Inland Valley News calls #AllLivesMatter a White Supremacy statement


As I was walking past a stack of papers in Fontana Friday I saw the bold article “Do the Math on #AllLivesMatter and It Equals White Supremacy”. I don’t have to tell you this stood out to me because I have used this hash tag and I wanted to know more about this idea. As I began reading the article I started to see a lot of ignorance on the part of the writer. I flipped the half folded paper over to revel the Inland Valley Newspaper and it all made sense. This publication is a strictly paper that writes for and about the black community. I have read it from time to time but I get lost in the articles like this that do nothing more than continue to drive a wedge in communities and hinder the ability to come together as one people.

Statements like:

“let us not be fooled into reading the word “all” as in “everyone.” We are reminded that the Founding Fathers used the same language of humanity. We do, indeed, “hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” In the language of U.S. politics, “all” has never meant everyone. #SomeLivesMatter.”

“Contextually speaking, #AllLivesMatter is a rejoinder. It is a retort. It originates in direct response to the creation of the hashtag and movement #BlackLivesMatter. And it is here that we find its promotion of white supremacy”

The writer SEAN EVERSLEY BRADWELL wants you to believe that All=Some? Is this the new common core way of twisting words? For some reason the writer doesn’t seem to want:

  1. Racial Healing
  2. To clam the racial tension that is currently plaguing our society

They may not want to admit it but #blacklivesmatter isn’t doing anything productive and their form of hate speech and violence is leading to Police Officers coming under attack and dying at alarming rates. For Mr. Bradwell to say that ALL lives don’t matter he is saying that the young children of the officer who is killed because of hate speech and violently charged statements do not matter. He is telling the community at large that we can’t come together as one people. He is making all the work that has been done since the 60’s worthless.

Mr. Mo Kelly a radio talk show host on KFI AM 640 on the weekends isn’t a fan of the #blacklivesmatter crowd either but his dislike comes from their lack of real goals to accomplish in the name of Black People that feel like they are treated unfairly by police and society:

“I’ve never been a supporter of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter or much of the associated hashtag activism. For many in this millennial generation, simply changing one’s Facebook profile picture, sending out a tweet with a trending hashtag or sharing the latest story which affirms their outrage (though at times justified) is the sum total of their contribution. Such behavior is lazy, disingenuous and ill-conceived in generating momentum for a movement. A well-timed status update rant largely does nothing other than massage one’s ego and tricks the person into believing he/she has “done their part in the struggle.”

Instead of trying to turn every police officer in the nation into a racist we need to focus our efforts in having levelheaded honest people at the table to make sure everyone is treated equally and that we shut down this all out attack on Law Enforcement before it gets out of control and takes one more Wife, Father, Mother or Husband.

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