Coffee With The Chief July 2016

Photo from Cpl Marquez

Photo from Cpl Marquez

On a beautiful July morning over 30 people all joined together to talk with Rialto’s Top Cop at Corkys Resturant in North Rialto. The community was joined by Police Chief Deanda, Police Captain Karol, Police Cpl Marquez and other Rialto PD staff.

Were going to give you some of the highlights but were going to send you to our Facebook page to watch the Live Video we shot of the entire meeting.

Chief Deanda went over the issues of added warehouses, the increase in traffic enforcement and the fact that every ranking member of the department is now trained and eligible to write grants to fund the work the police do. One of his examples of how grants work for Rialto citizens are the Pride Platoon, G.R.I.P. and the money we use to reduce dangerous driving through OTS grants.

Chief Deanda also spoke about the issues that come along with Marijuana use and the dangers and risks to society.

Visit our Fascebook page for more info:


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