any sizable hit to it.
  • The Vote to make the Utility Tax Permanent was only an increase in the respect that it is here forever. The only way the city can make more money on it is by increasing the rate above 8%.
  • The city is $150 Million in debt to PERS and Retiree Health Benefits and there is ZERO plan on how to pay those costs.

Another problem with this raise is the fact that as our population is increasing our police force is shrinking. Nobody inside city hall seems concerned with the fact that Rialto Police Department is less likely to be able to handle this city with less and less staff. Not to mention popular shopping and dinning centers that are coming on board. How is Rialto going to handle the influx when staffing levels continue to drop?

Members of the Rialto Budget Advisory Committee wanted to add staff positions to the department while giving a 1.5 percent pay increase to the Police. The community members saw that just throwing money at the problem wouldn’t solve the issue of the public’s ability to feel safe. Chairman Stacey Augustine said as a manager of a major plant in Rialto he learned that simply giving employees more money would not change everything that was wrong in a workplace. Members Joe Rayden and Michelle Sanchez were concerned that the additional funds were not spent on hiring new officers.

Rialto Police have had a lot of recent turnover. The turnovers have applied pressure to the city to make a move to make employees happy and pay them back for pressuring community members into backing the permanent Utility Users Tax. Was this turnover simply about making less money or are there deeper roots? We do know that for the last two years the following has happened:

  • Police Chief Randy Deanda ripped apart a happy and functioning police department.
  • Officers were targeted for removal just because the current political power players didn’t like them.
  • Money was spent on personal witch hunts.
  • Police management staff have abused travel spending and lied to justify travel.
  • A long standing non profit that supported the police department with providing vital funds for specialized departments is still barred from doing their work.
  • Officers, Cpls, Sgt’s and Lt’s all have left the city for other departments.
  • Outside of pay the latest class and comp study showed Rialto Police Officers making at or above the median for other agencies of similar size..

If money was the sole issue why is the Dispatch Supervisor and a veteran officer still leaving after this deal was approved? Also one prominent Sgt recently made his intentions of an early retirement known, if he kept working he would make more in retirement than he will now? So if it is just money why is he leaving?

The problem is that Rialto is not learning from any past mistakes:

  • You can’t promise what you don’t have.
  • You can’t spend what isn’t coming in.
  • You can’t depend on the leadership of intern staff in high level positions in difficult years.

Rialto has spent money or promised to spend money they do not have over and over again. They added $2 million to redeveloping Frisbee park, They have locked Rialto into an agreement to build a 22 acre park in the new Renaissance area with no funds for that park, handed over hundreds of thousands of dollars to the police with this new raise (regular officer alone will make an extra $6 thousand a year with the new raise) and still funnel money to special interests and development buddies that dump money into their campaigns.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. someguy
    Jul 15, 2018 @ 18:22:50

    You talk a lot about things you know nothing about. All of your information is simply from the rumor mill. With your blog you’re trying to shame the city of Rialto and now trying to use the Police Department as a shaming device by continually slamming the Police Department. Your sources are terrible sources, who may have been hunted by Randy but are no innocent victims and are extremely biased. They are people who would have had not problem doing to others what was done to them, yet they feel victimized. Get you facts straight and talk to current employees, instead of disgruntled former employees who have no clue whats going on.


    • rialto-now
      Jul 16, 2018 @ 01:34:35

      Any employee that wants to talk to me about thier feelings working in rialto can. Many of the people working there know how to get a hold of me. By the way “Some Guy” the information from this agregus pay back is public record and confirmed in the last BAC meeting by Robb Steel and the Fianance department. If your pissed off about our stories hold on to your hats the worst has yet to come.


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  3. Carol Andres
    Jul 24, 2018 @ 09:47:15

    Someguy sure does write similar to that of Rialto Police Captain Bill Wilson.

    Someguy, you comment as to former Chief Randy DeAnda hunting employees. I thought investigations were supposed to be fair and impartial?

    Lastly, if this is Bill Wilson do you recall penal code section 832.7? It’s probably not a good idea to discuss personal matters and bad mouth your former Chief that you claim to support during your field trip to the Arcadia Police Department. Remember when you were talking to Captain’s Paul Foley and Larry Goodman?

    You’re a disgrace to the badge and to the Rialto Police Department. Writing anonymous letters to employees complaining about Internal Affairs Sergeant James Mills and the crimes he’s committed. Do you remember the May staff meeting when you just sat there and looked at the floor and Chief Kling primarily shamed you and the other members of the command staff for not standing up to DeAnda and the policy violations and crimes he committed?

    Put on your big-boy pants and start doing the right thing and stop lying you spineless wimp!


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