San Bernardino Police Fail To Pursue Violent Animal Abuser Caught On Video


A male and female subject were seen on Surveillance Video arguing on October 12th at about 12:40 pm then the male took his anger out on an innocent victim a small dog on a leash he was walking. Below is the statement we were given by the main witness on the incident:

“So our office is on 9th and Preston in San Bernardino across from the recycling center, we always get homeless people and what not roaming around and arguing. Yesterday there was a guy screaming outside our door. As we looked at the window my employees and I watched this guy take the leash of the dog bundle it up and swing the dog in the air and slam it against the fence. We all ran outside and one of my guys chased the guy down the street but couldn’t catch him. The lady was in tears and very upset with what happened. We took the lady to her grandmothers house on Golden ave and 27th. I called SBPD to report animal cruelty and they tried to come up with every excuse why they couldn’t come out until I kept telling them I have it on video I know where the woman is. I told the dispatcher I can get one of their I.D.’s from the recycling center they just came from. So all she could say was OK. Well will get someone out as soon as possible but nobody ever arrived! Then the dispatcher calls after 11pm at night asking if we still need their assistance!”

According to the witness the whole thing started because the female apparently caught her boyfriend looking at another girl and when he was confronted this was his reaction. We asked the witness if this was the normal response of San Bernardino Police she said:

“Yes any time you call them they NEVER show up. That intersection is infamous for car accident, they refuse to come out unless someone is seriously injured.”

So it appears that San Bernardino Police failed to see what everyone else has seen:

  1. This male has some serious anger issues.
  2. No matter how mad you get abusing an animal is not OK.
  3. That there may be a larger issue with Animal Abuse going without proper investigation.
  4. That evil is thriving in San Bernardino because everyone is more worried about paying special vendors than dealing with the issues at hand.

With the election of School Board Members and City Council Members coming up in a few weeks it is vital to make sure people that have the communities best interest in mind are placed in the seats that make final decisions. Now you may be asking why are we writing about this on Rialto Now? Well San Bernardino is our next door neighbor and if you think that the bad guys will be comfortable just tearing apart San Bernardino you are sadly mistaken.


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