How do you feel about the latest moves to silence the public?

Minutes, also referred to as simply notes or protocols, are documents describing what was said or discussed in a meeting or hearing. Generally speaking there are three main types of minutes used in meetings. Verbatim minutes refers to minutes that document every single word that was said during a meeting. Summary minutes describe the overall summary of what was said in a meeting, and Action minutes are used to describe all the actions that have taken place during a meeting.

We are bringing this up because it appears that certain people would prefer to limit your ability to address the council.

Back in July of 2013 Mayor Robertson put an item on the consent calendar to change the time you could address the city council from 5 to 3 minutes. Thankfully she caught on and pulled the item but not before addressing it and opening herself to public comment and forcing her to back peddle.

Now we are only receiving Action Minutes and our voices are going undocumented. Councilman O’ Connell has said at the last couple meetings that it is being done deliberatly. Mayor Robertson and City Clerk Mc Gee claim that the video feed is sufficent. One thing on the video feed is that people without computer access or people that are technology sharp they are left with no way to REVIEW council predeedings. Also there are times where the sound is distorted or not clear. this is why we need the person who ran for election to be our City Clerk and Record Keeper to do her job.

Come back for more on this story……….. Also vote on our poll and let your voice be heard.

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