Council Member Ed Scotts Response

Mr. Phillips

we are still in negotiations with fire fighters I am on that committee, while things
are going very well the I simply am not at liberty to discuss those talks with
you. As to the utility tax that tax under state law must go into the general
fund in order for it to go into a special public safety fund it requires a 2/3
approval of the voters that’s not how it was placed on the ballot nor do I
believe that it would pass. I remind you that the first election of the utility
tax it only passed by 5 votes. Having said all of this 80% of the general fund
goes to police and fire the other 20% goes to other employees and services.
Bottom line we are all in this together and we have to work together to find

Thanks for your questions

Ed Scott

The problem with this response is two things:

One he didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about when I asked about the utility tax I wasn’t asking for a new one I was talking about the one shoved down our throats all those years ago that is now being used elsewhere not in public safety. Two I don’t know about you readers but I don’t trust politicians any farther than I can throw them. So since everyone is talking about laying off ten of our fire fighters and making emergency response a serious issue around Rialto I don’t care about confidentiality I want some transparent dialogues in this process so don’t get broad sided by council and have our backs and lives against a wall.

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