Real Leaders Step Up in Times of Need

One problem that plagues all departments in the city of Rialto is staffing issues. As you saw in our last post about how Rialto Police are having problems with keeping staff this situation is a little different. Yes Rialto Fire is having a problem with their Ambulance Operator program people are using it as a stepping stone to another department.

This shortage is due to the fact that California has many active fires going on so some of our staff are out fighting those fires. Rialto fire was looking at shutting down MA202 due to not having an available EMT. Well according to the Rialto Fire Department Facebook Page the Fire Chief Sean Grayson was not having any of that and decided to take matters into his own hands.

Fire Chief Grayson cancled his plans and came in to cover the ambulance and go from the top rank in the department to the lowest rank in the department.

“Last Saturday we had a severe staffing shortage with all the local fires going on. We were going to shut down MA202 due to us not having an available EMT. Rialto Fire Chief Sean Grayson responded to the call, canceled his family plans, and came in to work on the Ambulance. Yes, you heard me right!” Rialto Fire Facebook Page.

Rialto Fire and the Residents of a Rialto were lucky to have a Fire Chief Like Matt Fratus who was very humble and approachable. It is good to see that his replacement in Fire Chief Grayson is just as much a stand up guy. It is very unlikely to see a Chief do something like this. He could have bumped another ranking officer down to take the grunt work but he didn’t he seems to have pulled his own weight.

“Chief Grayson said he would not let the citizens of Rialto be without an Ambulance for 24 hours. While he was on shift he performed EMS inventory, washed rigs, and cleaned dishes. He also ran multiple medical aids and a CPR.” Rialto Fire Facebook Page

One thing we always want to remember when writting about corruption is to also call out awesome acts whenever we can!

Want to say thanks to the chief? Post a message to the Rialto Fire Facebook Page!

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  1. Carl Jones
    Jul 15, 2018 @ 16:14:31

    As a witness and victim to the political corruption that is plaguing the police department, the quote “I told you so” is a huge understatement., this tax measure should have never passed and the Sheriffs department should have taken over!

    The flaming bozo of a Chief that preceded Chief Kling, ruined that department for years to come and destroyed careers and morale. I challenge the author of this blog to talk to as many officers as you can (Anonymously) and ask them how they feel about what has happened at that department and the offices that were terminated. Not to mention the previous Chief Bozo wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to go after highly decorated and tenured officers! In what can only be described as a “Political Witch hunt”! Officers, a corporal, a sergeant. and a now retired captain were all targeted and all because of a vendetta by Chief Bozo and his corrupt internal affairs sergeant. During these witch hunts, Chief Bozo and his Sergeant Minion, destroyed evidence, lied under oath at deposition, committed crimes, and as stated earlier WASTED taxpayer dollars to investigate and fire tenured and decorated officers who should have never been investigated in the first place. One can only hope that Chief Kling makes this right by exposing that department and that CORRUPT city council and holds people accountable for their “Misdeeds”. Lastly, I don’t hide behind false names and all of my information is FACT! So to anyone who thinks that these comments are rhetoric, think again because I have PROOF that can and will expose ALL of this corruption. Trust me, if I start naming names, there are going to be a whole bunch of really embarrassed city employees!!


    • rialto-now
      Jul 15, 2018 @ 17:19:36

      Carl thanks for your comment. I am sorry you went through what you went through. Sadly Chief Kling is in the pocket of this corrupt council and he doesn’t have the courage to do what is right for the people.


      • Carl Jones
        Jul 15, 2018 @ 17:30:50

        Don’t be so quick to judge Chief Kling, he is a good leader, he just inherited a bigger mess than he expected. A mess that Chief Bozo single handedly created. Be patient, I am confident that Kling will do the right thing, cut him some slack.

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