City Council Candidates & Measure “U”

Last Monday the Chamber of Commerce and the Woman’s Club held a candidate forum where candidates for City Council & School Board open seats. Something very intriguing came up during the Candidate Forum their thoughts on this year’s Measure “U”. The candidates were asked a very simple question “Do you support measure “U”? A simple yes or no answer was what the moderator asked for and he got it from all but one candidate. Each candidate gave a yes answer except for Ed Scott who gave a long drawn out response that was interrupted by the crowd asking for a yes or no. He finally said no. So why is Mr. Scott the only person running for city council that is against this Tax on the tank farms? What is different?

  • Difference #1 is that this time council and city officials have shown where the money will go and has made steps in the right direction to prove to residents that they will keep their promises.
  • Difference #2 Is that the city is working to make good on their promise to lighten up on the community in regards to taxing them to death. They have placed a ordnance that has already been approved by the council that if measure “U” passes the utility tax will be lowered by 25%.
  • Difference #3 is that Ed Scott supported Measure “V” 2 years ago but now he won’t support measure “U”? The difference from the two measures are simple no promise to the community that the money would be spent on worthwhile projects and there was no community confidence in the seated council to do the right thing.
  • Difference #4 this year Ed Scott has taken thousands of dollars for oil companies and gas station owners to oppose measure “U”. Ed Scott said he didn’t like the way this measure is drafted. What is funny is the only 2 things that have changed are the reduction of the Utility Tax and a solid commitment to the community that the money will be spent in the right places. So by Ed Scotts own admission he is against good things happening to the people of Rialto.

Measure v 3

We are supporting Measure “U” and we recommend you do too. Before you buy the Kinder Morgan fear tactics look at where the money is expected to be used. The expectations is that it will help keep up on our streets, improve infrastructure, and help pay for costs of keep Joe Baca Jr. Rails to Trails program safe.

When your voting Vote Yes on Measure “U” and NO on Ed Scott

Read our take on all of this 2 years ago

Ed Scott is seeking the open council seat

Ed Scott is seeking the open council seat

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