Mike Story Is One Of Six Men Of Distinction Chosen By Assembly Woman Brown

Mike Story MOD

Assemblymember Cheryl R. Brown (D-San Bernardino) has chosen six outstanding men to be recognized for their dedication to activism and community leadership.

The honorees have been selected based on their achievements and reputations as respected role models who contribute their time and energy to make a positive difference in the 47th Assembly District.

The 2015 Men of Distinction include: San Bernardino City Councilman Rikke Van Johnson, 6th Ward; Paul Rasso, Chair of the Colton Parks and Recreation Commission; Rialto City Administrator Michael Story; James McNaboe, a community volunteer and veterans advocate; Pastor Samuel J. Casey, New Life Christian Church; and Larry Burgos, a lifetime community advocate based in Bloomington.

Well its about time that Mr. Mike Story gets his due with this awesome recognition of being an outstanding leader in Mrs. Brown’s District. The other five men are lucky to be included in Mr. Story’s company. Why do we say this?

  • Mike Story has been a fixture here in rialto for over 30 years and has touched many lives.
  • Mike has raised two awesome children and is still married to his awesome happy wife known as the first lady of Rialto.
  • Mike has worked his way through the city and has made every opportunity to make Rialto a better place to live, work and play in the areas he had control.
  • Mike led by example when times got tough and slashed his salary and benefits as a way lead by example and show everyone that he will work with us through the hard times.
  • No person has ever had a more open door policy than Mike, helping residents with little and big issues even after hours.
  • Mike is a conduit of information and resources. Are you having a hard time navigating the city offices? Mike is like a super powered tour guide to give you the access you need to find a quick response.
Portions of this article were provided by Ashley from Assembly Browns office.

Area Command Meetings are Back

Well its that time again time for the Area Command Meetings. First up areas 1 & 2 and its at the same location that seems to work best for both areas Sunrise Church on Ayala & Riverside Aves. Sunrise is an awesome location and the church has been very good to the community in offering this space.

The location of Area Command meetings for areas 3 & 4 is St. Catherine of Siena Church on Sycamore just south of Foothill. The location of this meeting seems to change each time to possibly look for a location that works best for people in the 3 & 4 areas.

Every series of meetings their is a special presentation on a different facet of the Police Department. This is done because studies have shown the more understanding you have of a department or organization the better it is for the consumer and the producer.

This month Rialto Police bring you Cpl. Marquez and the RRST (Rialto Re-entry Support Team). This team is tasked with making sure people paroled to Rialto re-enter our communities without damage to the law abiding community members and also offers supports and programs for those really looking to make a change. They also deal with our influx of AB 109 early release population. AB 109 is Governor Browns failed attempt at reducing the stress on our prison system and moving criminals into our neighborhoods. This will be a great presentation and most presentations offer an opportunity for questions so come with your questions. Also they will be going over this summers events and activities.

The Area Command Program has improved each and every year it brings the concept of COP (Community Oriented Policing) to reality. Resources from all over the city are available and their is a full table of flyers and program applications to assist Rialto residents.

Also the Rialto Community Coalition will be asking people to take a survey on prescription drugs. These surveys assist them in making sure they are talking issues in a way that they will impact the community at large in a positive way.

Area Command 2014 MayArea Command 2014 Span May


First Area Command Meetings of 2014

The very successful Area Command meetings are back with a ever so slight tweak. Instead of having four meetings they have combined two areas and made two meetings. When Area Commanders were asked about this change it was done this way to kick off the program and brings the areas together as they introduce a new Virtual Neighborhood Watch Program and other items better given to large groups. This combining of groups should benefit the community because people benefit from hearing other community members concerns.

Some things to expect at the first meeting of 2014 are:

  • Introduction of the Next Door virtual neighborhood watch program.
  • Access to city department heads like City Administrator Mike Story.
  • Receive up-to-date crime stats for the area in question.
  • Network with other concerned residents and find solutions to ongoing and prior problems.
  • Browse through the large amount of flyers and resources available via our city, police & fire departments.

This is an ongoing successful program run by dedicated professionals that care about the city and want to see positive forward movement in the city of Rialto.

For more information please refer to the flyer and the prospective area commander or go to www.rialtopd.com