Will Election Lies & Breaking The Rules Win In Rialto’s Council Race?

So in the twelfth hour of the 2014 race for Rialto City Council it appears Ed Scott has once again used people in his campaign. Ed Scott has a campaign flyer that has him pictured with Lt Kathy Thompson & Police Volunteer Terry Thompson without their permission and in uniform. Reports are that both officers are very upset and not Ed Scott Supporters. See the image below:

Ed Scott Lies 2

Reports are the Thompsons are doing something Ed Palmer and Deborah Robertson didn’t do when their images were used without permission they are filing a complaint with the FPPC (Fair Political Practices Commission) to have this use investigated. Ed Scott’s lies are building and it’s not even November 4th yet:

  • Told RPBA that he was in support of Measure “U” and then at the last candidate forum he said he was against it.
  • Used Mayor Pro Tem Ed Palmers photo on his facebook page without permission.
  • Used Mayor Robertson’s name as a supporter without her permission.
  • Used Lt Thompson & Terry Thompson’s images without approval.

Do you see a pattern here lies and using people so I guess the banner tag line should be:

“I will lie and use people to get what I want” instead of “Proven Leadership” the only thing he has proven is that he has poor leadership qualities.

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City Council Candidates & Measure “U”

Last Monday the Chamber of Commerce and the Woman’s Club held a candidate forum where candidates for City Council & School Board open seats. Something very intriguing came up during the Candidate Forum their thoughts on this year’s Measure “U”. The candidates were asked a very simple question “Do you support measure “U”? A simple yes or no answer was what the moderator asked for and he got it from all but one candidate. Each candidate gave a yes answer except for Ed Scott who gave a long drawn out response that was interrupted by the crowd asking for a yes or no. He finally said no. So why is Mr. Scott the only person running for city council that is against this Tax on the tank farms? What is different?

  • Difference #1 is that this time council and city officials have shown where the money will go and has made steps in the right direction to prove to residents that they will keep their promises.
  • Difference #2 Is that the city is working to make good on their promise to lighten up on the community in regards to taxing them to death. They have placed a ordnance that has already been approved by the council that if measure “U” passes the utility tax will be lowered by 25%.
  • Difference #3 is that Ed Scott supported Measure “V” 2 years ago but now he won’t support measure “U”? The difference from the two measures are simple no promise to the community that the money would be spent on worthwhile projects and there was no community confidence in the seated council to do the right thing.
  • Difference #4 this year Ed Scott has taken thousands of dollars for oil companies and gas station owners to oppose measure “U”. Ed Scott said he didn’t like the way this measure is drafted. What is funny is the only 2 things that have changed are the reduction of the Utility Tax and a solid commitment to the community that the money will be spent in the right places. So by Ed Scotts own admission he is against good things happening to the people of Rialto.

Measure v 3

We are supporting Measure “U” and we recommend you do too. Before you buy the Kinder Morgan fear tactics look at where the money is expected to be used. The expectations is that it will help keep up on our streets, improve infrastructure, and help pay for costs of keep Joe Baca Jr. Rails to Trails program safe.

When your voting Vote Yes on Measure “U” and NO on Ed Scott

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Ed Scott is seeking the open council seat

Ed Scott is seeking the open council seat

Ed Scott Lies On Campaign Mailer

So apparently the Ed Scott for City Council Campaign put out a last minute campaign piece claiming a few odd endorsements for his bid for another shot at a city council seat.

Ed Scott Lies 2014

As you can see above the endorsement from Mayor Deborah Robertson stands out the most. Just two years ago the Ed Scott for Mayor campaign was using mailers against Deborah Robertson saying that she misused tax payers money and was double dipping with her pension from San Bag. It was a heated race and mud was throw back and fourth but in the end Mayor Robertson came out on top.

We reached out to Mayor Robertson via text message and she had this to say after seeing this mailer.

“I stated to all the candidates that I would not endorse anyone. I’m there to work with the other elected officials the voters in rialto send forward.” Mayor Deborah Robertson



We met up with Ed Scott at the woman’s club candidate forum at the Senior Center and asked him about it and he said Deborah was a supporter and that the mailer was printed wrong. He claims to have the proper original yet has not shown any such evidence.

Here is video of the interaction Ed Scott on the mailer with Robertson Endorsement: http://youtu.be/Ryn67_5lIAk

Ed Scott what type of Proven Leadership does this show?

Ed and Ed

Don’t worry Ed Scott wont just use the mayor has a false endorsement he has been doing the same thing with other local leaders like Mayor Pro Tem Ed Palmer. He turned his Ed Scott for Rialto Mayor page into Ed Scott for Rialto City Council. He does this without removing old pictures and he gives you the impression that he has a lot of support. No he does not have wide support and it dwindles more everyday as he tries to lie, cheat and steal his way back into office.

On another note it appears Joe Baca Jr. is sneaking his own endorsement mistake. In his sample ballot statement Joe Baca Jr. says he is endorsed by a list of community members. (See Below)

joe baca statement

We have heard that one or more of these people were not asked to be included in this statement. We have not heard that they don’t support Joe Baca Jr. but some people would rather not be labeled publicly as supporting one side over the other.



Should Candidates Use Personal Tragedies To Get Votes?

Here are the results from our poll thank you everyone for voting

Here are the results from our poll thank you everyone for voting

So it all began with a post on his facebook page then the mailer, Ed Scott appears to be ok with using his son’s death to win the city council election.

First off let me be the first to say it’s been nice not having the bully of Rialto on city council. Heck he hasn’t even inserted himself into the area of politics since his departure almost 2 years ago when the voters choose Deborah Robertson for mayor over Ed Scott. He did pop his head out looking to seek the appointed position that was given to Lynn Hirtz but since then the only thing to come from him is sports and work at his bar.

If you have not seen the facebook post we have it below:

ed scott

Now let me reassure everyone that the School District, Rialto Police & Fire, City of Rialto & The Rialto Community Coalition have been working very hard to deal with this very issue. Now I’m not sure if this made a difference but once Ed Scott Was exited from local politics all of the walls began crashing down. The Rialto Community Coalition held its first public call to action event “Don’t Go There” at Eisenhower High School, City Council Members began to engage with our local prevention and advocacy programs, School District and Rialto City have found new innovative ways to begin working together. Heck even retail development came on like a flood starting with In & Out (pushed to completion by the community not city council). Now we have a Wing Stop, Jersey Mikes, Chipotle, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Pieology coming to Rialto.

So were looking for your thoughts after everything that Ed Scott has put Rialto through are we really willing to give him a second chance to bully and take advantage of Rialto? I feel sorry for the Scott Family for their loss no parent should ever outlive their child but is that alone reason enough to give him elected power once again?

Perchlorate Settlement News

In response to this article below by Ryan Hagen I reached out to now former Councilman Ed Scott that has been the lead person for Rialto on the perchlorate cleanup settlements. Here is his email statement on this issue:

The settlement announced by the US EPA is important for several reasons not discussed in the Sun Newspaper. The 50 million announced is just part of the overall settlement. This settlement will bring 4.7 million directly to Rialto along with the $500,000 in the PSI settlement and end the appeals against the County. Rialto settlement bring another 4 million In total this brings 9.2 million dollars which will used by Rialto to refund perchlorate surcharges to Rialto’s water users who have been bay the surcharge for the last 10 years. For my household for example this would mean up to an $879.00 refund to my family. Additionally with this settlement in December the City Council will be able to end the perchlorate surcharge on your water bill.

More importantly this will bring a clean up of our water basin to be paid for by responsible parties. The combination of the County clean up system and the Emhart system will cost the parties over 110 million dollars.

This is a huge victory for Rialto and its residents as the council member who has dedicated a great deal of my time on these settlements I thank the Council for having the faith in me to accomplish these settlements. Their persistence and courage is something the residents should be proud of.

As I say good bye to the City Council and its residents I Am proud to be able to say we are done with the perchlorate litigation.

Ed Scott

Mayor Pro Tem

What came out in the Sun Newspaper today has the possibility to be troubling due to the current fears over revenues in a city struggling to remain afloat. Here are the apparent comments from city staff according to the SUN:

According to city documents, the elimination of the surcharge will reduce the scheduled Jan. 1 monthly water rate from $46.59 to $35.54, for the “typical single family residence.”

The surcharge elimination will cut revenues by roughly $892,000 for the remainder of fiscal 2012-13, according to city staff.

Read more: http://www.sbsun.com/ci_22160115/rialto-new-city-council-ready-roll-perchlorate-surcharge#ixzz2Eg3hJGKz

Whatever the case NOW is the time to get involved in the issues plaguing our city, the time of sitting idly by not getting involved are gone. If Rialto is REALLY your home and you want to see it succeed YOU must get involved. There are many ways to get involved if you don’t know how contact us here by emailing rialtonw@aol.com and we will help you plug in.


EPA, companies reach agreement over contaminated water at Rialto Superfund site

Ryan Hagen, Staff Writersbsun.com

Posted:   12/05/2012 12:23:18 PM PST

RIALTO – Nine companies and the Defense Department have agreed to pay about $50million to clean 160 acres of contaminated water, a milestone in a lawsuit with decades-long roots.The Environmental Protection Agency, one of the parties in the suit to clean the B.F. Goodrich Superfund Site, announced Wednesday that it had made an agreement with Emhart Industries, Pyro Spectaculars and others it considers responsible for perchlorate and trichloroethylene that caused the closure of drinking wells in Rialto and Colton.

“We now have a commitment from companies to fund the cleanup and the companies – the parties – rather than the residents of Rialto or Colton or the federal government are paying for cleanup work at the site,” said Wayne Praskins, the EPA’s project manager for the site. “It also helps ensure a safe, dependable supply of drinking water for residents in the area.”

The agreement, filed Tuesday, gives responsibility for the first portion of cleanup to Emhart Industries, which bought a company that reportedly released perchlorate – a chemical that may disrupt the thyroid’s ability to produce hormones needed for normal growth – as it manufactured flares and other pyrotechnics during the 1950s at the Rialto site.

Emhart and other settling parties – the Defense Department and more than six companies – will pay whatever that costs, estimated at $43million. Rialto and Colton will split $8million, with Rialto getting slightly more, according to attorney Danielle Sakai of Best Best & Krieger in Riverside, who represents Colton in the suit.

That will cover 30 years of designing, building and operating groundwater wells, treatment systems and other equipment that will first stop the spread of perchlorate and trichloroethylene – TCE, an industrial cleaning solvent that may damage the nervous system, liver and lungs if ingested or breathed, according to the agreement.

“The cleanup will probably continue for decades because the science of groundwater is once pollutants get into the groundwater, it takes a long time to get them out,” Praskins said. “Once the cleanup facilities are built and start operating, at that point we will have stopped any further spread.

“That’s our short-term goal. The goal is to clean it up to the point that water can be used at some point in the future without having to clean it further.”

Rialto and Colton, which had sued the companies in 2004, joined the agreement and called it a large victory that would lead to others.

“This is a long, hard fight that was all about getting clean drinking water for Colton residents,” said Sakai. “This is something that has been going on for a long time, and we’re pleased that we’re working our way toward a resolution.”

The agreement follows another in March that requires payment of a combined $4.3million to the EPA by Pyro Spectaculars Inc. and other companies.

The EPA initially listed five parties – Emhart, PSI, Ken Thompson Inc., Chung Ming Wong and B.F. Goodrich – as responsible for decades of potentially hazardous waste dumped at the site when it made it eligible for federal funding by adding it to the EPA National Priorities List in 2009.

B.F. Goodrich is the largest company that still has not made an agreement, but negotiations are in the “details” phase and should be finalized within months, Praskins said.

ryan.hagen@inlandnewspapers.com, 909-386-3916, @sbcitynow

Read more: http://www.sbsun.com/ci_22130014/more-than-50-million-settlement-reached-contamination-superfun.html#ixzz2EIrqAg6x