June 3rd Primarys are this Tuesday who do you support

This Tuesday is a major June Primary for many local seats that impact your life in major ways. From Sheriff to Congress seats are up for grabs and polling close.

What makes it even more interesting is with the new primary system you can have the top two candidates be from the same political affiliation running against each other. Below we will have a poll for each race for you to choose who your voting for.

These polls are confidential and the only thing we ever see are the results nobody’s personal information will collected or seen.

Congressional District 31

Congressional district 31 is full of names you know and some you don’t. The only one that matters as far as we are concerned is Paul Chabot a long time advocate for our local communities & Families. He is a former Navy Officer, worked for 2 presidents, 1 governor & advocate for the Drug Free California program. Paul is a local advocate ready to effect the IE in a big way.

Congressional District 35

San Bernardino County Sheriff

For Sheriff were torn between Clifton Harris and John McMahon. Sheriff McMahon was appointed right before the Christopher Dorner case where we lost a Deputy to this evil man and he handled it as well as can be expected. We don’t care for his lax style of protecting our youth and families but we feel we can work with him on that. We do like Clifton Harris and his desire to improve relations between the community and the Sheriff Department. We have to say NO to Paul Schrader he is a pro drug Sheriff that has spent his time pandering to marijuana users and people that are making it easier for our kids to obtain drugs and further medicating our society with a harmful substance. Paul Schrader also is against DUI enforcement & has been encouraging people to interfere with police activities like DUI check points and Fire Arms Buy Back programs. If he is our sheriff this county will fall into disarray.


We are supporting Tim Donnelly to advance in this primary. Tim has stood in the GAP for what is right and just even when it goes against his own parties wishes. We need a Governor that will leave the special interests, kill the bullet train to nowhere & fight for a California that isn’t spend crazy.

Ca Assembly District 47

In our opinion Cheryl Brown has been a perfect replacement for Mrs. Carter. She is a strong advocate for our communities and jobs a vote for her is a vote for forward positive progress.

To find your local polling place visit:




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