Rialto USD Registration Center reopens, offers convenient student enrollment

Rialto, Ca- With great pleasure the Rialto Unified School District Board of Education and Superintendent, Dr. Cuauhtémoc Avila will reopen the District Registration Center (DRC), located at 260 South Willow Avenue, in Rialto, to order to create an effective and easier student enrollment process for parents/guardians and staff members. “With our next school year beginning August 7, we wanted to offer convenient, early enrollment
services,” stated Superintendent, Dr. Avila. “On July 5, 2017, starting at 7:30 a.m., staff at the DRC will, officially, begin accepting enrollment for transitional kindergarten to twelfth grade students. We are enthusiastic about offering this one-stop opportunity for parents and our communities’ children.” On Thursday, June 29, 2017, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., the DRC will hold a Grand Re-opening.

The DRC first opened its door in 2007. Drastic budget cuts affected the closure shortly afterwards. “It is exciting to open our doors, again, to serve our parents and students,” replied Pilar Ayala, DRC Supervisor. “We are ready to provide friendly, effective, and time-sensitive service to our parents, and
we also hope to see many faces on June 29, at the reopening of the DRC.” The District’s projected enrollment is approximately 25,530, encompassing 29 schools, within the City of Rialto, parts of the cities of San Bernardino, Colton, Fontana and the area of Lytle Creek. RUSD parents/guardians are urged to register their child(ren) at the District Registration Center. All registrations are on a walk-in basis. From July 5, 2017, office hours will be Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m.to 4:30 p.m. Parents/guardians whose children are new to the RUSD schools next year are
urged to enroll early. Trained and friendly staff members are available to answer any questions.
Enrolling a child for school involves the parent/guardian to have the following documentation available: enrolling parent’s Identification Card, proof of residency, your child’s birth certificate, previous school information, check out grades/transcripts and the immunization card.
For more information on registration/enrollment please call the DRC at (909) 873-4300 or (909) 820- 7700, ext. 2357.


Rialto Fails To Get Community Input on New Park Improvements 


There is nothing worse than not being included. This is the same theme that is constantly brought up in this community and it seems like we have yet another example.

From the message below the people living in the 1 mile radius from Frisbie Park were not included in the survey that asked residents what they would like to see in their neighborhood park. Now the right thing to do would be to stop the progress and put the survey back out to get the communities real opinions right? Well according to the message below that doesn’t seem to be what is going to happen unless the community floods the city council chambers tonight.

Why is it that we have to hold our elected leaders hands with every decision that requires just a little common sense?

City Administrator Mike Story said this about the Park Project:

“Survey was done. It was sent out to a large radius of both park projects. There was also a community meeting to get input. Tonight is to review the plans that were prepared with input from community and sub committee.”

City Administrator Mike Story refutes the statement from Omar Menjivar:

“That is incorrect. Perry in community services has the list of all the people who survey was mailed to. The survey was also available on line.”

This message was sent to use from Tennis Coach Omar Menjivar:

Hello Tennis Friends,
This Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 6:30p.m. there will be a city Council meeting in the City of Rialto at 150 S. Palm Ave, Rialto, CA 92376.  They will be talking about the Frisbie Park renovation project.

Frisbee Park is located at 1902 N. Acacia Ave, Rialto, CA 92376

A few months ago I shared with you all that there will be a series of meetings in order for the community to express their ideas and concerns about this park.  During the month of January and February everyone that lives within 1 mile radius from Frisbie Park should’ve received a survey where you could’ve shared what you like to have in Frisbie Park for you and your family to enjoy in the future.  Unfortunately many of us that live within this 1 mile radius from Frisbie Park did not receive the survey.
The City Counsel is nearing the final stages of setting on paper what will be part of the final renovation project.  I was informed that there is many things being left out from this project, including the addition of Tennis Courts.  Today I got to speak with two city counsel members and I shared with them that Frisbie Park has the great potential of becoming a complete Community Park for everyone in the community, instead of just a park for Baseball and the Softball community.  Madame Mayor Deborah Robertson and Counsel member Andy Carrizales ask me to show up to the next city counsel meeting along with everyone in the Tennis Community to advocate to have tennis courts added into the renovation project.  However, they emphasized that the tennis community must show up and speak out for their tennis courts.
I will speak in front of the city counsel and I will talk about the following points.

1. We need a community park to the East of the City of Rialto (Frisbie Park is the perfect location)

(so far we have two community parks. One to the far North at Fergusson Park and one to the far South at Rialto City Park)

2. Our Tennis Community has grown in the past year from 5 kids in the tennis program to 50 kids.

(By the end of this year I’m projected to reach more than 100 kids to be in the tennis program. WE NEED MORE TENNIS COURTS)

3. Our Tennis Program is reaching mile stones. For the first time in many decades we have a team that was League Finalist.

(GOOOO Acing Pandas 1 for being League Finalist for the 10 & Under Jr. Team Tennis League)

4.  The USTA has grants to help the City of Rialto build tennis courts for our community.




I would like to see someone else from our tennis community speak in front of the city counsel and advocated for more tennis courts and to ensure that Frisbie Park becomes a true community park.
Omar Menjivar

School of Tennis Rialto, CA

Certified USTA Tennis Instructor



Public Hearing to Raise Trash Rates JULY 8TH

So a while back Rialto gave Burrtec a 10 year contract to help them secure low interest loans to increase and upgrade their fleet. We were promised no rate increases for two years. In return  they would take over our street sweeping at no additional cost to the city, cleaning of the catch basins and of course pick up our trash.

Less than one year later we are looking at rate increases & a special fee placed by our city.

The use of special “fees” comes from the governments requirement to take new taxes to the public for a vote. So governments all over the state had a simple answer to this problem of stealing money from the tax payers, they decided  to call their TAXES “fees”. Governments also have another tactic that normally works out well for them, it is to exempt the Seniors and low income from paying the tax or “fee”, putting the entire burden on the young and working class.

So what is this fee all about? Apparently public works and the city just recently figured out that trash trucks are heavy and do more damage than a regular car. So what is their solution?

Did you know that 3 trash trucks come down your street each week?

You see a trash truck is as heavy as 11,800 cars.

So your city staff (Marcus Fuller) recommends that YOU be taxed (Fee) as an increase to your trash rates to pay for street maintenance. It starts out low and then jumps in four years.

Now I have just a few questions for our city staff (Marcus Fuller):

  • Wasn’t there a way we used to pay for street repairs I think it was called our normal taxes? Did they go away without my knowledge?
  • Why is it the residents responsibility to pay for damage that Burrtec is causing?
  • Are the 18 wheelers that traverse all over the city being required to pay for the damage they cause?
  • Since the city has recently balanced the budget why are we once again looking into the residents pockets when Mr. Fuller has been successfully getting street repairs done for less than the projected cost?

What makes matters worse is Councilman Joe Baca Jr. was overheard after the council voted to set the public hearing back in May saying, “Should we be voting on a tax in a election year?”.  Really? Is this fee or tax fair? Should we be doing our jobs in an election year? It is sad that there are still people working for us (Marcus Fuller) & people representing us (Councilman Baca) that clearly don’t seem to care about the bottom line of struggling families. Nobody except for the select few financially tied to the Water deal are making any more money. It is quite the opposite, families here in Rialto are making less and being asked to pay more.

How long will Rialto Residents put up with this type of governing? I am calling on all Rialto Residents to come to City Hall this Tuesday and let our council and city government know that if this is such a big concern, Burttec should be made to pay for THIER DAMAGE.

Below you will find the public notice and the table for the trash rate increases without the special fee. You have Burttec and the city reaching further and further into your pockets every year.

Here is the group event page where we are linking up https://www.facebook.com/events/409501399189364/

Public Hearing for New Refuse Collection Service Charges

The City Council has scheduled a Public Hearing for July 8, 2014, to consider changes to the City’s current rates for refuse collection service charges.  These charges are established by the City and billed by its trash hauler (Burrtec) to cover costs for trash and green waste collection and disposal, and recycling services. more

A notice has been mailed to all residents and business owners regarding the proposed rates to accommodate increasing costs for service in excess of the Consumer Price Index, as well as the inclusion of two specific items:  1) an incentivized rate structure that includes commercial recycling services; and 2) a pavement maintenance fee (does not apply to senior or disabled accounts).  For residential services, the proposed monthly rate increases estimated to occur over the next five years are identified in the following table:


 Service  Current  7/1/2014  7/1/2015  7/1/2016  7/1/2017  7/1/2018
 Montly Collection(40 gallon Senior or disabled)  $20.28  $20.92  $21.21  $22.01  $22.82  $23.66
 Monthly Collection (40 gallon)  $23.86  $25.61  $26.95  $28.89  $30.85  $32.84
 Monthly Collection (60 gallon)  $24.61  $26.33  $27.71  $29.68  $31.68  $33.72




Interstate 10 Citrus & Cherry Interchange Projects – January 16 & 17, 2013

Good evening:


The Interstate 10 Citrus Avenue Interchange Project will require freeway lane and ramp closures. For more details on these closures, please view the attached traffic advisory.


To receive email updates, visit our project website: www.fontana.org/citruscherry

To receive email updates, visit our project website: http://www.fontana.org/citruscherry

Safety is very important, soplease drive safely through the construction area, watch for workers and vehicles, follow posted signs, remember toSlow for the Cone Zone and Move Overa lane when it is safe to do so.


Thank you,


Jane Dreher

Public Information Officer

San Bernardino Associated Governments


Call our toll

free project helpline: 1855INFO1010 (185546361010)

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Visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FontanaCA

To receive email updates, visit our project website: http://www.fontana.org/citruscherry


Interstate 10 Citrus & Cherry Interchange Projects Helpline: 1-855-INFO-1010 (1-855-463-6101)

Follow us on twitter: @CityofFontanaCAVisit us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/FontanaCA

Follow us on twitter: @CityofFontanaCA
Visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FontanaCA