Carter ROTC Teacher Arrested

Thomas Hugh Danielly 49 of Highland was arrested on suspicion that he was sexually involved with a student since she was 13 yrs of age.
Below is the Rialto PD booking photo for Mr. Danielly Rialto PD fears there may be more victims. Anyone that has been assaulted by this man is encouraged to call Rialto police Detective Carla McCullough at 909-820-2521.

As someone who has worked in education men like Danielly make me sick it’s so hard for men who genuinely care for the education of children to shake off the stigma that we all want to have sex with our students. The saddest part is most children don’t have strong male figures in their lives and that teacher or coach may be the only representation of a male figure they have. Mr. Danielly if these allegations are true may you burn for what you have done to this child.

Rialto Fire Open House

It is that time once again for all the kids to have the chance to see what makes every child stop and stare FIRE TRUCKS.

Kids love public safety officials, they drive neat vehicles, wear uniforms and help people in need. They are the warriors that rush forward in dangerous times when other are running away. Kids love to climb on fire trucks, learn all about the hoses and tools on the trucks and meet the men and wemon who keep us safe and are ready to be there in OUR time of need.

The link above is to the city website for the event:

Rialto Fire Station #201 – 131 S. Willow Ave.

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Come by, take a tour and meet your Fire Department. You may contact the Fire Department for additional information at (909) 820-2691.

Last Area Command Meeting of the Summer

Area Command Meeting Wednesday September 28th 7pm to 8:30pm

Curtis Elementry 451 S Lilac