What Is Wrong With Today’s Public Education.

On November 8th this writer was invited to participate in a strategic planning session for one of Rialto Unified School Districts Elementary Schools. I was excited to be a part of being part of shaping the future and moving the needle of change for children where they are most molded into their future self’s. I was also excited because I have a new found respect for Rialto Unified Superintendent Dr. Avila and his vision for being more aware of how to capitalize on teachable moments rather than allowing them to pass on by just to remain on a long term path to a distant future.

As I sat and listened to Dr. Avila and his team explain what we were being tasked with re-thinking our preconceived ideas of education and the school in question so that we could create a place that parents and students wanted to be. Once Dr. Avila left the mood changed rather quickly and the teachers who had been around for years fought any outside thinking or avoided any changes. They were building what was already there and I thought why are we wasting time and resources on nothing?

You see this is the greatest problem with innovative thought in public education its not that we cant afford it, the issue is older teachers don’t want to change and they don’t have to. Because they have tenure they can fight change for years and the only person that suffers is the children.

Now I’m going to let you in on the big secret there was one word that that got me attacked and shut down by half the room was that we would Guarantee that each child with find a love for learning. The word Guarantee scared the crap out of them “I can’t make a Guarantee I will get sued” or “that is a business term not meant for the classroom”. What is funny is that because public educators are so quick to take the easy road to the end of the school year millions of parents spend thousands of dollars each year for private education. What is the difference? Private schools must work as hard as possible to make sure that the student has the opportunity to fully blossom into their future self. These teachers actually told me in front of the whole group if you want that education you have to pay for it!!!!!! Man what are my tax dollars for anymore? As of February 1st 2016 Rialto Unified is paid $9,293 per student.

36 67850 Rialto Unified 232,519,852        25,022.2           9,293 Unified

At on of the more popular private schools in the region parents of elementary students would pay:

Grades K-5: $7,677   |   Grades 6-8: $8,292   |   Grades 9-12: $9,708

So tell me again how being innovative and giving parents the impression that your there to do you absolute best is so much more expensive?

So as I came across this video from Viral Thread it made me wonder why these teachers wouldn’t want the chance at experiencing what these teachers are the joys of making a difference. Another thing is that both the Vice Principal and Principal allowed this to happen they never stepped in.

Where do we go from here? Did we bring Dr. Avila to Rialto only to make the same mistakes over and over again or are we ready for change that will shape our children and our region?



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  1. Cathy Warshaw, Director
    Nov 17, 2016 @ 16:14:43

    Fantastic article. Recently I was very disappointed in various school districts. I presented an amazing after school program for kids 7-10 yrs of age on self-esteem, building self-confidence, how to deal with peer pressure and bullying. Our nonprofit Empowering the Youth of Today provides an 8 week program and they didn’t think it was important enough. I was stunned. My grandchildren all go to private schools because of this attitude and not because they can afford it but because of the attention and outside of the box thinking. So thank you for your article.


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