Rialto Unified School District Employee Almost Hits Small Child

A common sight at Rialto Schools with cars using sidewalks as places to park.

A common sight at Rialto Schools with cars using sidewalks as places to park.

Traffic concerns have always been an issue at Rialto Schools then traffic got worse when former Public Works Director for the City of Rialto Marcus Fuller began increasing speed limits on residential streets around Rialto schools. Couple that with the school district not taking an active role in keeping kids safe and pushing that responsibility to Rialto Police who are working to re-hire police officers after the housing market crash that destroyed budgets all over the state.

Recently at the September Coffee with the Chief we were blessed to hear that not only is crime lower than any other neighboring city in the IE but that Chief Farrar and his staff have a goal of beefing up the understaffed traffic unit. Most of the questions for the Police Chief were questions that the RUSD Public Safety Chief and New Superintendent should have been there to answer instead of hanging out with a special interest group. All the parents in attendance wanted to know what was going to be done about traffic at Rialto schools.

Chief Farrar said that his staff of Sworn Traffic Officers and Non Sworn Parking Enforcement staff would be looking at ways to begin enacting change while waiting for new officers for the traffic department.

In the video below the Rialto Unified School District Grounds Maintenance truck is pulling out just as the students are prepared to be let out for the school day and the truck nearly hits a young child in a stroller shaped like a big wheel. The parent that shot this video pulled out the phone after witnessing the near accident. At Dollahan Elementary alone in just this school year three times a vehicle pulling onto the sidewalk has almost hit a parent and or child.

Were not sure what is going on at RUSD but parents from all over the district are getting a little fed up with the traffic issues and the lack of response from the district.

A child care provider for local parents for Dollahan elementary to us that even though her how day care is just down the street from the school she is now driving her kids to school. She said “people don’t look they just speed through the crossing guard for the one crosswalk is almost hit daily”

What makes matters worse is that bus drivers that pick up at Dollahan honk and yell at parents to the point of almost starting fights. So parents that don’t want to chance having an out of control bus driver approach their vehicle parents have been using Flores Park as a drop off spot where there are no staff around. School Principal Mr. Husbands has been told multiple times about the issues at Dollahan and he says it comes down to a lack of staff.

We reached out to Maintenance and Operations and Mr. Montez said that the grounds truck in (video) question isn’t a school district vehicle. Mrs. Jafri said that she would look into it but said that there are always two sides to every story. We will keep you posted as we investigate this issue more.


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