City Update

City Clerk/KRTO

The 13th Annual Rialto Family Festival

The festival held on Saturday, September 17th was a success. Many residents came out and enjoyed the day. We are looking at how we can expand on this event for next year along with the continued support of donations and sponsorships.

Centennial Celebration


Planning Committee meetings are held every other Wednesday in the KRTO Conference Room. Upcoming meetings are scheduled for October 12th and October 26th at 6:00 p.m.

A fundraiser for the Centennial Celebration is scheduled for Saturday, October 22, from 3:00 p.m. to CLOSE at Farmer Boys and Popeye’s, located at the corner of Baseline and Ayala.  Tickets of $10 can be purchased for a Cheeseburger Combo or Fish Sandwich Combo which includes refillable fries.  Tickets are now on sale at the City Clerk’s office.   And, as an additional fundraiser, $10 gift cards can be purchased from Coffee Nutzz, where you can enjoy delicious coffee, frappanutzz and smoothies! 

Rialto Walk of Fame stars continue to be a big seller. As word continues to get out to the community, people are excited to be a part of Rialto History. Come in and buy your star!

The Centennial Gala, a black tie event, will be held on Friday, November 18, at the Carl Johnson Center.  Tickets for $100 per person, or $1000 for a table of 10, can be purchased at the City Clerk’s office.


Police Department


Homeland Security Grant Program 2011

The police department has once again been approved for funding thru the Department of Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) 2011. This funding is for first response personnel, and will assist the department in increasing its ability to effectively respond to major incidents and/or disasters.   

Park Camera Phase II


Technology has become a critical element of crime fighting in the 21st century. Law enforcement agencies at all levels are using technology to enhance their effectiveness in such areas as solving crimes, streamlining dispatch and deployment systems, developing faster electronic field reporting methods and sharing information among partners. Use of such technology often leads to resource management that is both more effective and cost efficient.   

The department is in the process of implementing Phase II of its Park Camera Project. Phase I encompassed three city parks; Jerry Eaves Park, Frisbie Park and Rialto Park. Phase II will encompass Fergusson Park, Birdsall Park, Flores Park, Bud Bender Park, Andreson Park, and Margaret Todd Park. 

Safe Moves City


The Safe Moves City course is an interactive exercise that allows students to learn about safety by walking and bicycling through a miniature city called “Safe Moves City”. “Safe Moves City” consists of streets, sidewalks, intersections, crosswalks, traffic signals, traffic signs, residential areas, business districts, cars, trucks, buses and a railroad track with signals, crossing gate and train. “Safe Moves City” is designed to simulate the diverse traffic environments in Rialto and to create “problem solving” experiences for each grade level.

Under the supervision of Police Traffic Officers, students will walk and/or ride a bicycle through “Safe Moves City” while trying to avoid over twenty (20) traffic hazards. The Officers will evaluate the student’s performance and discusses the results with each teacher and students. We will be presenting this program at several schools during the month of October 2011. 


Fire Department


Open House

The Rialto Fire Department will be holding our annual open house in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week Saturday October 8 at Headquarters station, 131 S. Willow Ave. from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.


Rialto Improves Rolling Stock

The Fire Department is preparing three new Dodge Ambulances to be put in front line emergency service at the start of November. This batch of Ambulances is the first Dodge ambulances Rialto has purchased and is a change from Ford that we are presently operating.  The Fire Department has also ordered a new Technical Rescue vehicle which was purchased with an “Assistance to Firefighters Grant” and a $100,000 matching fund by the City. The Fire Department is raising funds with the intent of receiving the Rescue vehicle without cost to the City. The Rescue vehicle will be in service at the start of January 2012.

Rialto Centennial

The Fire Department is planning on displaying Old Betsy our 1923 Fire Engine on the front lawn of the woman’s club on Rialto November 19th during the City of Rialto Centennial Celebration.  

Development Services Department

City Council Awards Contract for Utility Relocation to Support Future Freeway Retail Development

On September 13, 2011 the City Council awarded a $246,019 construction contract to Merlin Johnson Construction to relocate two water lines and construct a sanitary sewer that will support the redevelopment of a 3 acre site on the northeast corner of Riverside and Easton Avenue, which previously contained Fire Station #202.  Construction of the water mains and sewer line will commence in October and be completed by December, 2011.  The site has been entitled for the development of two fast food restaurants and a third parcel that could contain a sit down restaurant or other complementary retail uses.  Upon completion of the utility relocations, the next step will be to complete the site improvements to support development, including grading, street improvements, parking area, landscape and signage.


Agency Makes its Annual Payments to Various Tax Entities Totaling $5.4 million


Redevelopment agencies throughout California generally have obligations to “pass-through” a portion of the property tax increment to various taxing districts within their jurisdictions.  The Redevelopment Agency of the City of Rialto recently processed payments totaling $5.4 million for the benefit of local schools, utility districts, and county government agencies.  This represents 21% of the Agency’s gross property tax revenue of $25.5 million in FY11.  In addition, the Agency paid another $1.4 million to the State as part of its SERAF obligation for FY11.


New Businesses Locating in Rialto


The recession caused a number of recently completed industrial buildings to become, or remain vacant.  A surge in recent industrial leasing has brought a number of recognizable businesses to Rialto. 

The Klein Ranch Project welcomed its first two occupancies, with Living Spaces leasing an 800,000 square foot facility and Razor leasing a 600,000 square foot facility.  The Klein Ranch Project is fully occupied for the first time.  CBRE Investors acquired the Project from Klein Ranch East LLC.

American Building Supplies leased the 734,000 square foot Rialto Commerce Center Building owned by Rialto Realty Holding 11.  The former 84 Lumber Store on Rialto Avenue was acquired by American HandForge and the company is adding another 40,000 square feet.  ProComp Automotive leased the 72,000 square foot facility in the OMP-Rialto Distribution Center.  Bissel Homecare purchased a 247,000 square foot building in the OMP-Rialto Distribution Center.   Go Green leased the 128,000 square foot building at the northwest corner of Cedar Avenue and Merrill Avenue and will commence operations in December.

The industrial vacancy rate has declined from approximately 20% one year ago, to under 10% today as a result of these new occupancies.  Rialto will benefit from the availability of new jobs and economic activity from these businesses.


Largest Rooftop Solar Installation in US Completed in Rialto


The 43-unit Oltmans Construction Company has completed the installation of the largest rooftop solar installation the U.S. has ever seen.  The rooftop installation took place atop a Prologis distribution center at the northeast corner of Merrill Avenue and Linden Avenue.  The solar panels will produce 8.6 megawatts from the 1.2 million square feet of panels. The project is part of Southern California Edison’s renewable energy program.


TELACU Commences Construction of Senior Housing Community on Bloomington Avenue

On September 26, TELACU commenced construction of the 75-unit affordable senior rental housing project at the corner of Bloomington Avenue and Lilac Avenue.  Funding for this project includes $12,300,000 from the federal Section 202 program and $3,800,000 from the Agency’s Low-Mod Housing fund.  Construction is expected to be completed in late 2012.  The Project recently paid $939,000 in development fees, including building permit/plancheck and development impact fees.


Public Works Department


Painting of Civic Center Campus Buildings


Painting of the Civic Center campus has begun with the City Clerk/Human Resources building by our in-house crews.  Painting will continue through the month of October and is scheduled to be completed in time for the City’s Centennial celebrations.

Civic Center Energy Efficient Window Retrofits


Public Works in-house crews have installed new energy efficient windows in the City Clerk/Human Resources, Finance, and Administration buildings.  These windows were fully paid for with grant monies, are a great visual improvement to the Civic Center campus, and will reduce the energy consumption of each building.


Centennial Walk of Fame, Stars, Benches, and Monument


Construction is complete within the existing raised median along Riverside between Rialto and Second Street in Downtown.  The installation of the stars and benches will commence in early November. Majority of the construction work was performed by in-house crews, including site preparation, grading, assistance in forming, as well as complete construction of the monument.  Project is on schedule.

Free Dump Day


Regularly scheduled quarterly free dump/cleanup day, October 22nd – 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  There are no changes to the services offered to the public:

  • Household Hazardous Waste, behind 246 S. Willow
  • Used Tire Drop-off, Rialto Airport, 1451 N. Linden
  • Electronic Waste Collection, south lot City Hall, 150 S. Palm
  • Salvation Army Collection, south lot City Hall, 150 S. Palm
  • Mid-Valley Landfill, 2390 Alder Ave.

Burrtec Waste will post roll-offs at three locations to provide free disposal to residents of multi-unit complexes:  Cactus and Randall, Linden and Merrill, dead-end of Sycamore north of Easton.  Flyers will be posted in multi-unit complexes in the vicinity of these locations.

Special Collection


Our special collection for this quarter is Soles 4 Souls, a non-profit that collects shoes for distribution in underdeveloped countries and areas hit by natural disasters. Shoes will be collected on October 22nd as part of Free Dump Day in the south parking lot at City Hall and will be transported to the Soles 4 Souls warehouse in Fontana afterwards.

Solid Waste Division Move


The Solid Waste Division will complete their move to join the Public Works Department and be operating out of 246 S. Willow by October 10th.

Commissioning for the Wastewater Treatment Plant


The City has installed three Fuel Cells at the Wastewater treatment Plant to produce renewable power/green energy. The three fuel cells, Gas Treatment Unit and FOG (Fat, Oil, and Grease) systems are currently in commissioning and when completed they can generate up to 900 kWh of electricity to run the treatment plant.  The Fuel Cells are fed from digester gas produced by the two digesters at the plant. 

Kristina Dana Hendrickson Cultural Center


The Kristina Dana Hendrickson Cultural Center which was formerly known as the First Christian Church had exposure to rain water which has damaged the basement of the building.  Repair work was performed mostly with our in-house crews.

Fire Station No. 202


Fire Station No. 202 is now located at 1700 N. Riverside Avenue. Currently, it is under construction and on schedule. The work is about 70% complete with walls up and roof in place.

Riverside / I-10 Bridge Widening


The project is on schedule and currently staff is working closely with SANBAG staff to plan for the opening ceremony well in advance of the City’s Centennial celebrations.  City Council recently authorized additional pavement work near the bridge which will make the roadways smoother and presentable. 

Administrative & Community Services Department


Recreation Brochure

The Recreation & Community Services Department is once again mailing the Recreation Brochure to all households in Rialto.  The Brochure has been redesigned and provides residents with all they would want to know about the latest and greatest in Recreation.  The Brochure can also be viewed online at

Please take a moment and look closely at page 25 in the Brochure.  As part of the City’s Centennial Celebration, on November 19th, there will be a 3K Family Fun Run/Walk.  For added fun on your walk, dress up from your favorite decade as you stroll through the ages on this retro run.  Prizes for costumes will be awarded!  To sign up today, or for more information, please call the Recreation Department at (909) 421-4949.  We’ll see you on November 19th!

Also, as part of the Centennial Celebration, we are still taking parade entries.  Have your group or organization recognized in the parade and help make the Centennial Celebration a success!  For an application, please visit the Recreation website, call (909) 421-4949, or visit us at the Rialto Community Center. 

Jack Simonson Center

City Staff completed the final phase of the electronic reader board project by installing JACK SIMONSON CENTER lettering on the awning above the reader board.

On January 20, 1990, City Council Members voted unanimously to name the fitness center, pool, and theater complex the “JACK SIMONSON CENTER.”  This was done in honor of Jack Simonson, the City’s first Director of the Recreation & Community Services Department.  Mr. Simonson was employed by the City of Rialto from May 1957 to August 1984 and served as Director of the Recreation & Community Services Department from March 1970 to August 1984.


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