June 3rd Primarys are this Tuesday who do you support

This Tuesday is a major June Primary for many local seats that impact your life in major ways. From Sheriff to Congress seats are up for grabs and polling close.

What makes it even more interesting is with the new primary system you can have the top two candidates be from the same political affiliation running against each other. Below we will have a poll for each race for you to choose who your voting for.

These polls are confidential and the only thing we ever see are the results nobody’s personal information will collected or seen.

Congressional District 31

Congressional district 31 is full of names you know and some you don’t. The only one that matters as far as we are concerned is Paul Chabot a long time advocate for our local communities & Families. He is a former Navy Officer, worked for 2 presidents, 1 governor & advocate for the Drug Free California program. Paul is a local advocate ready to effect the IE in a big way.

Congressional District 35

San Bernardino County Sheriff

For Sheriff were torn between Clifton Harris and John McMahon. Sheriff McMahon was appointed right before the Christopher Dorner case where we lost a Deputy to this evil man and he handled it as well as can be expected. We don’t care for his lax style of protecting our youth and families but we feel we can work with him on that. We do like Clifton Harris and his desire to improve relations between the community and the Sheriff Department. We have to say NO to Paul Schrader he is a pro drug Sheriff that has spent his time pandering to marijuana users and people that are making it easier for our kids to obtain drugs and further medicating our society with a harmful substance. Paul Schrader also is against DUI enforcement & has been encouraging people to interfere with police activities like DUI check points and Fire Arms Buy Back programs. If he is our sheriff this county will fall into disarray.


We are supporting Tim Donnelly to advance in this primary. Tim has stood in the GAP for what is right and just even when it goes against his own parties wishes. We need a Governor that will leave the special interests, kill the bullet train to nowhere & fight for a California that isn’t spend crazy.

Ca Assembly District 47

In our opinion Cheryl Brown has been a perfect replacement for Mrs. Carter. She is a strong advocate for our communities and jobs a vote for her is a vote for forward positive progress.

To find your local polling place visit:




Come out tonight to view the documentry Rialto Rising


Juvenile weapon related arrests down 60%, violent crime down 53%, property crime down 26% & overall Juv arrests down 40%. Why?… Because of the program Rialto Police implemented the Pride Platoon and the resurrection of the community policing program lead by Cpl Cameron Nelson. Come out tonight and see this awesome documentary. If you do miss out check back here and on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/rialtosnow for pictures and hot highlights.

2014 Rialto’s Markets Nights May 28th 5-8pm

2014 Rialto’s Markets Nights
May 28th FEATURING The PlusTones
From 5:00 – 8:00 pm
Enjoy the Food, Vendors, Music, Dancing and tons of Fun!!!!!
150 S. Palm Ave. Rialto, CA 92376
For more information, or to be a Vendor please call 909-820-2519 or               
909-421-7235. This Event is promoted by Rialto Network, Healthy Rialto.


Rialto’s 12th Annual Memorial Day Tribute

On Monday, May 26, from 10:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m., the City of Rialto will host its 12th Annual Memorial Day Tribute at the Rialto Park Cemetery 200 N. Willow. Last year over 500 people attended. If you have any further questions, please contact the Rialto City Clerk’s Office at (909) 820-2519

EPA Job Training Program Favors Rialto Unempolyed

This week we learned of a new program that apparently came from one of Mayor Robertson’s trips to Washington DC. Mayor Robertson advocated for Rialto in an effort to bring a training institute run by the local EPA to train people to obtain jobs in the area of Perchlorate clean up. Recently the city finalized its lawsuits in the area of Perchlorate contamination and now will begin the long efforts of removing the harmful contaminate. So last Tuesday May 13th was our first glimpse of this new program presented by Councilman O’Connell. Councilman O’Connell said Tuesday that he brought this item up because of the high unemployment numbers in the local region and in Rialto being 17%. Councilman O’Connell said he wanted the rest of the City Council and the public to hear about this program even in its infant stage.


A few things surprised people watching in the audience. First was the constant references to the opportunity being open to Rialto residents only or having first stab at the training opportunity. Second was the way people would be selected to join this training opportunity. (Blank Person Name) said that they are looking for people that would not be seen at your local job fair, not a high school graduate and not outside Rialto. (Blank Person Name) also said that they were going to put potential applicants through a stress test or boot camp of sorts which would consist of three meetings.


The First meeting applicants will be asked to provide documentation but not all necessary documents (Blank Person Name) is going to purposely not ask for some documentation to force the applicants to attend a second meeting simply to turn in something that could have been turned in already. The third and final meeting will be a series of skills and critical thinking tests that will be evaluated by staff and ranked. People sitting in the Audience of the council meeting Tuesday appeared to have a uneasiness with the way the program selection process is being designed.


A representative with Inland Empire Job Seekers an organization that assist youth and young adults with finding and keeping a job said the way the program is laid out it seems to favor a certain section of a larger community and sends the wrong message to our unemployed. First why only seek out the people without an education or someone that wouldn’t attend a local job fair? Inland Empire Job Seekers makes it clear to all that they help anyone can give you a job it’s up to you if you’re going to make an effort to succeed and keep that job or you will find yourself right back where you started. Inland Empire Job Seekers were concerned with the talk of excluding the larger work force and only offering the training to young people effected by the contaminate. Its Inland Empire Job Seekers hope that all area residents will have a fair opportunity at this training. Inland Empire Job Seekers said that there are a lot of unemployed parents with families that would jump at this opportunity. Inland Empire Job Seekers said they hoped they would be able to lend a hand in making this program a success for the Inland Empire Region.

The reaction from those in the public was mixed. Stacey from Colton said that she thought everyone should have a fair shot at the opportunity to train for much needed jobs. George from Rialto who lives in the most Northern portion of Rialto said he would like for the program facilitators to train people that would want to go to a job fair he said “we need smart people removing the chemicals from the ground. Others like Frank a local Inland Empire Educator stated that any job training was better than nothing. Councilman O’Connell said he thought that the program was a great idea and was eager to see it kick off and start reducing the 17% unemployment rate here in Rialto.

One thing was constant nobody could understand why it was necessary to “wear people down” during the selection process as stated by Michael Ltyhcott a senior analyst with Skeo Solutions the firm responsible for the implementation of this program for the EPA.

Community Garden Open House

8th annual Rialto Community Garden Open House<br /><br />
Saturday, May 17th from 10:00 am -1:00 pm<br /><br />
539 N. Acacia Ave.<br /><br />
(Behind Grace Lutheran Church)<br /><br />
FREE MULCH!!!<br /><br />
Donated by Burrtec Waste<br /><br />
Bring your own bags and shovel!


What to look for at this weeks City Council meeting

Tonight is a very involved council meeting. It is full of proclamations & presentations, city council resolutions and even a back door sales tax. Below you will see the listed items we would like to highlight and a little better explanation of the meaning behind the items presented.

Presentations & Proclamations:

Presentation-EPA Superfund Job Training Institute-Council Member O’Connell

Presentation-2014 CIAA Softball Rookie of the Year Award to Jocelyn Hernandez-Council Member Baca Jr.

Introduction of 1st Class of Institute of Progress-City Administrator Story

Presentation-Fill the Boot 2014-Firefighter Ploehn

Presentation-RUSD Summer Lunch Program-Cindi Stone

 Miscellaneous Items:

D.3 below is the city establishing Semi Truck routes within the city. What we would like to know is what does the city plan to do with the dangerous way they drive in our city. From speeding, running red lights and unsafe turns putting other vehicles in danger the city need to establish a way to take control of truckers before something bad happens to a innocent community member. With the massive amount of commercial space Rialto is allowing if we don’t act not this could turn bad real quick.

D.3 Request City Council to Adopt Resolution No. 6542 Rescinding

Resolutions No. 2035, 2324, 3094, 3567, 4523, 4686, 5053 and 5355

Establishing Truck Routes, and Establishing Truck Routes in

Conformance with the 2010 General Plan.

D.13 seems like a public access to internet services in the public areas of the city, but all it’s just an exclusive power grab from Time Warner to offer WiFi to their customers alone. Yes only Time Warner customers will have access to this internet.

D.13 Request City Council to Approve a Partnership Agreement with Time

Warner Cable Company for the Public WiFi Project.

D15 Is the second reading of the ordinance requesting the City Clerk offer more detailed meeting minutes. Lets see if everyone stays in their seats and votes for or against this ordinance last meeting one councilmember left his seat until the vote was over then he just came back. Lets hope everyone goes on the record on how they feel about this effort to properly record our cities business.

 D.15 14-327 Request City Council to Adopt on second reading Ordinance No. 1542






Tab 2 is a adjustment to our waste collection fees. Not to long ago our city council made a massive mistake by giving waste management a 10 year contract where we have to give them notice 10 years in advance of canceling the contract. Now they want to charge you a tax opps I mean a fee to help replace the roads because trash trucks cause more damage to our roads than a car. So because you have to have trash services per a municipal code and now we are locked into a forever contract. Oh also your trash rates are going up too. Your only hope is that city council doesn’t approve the Rialto Road Tax

TAB2 14-203 Request City Council to Adopt Resolution No. 6546, Declaring its

Intention to Set a Public Hearing for July 8, 2014, to Consider Municipal

Solid Waste Collection, Recycling and Disposal Service Rates for Fiscal

Years 2014/2015 through 2018/2019, to Incorporate a New Incentivized

Commercial Recycling Program, and to Implement a Pavement

Maintenance Fee.

Below is a picture Councilman O’Connell tweeted out this week to get residents to the meeting. If you watch on TV email your council members if you attend live stand up and comment on what your city is doing on your behalf to you or for you.




Area Command Meetings are Back

Well its that time again time for the Area Command Meetings. First up areas 1 & 2 and its at the same location that seems to work best for both areas Sunrise Church on Ayala & Riverside Aves. Sunrise is an awesome location and the church has been very good to the community in offering this space.

The location of Area Command meetings for areas 3 & 4 is St. Catherine of Siena Church on Sycamore just south of Foothill. The location of this meeting seems to change each time to possibly look for a location that works best for people in the 3 & 4 areas.

Every series of meetings their is a special presentation on a different facet of the Police Department. This is done because studies have shown the more understanding you have of a department or organization the better it is for the consumer and the producer.

This month Rialto Police bring you Cpl. Marquez and the RRST (Rialto Re-entry Support Team). This team is tasked with making sure people paroled to Rialto re-enter our communities without damage to the law abiding community members and also offers supports and programs for those really looking to make a change. They also deal with our influx of AB 109 early release population. AB 109 is Governor Browns failed attempt at reducing the stress on our prison system and moving criminals into our neighborhoods. This will be a great presentation and most presentations offer an opportunity for questions so come with your questions. Also they will be going over this summers events and activities.

The Area Command Program has improved each and every year it brings the concept of COP (Community Oriented Policing) to reality. Resources from all over the city are available and their is a full table of flyers and program applications to assist Rialto residents.

Also the Rialto Community Coalition will be asking people to take a survey on prescription drugs. These surveys assist them in making sure they are talking issues in a way that they will impact the community at large in a positive way.

Area Command 2014 MayArea Command 2014 Span May


Congressional Candidate Forum for District 31

Don’t miss out on a opportunity to ask our congressional canidates real questions about what they plan to do for us? How will they change the culture politics in Washington by properly representing our district? I will be there will you?


Debate Flyer

Cinco De Mayo 5K

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