Carter ROTC Teacher Arrested

Thomas Hugh Danielly 49 of Highland was arrested on suspicion that he was sexually involved with a student since she was 13 yrs of age.
Below is the Rialto PD booking photo for Mr. Danielly Rialto PD fears there may be more victims. Anyone that has been assaulted by this man is encouraged to call Rialto police Detective Carla McCullough at 909-820-2521.

As someone who has worked in education men like Danielly make me sick it’s so hard for men who genuinely care for the education of children to shake off the stigma that we all want to have sex with our students. The saddest part is most children don’t have strong male figures in their lives and that teacher or coach may be the only representation of a male figure they have. Mr. Danielly if these allegations are true may you burn for what you have done to this child.

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  1. katrina danielly
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 19:42:43

    What sickens me is ppl like you that do not even know him or anything about he that prejudge before having any information. These were allegations made by a drug addict , low self esteem minor. Minor rights are put first no doubting that but after all this is done and the case thrown out. I’d like a personal apology from you and your judgmental statements. Remember no one should judge but god! Have a blessed day.


  2. katrina danielly
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 00:39:11

    What you said was “Men like Danielly make me sick..” maybe as a Blogger or reporter or whatever it is that you do you should be a bit clearer in your writing. You’ve made your opinion but yet you’re trying to justify your IF. He makes you sick why? Because you believe everything you read, or in your case write.


    • rialto-now
      Oct 06, 2011 @ 12:07:05

      I was talking to my wife about this situation and your reaction to my comments. Even if your alligations toward this victim are true does that mean that what she reported didnt happen? We must protect the victims be cause they are that victims, Rialto PD didnt a month long investigation before even making an arrest. I wouldnt want to stifle you in your feelings this man will need your support in the comming time. Also they dont hold people on 1.25 million bail because its a squeaker of a case. thanks for the diologe


  3. Mr.Ga
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 14:38:02

    I stand behind CSM Danielly 100 %. He is a respectable,positive, and god-fearing man. I know him personally and i dont believe any of this allegations. So one or many are trying to assasinate his character, BUT WHEN GOD IS FOR YOU THE DEVIL CANT HARM YOU!


    Oct 14, 2011 @ 01:49:09

    well Mr. Rialto-now i know CSM Danielly and obviously you don’t so don’t go around accusing my Sergent of anything thank you he didn’t do it so stop judging him and saying he makes you “sick” because watch when he is proven innocent your going to make us “sick”


  5. Abe Gomez, Jr.
    Oct 15, 2011 @ 06:31:42

    Let me add to the “diologe” The bail amount is based on what was charged, not on the “evidence.” The DA charges separately for every alleged incident, in an effort to increase the bail amount. They hope to keep the accused in jail so he will take a plea bargain, even if he is not guilty. I have known the accused for over 6 years and he has never shown even the appearance of impropriety. I have had two daughters in the ROTC program and he has always been respectful to them. People do not invent new behavior. If he was a pedophile, he would have been discovered years ago. I am not saying that it is impossible for him to have committed a crime; however, this man is innocent until proven guilty. Let’s reserve judgment until the evidence is heard. In either case, his career as a teacher is over and that is a loss for the community and our children.


    • rialto-now
      Oct 17, 2011 @ 16:25:53

      I agree that pedofiles are long term criminals but comming from a family where I saw people abused and they were told that they were crazy because those people were good catholics or upstanding citizens or a pinacle in the community that they were liying. Also Pedofiles seek out damaged people because they are more likley to think they deserve it or that no one will ever believe them because of thier past. Child abuse hits Super close to hom for me perspnally and I am a big victims advocate. Im not gloria alred but I feel for the victims. With all the deputies in the last months found to be having sex with young cadets it just to close together.


  6. Karen M.
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 18:11:25

    And what if the victim is Mr. Danielly?


  7. Karen
    Oct 17, 2011 @ 17:24:29

    I agree with Mr. Gomez. I know Mr. Danielly also and a person like this doesn’t just up and decide to do something like this at 49 yrs. old. There would have been something reported before. I just think there is way more to it. The truth will come out in the end. And it is not fair to base your judgements on your personal family experiences or on other crimes that have been committed of this nature by others recently.


    Jun 10, 2012 @ 16:48:15

    Rialto teacher pleads guilty to sexual acts with a teen
    By Lori Fowler, Inland Valley Daily
    Posted: 06/07/2012 04:10:06 PM PDT

    A Highland man who was an ROTC teacher at a Rialto school faces five years in state prison after pleading guilty Thursday to two counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years old.
    Thomas Hugh Danielly Jr., 50, was in Fontana Superior Court for a scheduled preliminary hearing when he decided to take a plea bargain.

    “He still maintains his innocence,” said Matthew Singer, Danielly’s lawyer. “But he thought (pleading guilty at this time) was the best thing to do for his family.”

    Danielly was taken into custody in October. An ROTC teacher at Carter High School in Rialto, he was accused of sexually abusing a teenaged girl in the program for two years.

    The sexual abuse allegations originally were made a month earlier by the 16-year-old girl, who told police sexual acts started when she was 13 and were committed between 2008 and 2010 on campus.

    Authorities issued an arrest warrant for Danielly – charging him with multiple counts of sexual abuse against a juvenile. When he found out about the arrest warrant, he turned himself in at the Rialto Police Department.

    As part of his plea bargain, Danielly received three years for one count and two years for a second count. He now has two strikes against him and must register as sex offender.

    He is scheduled to return to court for sentencing on Aug.16.

    Danielly will remain out of custody until the sentencing, but he had to promise the judge he would not violate any law, report to probation officials and return to court in August.
    “If not, five years goes out the window and the judge can give him up to 10 years,” said Deputy District Attorney Morrissa Cardoza.

    Danielly had been facing seven counts, but pleaded to the two heaviest charges, Cardoza said.

    “We are pleased with the outcome,” she said.

    Cardoza said the girl was happy with the five-year sentence and is ready to move on with her life.

    “She just wanted him to admit what he did,” the prosecutor said.
    “He still maintains his innocence,” said Matthew Singer, Danielly’s lawyer. “But he thought (pleading guilty at this time) was the best thing to do for his family.”

    Most innocent people want to prove their innocent especially for their family not take a deal admitting to guilt.


  9. spartinkiller12345
    Oct 01, 2012 @ 23:37:36

    What’s done is done. Don’t judge someone for what they’ve done in the past. Does anyone know what led up to the “sudden” feeling of she was being abused. I really wish people would see some of the truth. Not only that, a victim of a serious offense doesn’t say that their happy that the judge slammed the hammer. Let me state once again, I dont approve of anything. But it seems to me like the situation was a jealousy issue. To make my point more clear, look at the events that followed after she sued the district. Even better some of her close friends spoke on how she was going to spend the money, if she wins against the district. Obviously it seems like something more was going on and for him to face the punishment alone is outrageous in my eyes. For the third time I don’t appove of what happened or how it happened. But, he was my instructor and a good one at that. He saved lives, metaphorically speaking. If the judge didn’t see what was going on, regardless of the facts, than an even higher crime was committed. That girl knew what she was doing. He started going left on her and she nailed him to the wall and then planned her assult on the district. My arguement is not in his defence, nor is it against any of you; but if you cant see the truth for what it is then we the people are still stuck in the matrix. I know first hand that this was the case and I pray that god have mercy on him and forgive everyone that knew the truth and didn’t do anything to see that justice was surved. I’m writing because he was my teacher, my mentor, and role-model. What child at the age of 13 wants to become a CSM or want to change the world? People have this idea that she was abused, I seriously doubt that and know the facts. Look ten years down the road and ask if he got what he deserved? Look at the victim now and see if she still has post traumatic stress form the issue. I can almost 100% gurantee not. Look at her now. Try to follow up. Try to see if she even has dreams or night terrors because of what he was accused of doing, I know he pled guilty. If you look at children now their minds are more developed and they know what situations their getting into. Just look at the underage pregancy rate. Look at how 13 year old children waste their lives away doing the wrong thing and then you’ll start to see what is really going on. The population of Rialto or at least the northern half is filled with people that live the good lives, for the most part. Better yet I know because I live here. And, you cant go to Carter if you live out of the schools bus radius. So now that I feel I’ve covered the bases do you think he deserved that? Do you think she has to go chase the school district for a crime she helped commit? I mean we all know what we see and I dont think at any point she had an inkle of pain or agony because of what happened between them. I pray for his wife that things are okay and I pray for those who disagree because this isn’t a case of sexual abuse. In my mind and in my heart I feel this is a case of morality, where we as a people lost it. We know the truth, simply put. I’m not attacking anyones beliefs nor am I justifying anything that may or may not have happened. But, i can assure all of the speculators he didn’t rape that girl. I can assure you she planned what she was going to do to him. I can also assure that she’s not thinking twice about it. I can assure you that I have personally crossed that girls path before I graduated. So if you still feel she was abused or rapped you’re totally misguided and I will attack that belief because it’s about morality. And, if her parent or parents were doing their job none of this would have happend I can assure you that.


  10. Kristal Arteaga
    Jan 19, 2013 @ 08:05:39

    Katrina danielly is there a way to contact Thomas? I was one of his students in 2010 and I knew Vanessa I was in the same class


    • Kristal Arteaga
      Jan 19, 2013 @ 08:11:15

      And I know for a fact that he is innocent …I’ve seen how everything was between Vanessa and csm and all he ever wanted to do was to help her ..he had told me about Ger addictions because he trusted me and I would always help him after school ..we had like a father daughter relationship and he NEVER EVER! Talked to me about SEX nor tried getting me to gave sex with him at any moment …please give me some type of info. Where I can contact you so we can talk


    • rialto-now
      Jan 20, 2013 @ 07:48:58

      We have no way of contacting him


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