Thursday, April 19, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
Teamster Local 63 Hall
379 W. Valley Blvd.,
Rialto, CA  92376
Dear friends and neighbors:
Please come to an urgent meeting to help make plans for stopping the outrageous water and sewer rate hikes recently approved by the Rialto City Council. …
As you know, the Council voted on March 27 to impose huge water and sewer rate hikes on you and your neighbors, and to saddle ratepayers with an outrageous 30-year contract for American Water Company to run the City’s water system. Rialto citizens can block these unfair rate hikes, but there is no time to lose!
We need to collect thousands of signatures in Rialto over the next few weeks. This urgent planning meeting will take place on Thursday, April 19, at 6:00 p.m., at the Teamsters Local 63 Hall, 379 W. Valley Blvd., Rialto, CA  92376.
We will have the necessary campaign materials at the meeting. We will also provide pizza and soft drinks.
Thank you for your continuing support.
We look forward to seeing you at this important meeting.
Mark Brooks
Stop Rialto Water Rate Hikes!

City Administrator Monthly Update


In December 2010, the City Council adopted a “Guiding Principles and Community Values” statement as part of our General Plan Update.  These four (4) guiding principles and community values envision a newRialtoand sets a course on how to create the Rialto of Tomorrow by improving our quality of life.  The four (4) Guiding Principles and Community Values are:

1.            Rialto is a Family First Community

  • Our neighborhoods will be a safe place to call home.
  • Essential community services and amenities must meet the needs and desires of our families.
  • We will require high-quality housing for our families and establish well-maintained, safe, attractive neighborhoods.
  • We will create a sense of community that bonds residents and families together, resulting in a stronger, betterRialto.
  1. 2.            Rialto Shall Attract High-Quality New Development and Improve its Physical Environment
  • First impressions matter. The quality and standards of our streetscapes and public spaces will reflect the high quality of development we require.
  • Infrastructure keeps pace with our growth. Every act of construction will result in the improvement and enhancement of both the public and private realms.
  • We pay attention to the details. We have high standards and will maintain our properties and enforce our codes at all times.
  1. 3.            Rialto’s Economic Environment is Healthy and Diverse
  • Businesses, City government, and economic development organizations will continue to work together to strengthen the local economy and support businesses.
  • We will aggressively attract and retain businesses that provide goods and services we desire, create jobs, and build a sustainable tax base.
  • Our City government will lead by example, and will operate in an open, transparent, and responsive manner that meets the needs of the citizens and is a good place to do business.
  • We take advantage of our status as the transportation hub of theInland Empire.
  • Rialto is committed to environmental sustainability, which means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Rialto is an Active Community

  • Our community will support the creation and maintenance of attractive parks, recreational facilities, and gathering places that meet the needs of our residents.
  • We will create transportation alternatives that allow us to walk, bike, and use public transportation to travel within our community and reach regional destinations.
  • We will continue to participate in community-based events that enrich our lives.

You will be seeing these Guiding Principles and Community Values on many documents and publications from the City ofRialtoas we enter a second century of progress.

City Clerk/Rialto Network


Paperless Agenda/Open Government Solution Enters Final Phase

The City Clerk’s Office is in the final phase of implementing a paperless Agenda process and a corresponding searchable web portal known as Legistar. Legistar generates a paperless agenda packet, creating a cost savings for the City. It also gives greater access to information by capturing all City Council actions as it happens and presents it over the internet. Legistar integrates with the City’s current Granicus Web Streaming and Municipal Code.


Administrative & Community Services

Finance Division

The City Financial Statements and Single Audit for fiscal year 2010-2011 is almost complete and will be presented at the April 24, 2012, City Council meeting by Macias Gini & O’Connell LLP (MGO).

The budget for fiscal year 2012-2013 is now in progress. Weekly meetings will take place to review and finalize numbers to prepare for a June approval.

Recreation Division

Rialto Community Playhouse Renamed!

At the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, February 23, 2012, Council Members unanimously voted in favor of renaming the Rialto Community Playhouse to the Sandra R. Courtney Community Playhouse.

Since 1982 the Rialto Community Players has brought the gift of live theater to thousands of families fromRialtoand surrounding communities.  Under Sandy Courtney’s leadership, they have created opportunities for people of all ages to develop their acting skills and have been a springboard for many actors and set builders to go on to do wonderful things inHollywoodand beyond.

Sandy Courtney’s tireless efforts have been instrumental in developing the Rialto Community Players into an award winning group.  The Inland Empire League, a distinguished group of Thespian judges presiding over eighty theater groups, has put Rialto Players at the top of the leader board every year for decades!

The Sandra R. Courtney Community Playhouse dedication ceremony is planned for late spring.

Human Resources Division

The City ofRialto, in conjunction with the San Bernardino County Workforce Development, is having a community Job fair on Wednesday, May 16, at the Cathedral of Praise inRialto. Employers from all over theInland Empirewill be invited out to present and accept applications for various job and career opportunities.  More details to follow.

Police Department

COPS Hiring Grant 2012


The Police Department has applied for the 2012 COPS Hiring Program (CHP) grant through the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. This grant program will provide $111 million directly to law enforcement agencies to hire, retain, and/or rehire career law enforcement officers in an effort to create and preserve jobs and increase their community policing capacity and crime prevention efforts. Agencies can request new hire positions to expand their community policing and crime prevention efforts. 2012 CHP grants will provide up to 75 percent funding, with a funding cap of $125,000 per officer position, for approved entry-level salaries and fringe benefits of full-time officers for 36 months. The department intends to apply for (5) police officer positions which equates to approximately $625,000.

Citizen’s Police Academy

The Citizen’sPoliceAcademyis designed to provide residents with an understanding of the Police Department’s operations. Students will learn from Police Department personnel who are experts in the areas of SWAT, K-9, narcotics, patrol operations, traffic, criminal law, helicopter operations, crime scene investigation, and other related fields. Students will gain an overall knowledge of the Rialto Police Department, how it’s organized, and how it serves the community.

Instructors are drawn from all levels of the department. Students will meet the Chief of Police, Operations Captain, Area Commanders, Patrol Officers, Detectives, Dispatchers, and other department staff. Students are encouraged to ask questions and express their concerns about pertinent issues. A major goal of the Citizens’PoliceAcademyis to increase understanding between citizens and their Police Department, and to build a strong relationship for the future good of the community.

Classes will run for eleven weeks, every Wednesday evening, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. – May 2, 2012 to July 25, 2012. If you are interested in attending, please contact Lieutenant Kathy Thompson at 909-820-2560 or email to kthompson@rialtopd.com.


Coffee with the Chief


“Coffee with the Chief” offers resident’s an opportunity to personally meet their Police Chief and other representatives in a casual setting. At “Coffee with the Chief” community members will learn about the Police Department, special projects, and other related events. The next “Coffee with the Chief” will at Coffee Nuts –119 E Foothill Blvdon Tuesday, April 10, 2012, from 8:00 a.m., to 9:00 a.m.




CrimeMapping.com has been developed to help law enforcement agencies throughoutNorth Americaprovide the public with valuable information about recent crime activity by neighborhood.

The goal is to assist police departments in reducing crime through a better informed citizenry. Any member of the public can also sign up to Receive Crime Alerts. This additional service is free and provides customized reports via e-mail to any subscriber. For more information visit our webpage at www.rialtopd.com.

Code Red – Emergency Notification

Code-Red is a high-speed telephone Emergency Notification Service which will allow the Police Department staff to deliver pre-recorded emergency messages by phone to targeted areas or throughout the entire City. This fast and efficient service will allow Rialto residents and business owners who register their contact information with Code-Red to receive emergency information in the event of a major disaster or emergency.

The Code-Red registration is for Rialto RESIDENTS and BUSINESSES only. If you are not a City ofRialto resident, please contact your local Emergency Manager (through your local police or fire department) to inquire about your city’s mass notification system and the procedures for registering.

Code-Red Weather Warning is an additional notification system designed to deliver weather alerts after warnings are issued by the National Weather Service (NWS). This system functions the same as the emergency notification system and is also available to allRialto residents.

To register, please go to the Police Department website, and click on Code-Red.


National Night Out2012

National Night Out is a nation-wide program co-sponsored by Target in where neighborhood watch groups come together one night a year with Target representatives, police, fire, school and city officials, to celebrate the concerted effort in fighting crime throughout the year. This year’s event will be on August 7, 2012, from 5:00 p.m., to 8:30 p.m. National Night Out is a wonderful opportunity for our community to promote police-community partnerships, crime prevention, and neighborhood camaraderie.

It represents the kind of spirit, energy, and determination that is helping make our neighborhoods safer places throughout the year. It is a night to celebrate safety and crime prevention success and to expand and strengthen our commitment throughout the year.

The Rialto Police Department and its personnel are proud to host such a great event and we would like to say a special “Thank You” to all of our citizens for their willingness to work with us to make this a better and safer Rialto. If you have any questions about this event, please contact Sergeant Robert Smithat 909-820-2582 or email to rsmith@rialtopd.com.

Fire Department

 Student Workers from Mt. San Antonio College

 The Rialto Fire Department has partnered with the Fire Technology Department at Mt. San Antonio Community College to offer Students opportunities to participate in various administrative duties in the Rialto Fire Department. Four students have been selected to spend a semester receiving training and performing work in the administrative aspects of fire prevention,EMS, and general fire department operations. Each student will work one day per week, Monday through Thursday, and receive college credit for their time. Although the students will not be directly involved in emergency operations, the experience will provide them with a well rounded perspective of how a fire department functions. They will also be providing the fire department with much needed assistance with various tasks.  The students will start work on the first week of April.

Improved Response Times

 One of the key elements in providing quality emergency service is having a rapid response. To help accomplish this, the Rialto Fire Department recently upgraded their fire station alerting system to provide state of the art technology in alerting our firefighters of calls for service.  This upgrade, along with the rapid response of our firefighters, has reduced the reaction time out of the fire station by 12%. The RFD also participated in a study that validated a new method of dispatching that can cut the amount of time it takes for dispatchers to process calls by up to 50%. The success of this pilot study has now led to the implementation of these new dispatching techniques at the CountyCommunicationsCenter, which provides emergency dispatching services for the RFD. The new dispatching process will be implemented on April 2, 2012. We are excited about these improvements as reductions in response times like these have a direct relationship to reduced fire losses and improved patient outcomes in medical emergencies.

Emergency Communications Grant

 The Fire Department has been awarded $21,000 through FEMA’s Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) program. These funds will be directed towards purchasing radio equipment that will be used in the City’sEmergencyOperationsCenterduring disasters, local emergency incidents, and other city activities. This equipment will be used heavily by our Rialto Amateur Radio Club volunteers to ensure that communication systems are available when the community needs them the most.

New Fire Station 202


Rialto’s new Fire Station 202 is nearing completion. The City is currently planning the grand opening event, which is scheduled for May 12, at 10:00 a.m. The new fire station, located at1700 N. Riverside Ave, will be a fantastic centerpiece for the neighborhood with beautiful architecture and a new community room that will be available for public gatherings. The grand opening will be an open invitation event, and a great opportunity for the public to tour the new facility.

Firefighter Recruitment at the State of Women Conference

 The RFD was a proud participant in the 6th annual State of Women Conference held on March 3rd at theRialtoSeniorCenter. The event, which celebrated the influence and accomplishments of women in our communities, was a perfect venue for the RFD to encourage young women to consider a rewarding career in the fire service. Firefighters from the RFD set up a booth that displayed a variety of firefighting equipment and provided informational brochures designed specifically for women who want to know more about a career in the fire service. This event is one of many that the RFD is planning to encourage members of our community to participate in fire related programs such as the department’s Explorer Post and to provide information on the steps to take to become a firefighter.

 Development Services Department

 Panda Express Commences Construction

Panda Express commenced construction on a new Chinese fast food restaurant at1605 S. Riverside Avenue, in the building formerly occupied by Hollywood Video. The remodeling project should be completed within the next 90 days with a grand opening in late May or early June.

Two New Projects under Construction on Foothill   Boulevard

The newest Walgreens is under construction at the corner ofFoothill   BoulevardandPepper Avenue.   The site is taking shape as the walls are coming up out of the ground.

The County of San Bernardino will begin construction on a 9,000 square foot addition and major tenant improvement work to the church/bowling alley building located onFoothill Boulevard and Larch Street. Construction and improvements are expected to take about six to eight months. The facility will be utilized for job educational classes and job placement assistance.  The facility will employ estimated 150-200 workers and attract 600-750 daily visitors which should boost economic activity alongFoothill   Boulevard.

Really an EDD office is that what Rialto needs? The facility will employ county workers none of these jobs will go to people living in Rialto, plus the reason 600-750 people will be there is because they are unemployed, so what kind of economic growth will this spur????????

State Appeals Court Overturns Wal-Mart Decision

The Court of Appeal for the State of California(Fourth District) recently released its opinion in the case of Rialto Citizens for Responsible Growth v. City of Rialto and Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust.   The City of Rialto and Wal-Mart appealed the July, 2009 decision of the Superior Court overturning the approvals of theWal-MartSupercenter store located at the corner of Riverside Avenue and San Bernardino Avenue.

The Court of Appeal has tentatively ruled in favor of the City ofRialtoand Wal-Mart, by reversing the decision of the Superior Court.  The plaintiff, Cory Briggs, has requested that the Court grant oral arguments to contest the ruling.  The oral arguments will be scheduled for the next 90 days.

Wal-Mart still plans to proceed with the EIR fixes in accordance with the Superior Court decision as a dual track strategy.  If in fact the appellate court decision is confirmed, then they will move forward in accordance with that decision (all prior approvals in place).  The schedule for the supplemental EIR track and reconsideration of the land use entitlements is as follows:

  • 45 day review period:                      March 28, 2012  to  May 11, 2012
  • Transportation Commission:        May 2, 2012
  • Planning Commission:                   May 30, 2012
  • City Council:                                     June 26, 2012

While the pathway still has some uncertainties, it seems that we are finally heading toward closure on this long litigation.

Construction Progresses on Target Food Distribution Center

Construction of street, sewer, water and storm drain improvements is proceeding inAlder Avenue,EastonStreet andLaurel Avenue.  Construction of the distribution center is on schedule for completion in July, 2013. In the interest of safety for everyone, please adhere to all construction zone lane closures and speed limits during construction.

County Landfill Improvements

Construction of street, storm drain and landscape improvements at theCountyLandfillsite is on schedule for completion in September 2012.  In the interest of safety for everyone, please adhere to all construction lane closures and speed limits during construction.

 Colton Middle School

Construction of the new middle school and street, traffic signal, storm drain, water and sewer improvements is on schedule for the fall opening of the new middle school.  Please adhere to all construction zone lane closures and speed limits during construction.

Family Dollar

Plans for the new Family Dollar store are nearly complete and construction of the new store on Baseline Avenue is scheduled to begin this spring. We do not anticipate any street closures during construction; however, there may temporary lane closures on Baseline Road during construction.

 Another $1 Discount Store??????? Why are we the bottom rung destination for shopping opportunities?????


Construction of the TELACU Senior Housing is proceeding on schedule. Street, water, sewer and storm drain improvements will be completed inLilac   Avenueand the street reopened completely for the 12/13 school year beginning in August. Thank you for your cooperation during construction.

Should I Pull a Building Permit?

Recently a home owner contacted the City Building Division through a friend with the following questions:

If I have a contractor come to my home and install a direct vent gas fireplace, will this require both plumbing and electrical permits and are inspections required?

My fear is that I finished off my entire basement (framing, electrical and plumbing and drywall) about 5 years ago without any permits.  If an inspector comes into my home is he likely to take notice of prior work and cite or fine me for permit and/or code violations? (The inspectors would have to examine both the electrical service and gas manifold which are located in the basement.)”

Our Advice:  Come talk to us. When we talk to our homeowners and contractors, they usually admit avoiding the City for one of the following reasons:

  1. Unknown process. They weren’t familiar with the process, so they stayed away from it.
  1. Cost. They had a preconceived notion that a permit costs thousands of dollars, or that their property taxes will skyrocket.
  1. Bad advice. Other parties (neighbors, friends, bad contractors) gave them bad advice.
  1. Horror stories. They have heard of horror stories about mean inspectors, and they wanted to avoid that.

We will assist you through the permit process with minimal anxiety and costs. Call or visit the building department and have a conversation at the front desk. Bring a sketch of what you want to do or a list of what you have already completed.

Please remember when choosing a contractor that they are licensed by the State and City and that all necessary Building Permits have been obtained prior to the commencement of work on your home or business.


Public Works Department

Earth Day Celebration

In April, the City will be engaging the community through two major clean up events:

Earth Day Celebration which will be taking place on Saturday, April 21, 2012 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.  The community is invited to join staff in various cleaning activities.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Amy Crow at 909-421-7221, acrow@rialtoca.gov, or Katie Nickel at 909-820-2501, knickel@rialtoca.gov.

Mormon Helping Hands Volunteer Day which will be taking place on Saturday, April 28, 2012.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has pledged 200 volunteers to clean various City parks and theCityCemetery.


 Pacific Electric Inland Empire Trail, Phase I from Maple to Cactus Avenue (“Rialto Trail”) Project

 The “Rails to Trails” project is in the final stage of the design.  Public Works staff is reviewing the final design Plans and Specifications.  It’s anticipated that the project will go out to bid for construction in the coming months.  The City has received a Transportation Development Act (TDA), Article 3, Grant in the amount of $330,000 from SANBAG.  Staff is working to obtain a Traffic Enhancement (TE) Grant in the amount of $600,000 also from SANBAG for this project.  The project includes construction of an eleven (11) foot-wide concrete trail along with landscape, lighting and traffic signals betweenMaple AvenueandCactus Avenue.

Trickleside Alley Improvement Project

 The Trickleside Alley Improvements at the down town area is in the design phase.  Public Works staff is reviewing the 80% Plans and Specifications.  The design is schedule to be completed by the end of April 2012.  The alley improvements project included replacement of a deteriorated 4-inch water main with a new 8-inch water main, upgrade the existing water meters to the City’s Standards, and reconstruct the alley asphalt pavement with stamped concrete pavement.

Citywide Overlay Project

As a part of the overall maintenance program for City streets, the Public Works Department prepares an annual list of streets in need of preventive care, which includes overlay and slurry seal treatments.  Streets for this year’s overlay have been selected from the Pavement Management Program survey. The street overlay work includes the grinding of existing pavement from the shoulders and replacing 1½ inch to 2 inches of Asphalt Rubber Hot Mix (ARHM) for the entire width of street.  The scope also includes new striping on the pavement, installing traffic signal detection loops and providing Americans with Disability Act (ADA) access ramps along the affected streets. Portions of Cactus Avenue, RialtoAvenue, Merrill Avenue, Etiwanda Avenue, Sycamore Avenue, Grove Street, Fromer Streetand Santa Ana Avenueare included in this project. Bids are slated to open on April 3, 2012.

Traffic Signal at Valley Boulevard & Cactus Avenue

The traffic signal atValley BoulevardandCactus Avenueis located next to the newBacaElementary School, which is currently under construction.  The signal would improve not only the safety of students and pedestrians who will be crossing the intersection daily but also traffic operation.  Vehicles at this intersection incur excessive delays due to heavy and high speed traffic onValley Boulevard.  The signal is jointly sponsored by Colton Joint Unified School District (CJUSD). The project is currently under construction. There were numerous utility related issues were resolved including the relocation of West Valley Fire Hydrant, Repair of Gas line leak, and installation of Cable lines.

 Solid Waste Management News

During the Month of March there were 193 residents served at our Household Hazardous waste site.  The stats for the Month of March are as follows:

  • 775 gallons of used motor oil
  • 6 pallets of paint
  • 9 drums of misc. poisons and other toxic liquids
  • Approximately 45 auto batteries.
  • 9 barrels of sharps (needles and lancets)

Free Dump Day

The regularly scheduled Quarterly Free Dump/Cleanup Day will be held on, April 14th – 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  There are no changes to the services offered to the public and the drop-off locations for the various items are as follows:

  • Household Hazardous Waste, behind246 S. Willow Avenue
  • Used Tire Drop-off,RialtoAirport,335 W. Rialto Avenue
  • Electronic Waste Collection, south lot City Hall,150 S. Palm Avenue
  • Salvation Army Collection, south lot City Hall,150 S. Palm Avenue
  • Mid-Valley Landfill,2390 Alder Ave.

The City ofRialto Household Hazardous Wastesite gives free sharps containers to residents with diabetes, and used oil collection containers and oil filter buckets to residents who change their own oil.  Those containers are available at our Hazardous Waste Site during our regular operating hours. The site is located at 246 S. Willow Avenueat the back of the south driveway.

Special Collection

This quarter’s special collection will be for the San Bernardino County Animal Shelter.  Animal Shelter staff will be on hand at the City Hall parking lot Saturday, April 14th from 8:oo a.m., to 3:00 p.m., accepting donations of old blankets and towels as well as other pet supplies.  For a complete list of needed items, pick up a flyer at City Hall or call (909) 421-7221.

RialtoNow Readers dont worry we will swing by city hall and grab the flyers and post them on our Blog, check us everyday for the latest.

Rialto City Council Meeting 4-10-12

Pictured Below : was the representative from the county child abuse division Rialto had 1,285 reports of child abuse 10% were found to be true.





So the first meeting after the meeting where Rialto’s Water and Waste Water systems were sold down the river to American (German) Water. Lets just say I learned a little more about the RUA (Rialto Utility association) and it wasnt good.

First order of business was to raise your fines for late payment of water and waste water bills. Did you know that there is a 20% rate reduction for Seniors 65 years of age and older and Very Low Income residents. You qualify for the rate reduction if you fall into one of the following (this is gross before taxes):

  • 1 in household – 23,000 yearly income.
  • 2 in household – 26,000 yearly income.
  • 3 in household – 30,000 yearly income.
  • 4 in household – 33,350 yearly income.
  • 5 in household – 36,050 yearly income.

How do they pay for this program? With the 1.5% fine you pay if you pay your bill late. Now for some reason staff’s recommendation was to raise the rate to 10% because of the increase in water rates and also to fall more in line with other cities that charge 20-30%. They are operating under the assumption that more people will apply for the discount with the increase in rates.

One problem with this, why would more people qualify if it’s based on their income and not overall financial burden? Maybe because they are horrible at publishing what this city has to offer it residents, but that’s it. This is a hidden tax increase because the unused portion goes into the general fund so the city can allocate where the money goes.

So what did our elected officials have to say on the issue?

Mr. Ed Scott had an issue with the fact that it rolled over into the general fund but still voted for it.

Mrs. Deborah Robertson was wondering if it should be at 7-8% based on the reason staff was making the recommendation.

Mr. Ed Palmer was fine with the full 10% because we need to keep up with the jones even if it was un-nessicary we should feel good because we don’t pay 20% yet.

Mrs. Grace Vargas agreed with staff on the increase.

Mr. Joe Baca Jr. was also fine with the full 10%.

The way to get Mrs. Robertson to vote for it was to allow the income levels to be increased from Very Low to Low Income residents which follows as:

  • 1 in household – 30,000 yearly income.
  • 2 in household – 33,000 yearly income.
  • 3 in household – 37,000 yearly income.
  • 4 in household – 40,350 yearly income.
  • 5 in household – 43,050 yearly income.

So with this yes you should see an increase in enrollment if they were ever going to tell anyone. This passed with a 5-0 vote.

Next was the total amount the city paid to MDI Media for the development and implementation of community outreach sources (the sale of our utility) $15,000 was set aside and grand total came out to $66,205. Does anyone think that we received our moneys worth? For that kind of money I would have liked to see all the bids from all companies in some type of online format. Passed 5-0.

Next was the changing of the company that handles the street sweeping we reduced the times to once a month instead of twice and we low balled it so don’t expect to get any real street sweeping done anymore. Passed with a 4-1 Mrs Robertson voted no because she didn’t believe the new contractor would be able to fulfill the contract at the bid rate (she is right BTW). Want to know the street sweeping schedule? You can request a map at Public Works.

Next was the realization that we still are responsible for certain things in the waste water system and their not cheap so far 1.7 Million has been spent on one piece of equipment. Council added to throw another 112,900 at it. Vote 5-0.

Now before we leave the water issue for this post let me tell you how out of touch our city government (excluding Joe Baca Jr) is with the residents. Ed Palmer stated at the council meeting that in the 2 weeks after the vote to sell our water interests to German Water he recived 30-50 calls & emails supporting the water deal? He never stated if these were residents, how many were unions or workers of American Water he just took it as there are only 30-50 people living in Rialto and they all want it so it’s a good deal, really?

Im a firm believer that our current council is well planted in fantasy land and either don’t know or care about what the tax payers want. Either way its wrong and borderline criminal. They all think that another Walgreens (Pepper & Foothill), adding a Circle K store to the 76 station (Foothill & Riverside), a new repair shop on foothill, more Dollar General stores (location unknown) that Rialto is making serious economic progress forward. Walgreens and Discount stores in Rialto are just not safe, Rialto PD is not able to handle the stores and crime we have now, I can’t even shop in this city without being robbed or having shady subjects approach me and my wife. People sit on the curbs in our neighborhoods drinking and acting crazy, drugs all over, gangs control massive sections of the city, robberies and petty thefts, stolen cars, cars broken into and homes broken into. Read the paper or watch the news a lot crimes comited in the recent months in Southern Ca are traced back to Rialto. Brian Stow beating, gang injunction, massive crack raid, RIALTO: Suspended officer charged with making criminal threats.

Your council wants to sell your water interest for 30 million in payoffs, they are all old and wont be around to see this water contract expire. They say they need the 30 million to replace RDA funds attract development. What happens when that money is gone? What are they going to sell next?

What scarier is they are going to attend the big retail shopping center conference in Las Vegas in the later part of May to represent our city in attracting new business. What we need is a pimp to go with them and every time they talk to someone pitching a discount mall, liquor store, medical marijuana store, some type of dollar store or we will re-sell you the stereo equipment we just stole from your vehical store the pimp would slap them and redirect them to a more favorable option one WE THE PEOPLE would like to shop at.

So lets email our council and mayor and let them know what 80 people tried to tell them 2 meetings ago. No to German Water and Please bring REAL development to Rialto. Below are their contact numbers and email:

Ed Palmer – epalmer@rialtoca.gov, Epalmeratlaw@sbcglobal.net 909-874-2103 & 909-820-2518

Ed Scott – scotte@rialtoca.gov 909-820-2586 & 909-875-3717

Joe Baca Jr. – bacaj@rialtoca.gov 909-820-2509

Deborah Robertson – robertsond@rialtoca.gov 909-644-8520

Grace Vargas –  vargasg@rialtoca.gov 909-820-2520

Amahad Anasari (Public Works) – aansari@rialtoca.gov 909-421-4999

Mike Story (City Administrator) – administration@rialtoca.gov 909-820-2528

2 side notes State still controls some interest in the In & Out site thus that project is in limbo.

June 15th the new Circle K is set to open on Riverside & Foothill.

Also there will be an open house coming soon for the new fire station on North Riverside Ave.

Conversation with In & Out

Here are the facts:

San Bernardino and Highland have new In & Out Burger locations.

Highland didn’t use any development funds to get that project done. (per the sun paper)

Our City Manager in Rialto says that there is little hope for an In & Out here. ( Stated at the Area 1 command meeting in January)

Listening to council and our mayor use the Dias and Sun Newspaper as their mouth piece stating that without the selling off of our utility and getting paid off they can’t attract new business.

I decided to give In & Out a call and I spoke to the Project Manager Ken. Ken said that they were days away from signing the deal and getting started when Governor Brown killed the RDA’s. He said that they are still committed to a In & Out restaurant here in Rialto and that they have done all of their due diligence paid all their fees and are waiting on the city to re-draft the contract from the RDA to the City.

So when your city council & mayor tell you that unless we sell off our water interests to a German Company and raise your rates over 100% and guarantee German water 30% a year profits no new business will come here know that they are full of it.

The real issue is that the people who council is playing to is big developers like:

Lewis Properties developers of the proposed Target shopping center where the airport now resides. The city has already thrown millions of dollars at this project to no where in environmental and Economic Studies, removing tenants from airport and re building streets. Now Council wants you to dump most of their 30 million dollar payoff from German Water into this project, a project lewis homes ran screaming from once because of the housing crash then with the loss of RDA’s. The only reason they are back in because there is now the possibility of more money 30 million worth.

Ron Pharris developer of the proposed Lytle Creek development project and the main reason that the water system needs to be up graded NOW. You see Ron wants to add a massive home community up above the 210 freeway, but he doesnt want to wait or pay to have the system upgraded he wats you to. Read all about it at http://inlandpolitics.com/blog/2010/05/27/sbsun-lytle-creek-ranch-development-in-rialto-facing-opposition/

SUPER WALMART someone is fighting for a Super Wal-Mart I don’t know who but they are. To make that project happen WE the RESIDENTS must pay to have infrastructure upgraded.

Lowes in old Wal-Mart spot ( One we get that Super Wal-Mart yuck) Lowes couldn’t pull off a successful store in North San Bernardino where more wealthy people live, what makes them think it will work here.

Unions AFL-CIO, Pipe Layers or Metal Workers they will sell your water company down the road to these select few to have the veiled promise of jobs and heck German Water can afford it remember the city has promised them 30% profits every year on top of expensive labor.

So don’t listen to what council IS SAYING listen to what their not saying.

Development is possible without handouts

Below is the article in reference to the latest IN & OUT Burger location to come to the IE. Highland landed the popular burger chain after 5 years of work, and they used no development funds. Yes if you approach them the right way and prove that thier is nothing but upside to adding thier business to your city GOOD companies will take the measured risks in opening a new location.
Our city officals can’t figure out how to do this without selling off all their utilities and allowing a German Company to steal from the residents.
HIGHLAND – In-N-Out has arrived.After years of waiting, Highland residents now can say they have an In-N-Out Burger.The newest Inland Empire location at 28009 Greenspot Road opened last week.

Mayor Larry McCallon said the arrival of the popular burger chain “is a big deal.” It’s the most common question people had asked, he said, “When is In-N-Out opening?”

McCallon said the quest for In-N-Out began some five years ago when he and other city officials approached the company’s booth at an annual convention of the National Association of Shopping Centers in Las Vegas.

Does anyone from Rialto even know what this is? If not our new council should figure it out.

He also said that no redevelopment funds were used to entice the restaurant to the city.

The restaurant employs about 50 (if these were union jobs our current council would be tripping over themselves to get ours open) and features one drive-through lane plus indoor accommodations for 97.

This location of the Irvine-based chain is led by manager Shauna Myers, an employee of the company for 15 years.

Highland residents were excited to know that the long-awaited restaurant had finally arrived.

Anita Fonnett said, “all my friends are really excited about this.” Her husband, Richard, said he’s been a fan of the chain since at least 1978.

Both said there would be more occasions for enjoying In-N-Out now that the restaurant has opened in their town.

After finishing classes at Redlands East Valley High School on Monday, Steven Taylor, 17, stopped by his hometown’s newest restaurant.

“The animal fries are addicting,” he said.

Paul Todak, 25, of Redlands said he has been eagerly awaiting the opening.

On Monday, he met several family members at the restaurant for lunch, including his sister Katrina Johnston, 34, also a Redlands resident.

“I wish they would open one in Redlands,” Johnston said. Redlands will probably see one in their city before Rialto ever does.

Read more: http://www.sbsun.com/ci_20316201/new-n-out-burger-highland-draws-all-ages#ixzz1rbevUk2b

Rialto water rate hike is necessary??? Mayor thinks so.

Below is the article Mayor of Rialto Grace Vargas had published in the San Bernardino Sun Paper on Easter Sunday.
I totally disagree with everything this Mayor says here, and now that she is ending her term as mayor and not seeking re-election she seems to not care what direction our poor city is thrown in. Also he uses this forum to make lies and false statements so that no one can refute them, when the 80 people took the time to come down and tell the city government what they thought about the bad deal they were making they sat silent. They only responded to the various Labor Union reps that lived outside the city advocating for the POSSIBILITY of jobs.
So what I will do here is give the honest reasons this is happening and voice what the people really said they wanted at the last council meeting. Our responses will be in bold black hers will be in normal type and font.

Raising rates for city services is something no mayor or council member wants to do.

From the looks of it Mayor Vargas, Ed Scott, Ed Palmer, Deborah Robertson all in favor as well as new City Manager Mike Story the only one that has voted no twice was Joe Baca Jr. Thank You Mr Baca. Your votes speak volumes we no longer listen to your words.

Sometimes, though, the alternative is worse, which is where we in Rialto found ourselves as we confronted the reality of a city water and wastewater system badly in need of repair.

If this is so then its your fault for not directing the water company to slowly make these improvements, it is your lack of leadership and responsibility that has brought us here you have had the job as Mayor for the last 12 years.

Though we’ve been holding down rates for years, time had run out. Our system needs more than $40 million in upgrades – far more than we can afford with existing revenue streams.

I grew up in Rialto made the mistake of buying my first home here NEVER did I here you’re getting water at cost I hope your appreciating it. Quite the contrary we have been paying a perchlorate fee for years, 8% utility tax that was sold as a way to keep public safety at good standards now its going into the general fund to be mismanaged. Please stop saying you have kept rates low it all sounds like lies because we all pay our bills and we know what we have been paying.

In addition, the loss of redevelopment financing has left us unable to provide the kind of infrastructure improvements needed to attract businesses and retailers that create jobs, pay taxes and improve our quality of life.

Giving away free money to businesses to get them to come to Rialto is a lazy way of development. RDA made cities lazy gave away money and paid fees developers should have paid as the cost of doing business. Developers like Lewis and Pharasse are using you to force us to pay for the cost of doing business. When Lewis Properties builds out the area ear marked for Target they will throw lame lazy security guards out to help protect the property, one old man in a truck that will pester Girl Scouts selling cookies but hides behind the old circuit city and sleeps while his son walks around with what looks like his detec ( Detec is a magnet with a chip the guard touches it to a certain spot will hear a beep and the company know he did his particular rounds). Pharasse Homes wants every lawn to look like the Country Club he destroyed, he wants the city to force us to make improvements he should be making if he wants to build his monster of a housing development in the Lytle creek wash.

This past week, that forced us into a difficult, unpopular, but necessary decision to raise rates for Rialto water customers as part of a public-private partnership with American Water.

Difficult I think not you had your minds made up before you hit the door, Unpopular YES, necessary NOPE. Take the PUBLIC out of your statements regarding American Water They are Really German Water and the REAL PUBLIC wants nothing to do with them.

Much was said about this in the months, weeks and days leading up to the vote, and as someone who has lived in Rialto for 30 years and has been your mayor for the past 12, I certainly understand and appreciate the concerns that were expressed. These are difficult economic times, and to add higher water rates on top of that is a sacrifice for many.

Yes a lot was said since this issue came to be, and you ignored all of the RESIDENTS & BUSINESS owners who want nothing to do with this deal. Even Joe Baca Jr. who is normally right in line with all the unions you let in to speak on Tuesday and even responded to their comments saw that this was a bad deal for Rialto and its residents. REALLY Grace REALLY!!!!!!

But let me assure you that we’re doing this for the right reason. Those of us elected by you to make these kinds of difficult choices do so because we believe in Rialto, and we believe in you. We live here, and, like you, we want what’s best for the community.

What is your idea of the right reason? Unions Jobs? Taking advantage of a low-income community? guaranteeing German Water a 30% profit every year for 30 years? Outsourcing jobs? Paying for things that companies should be paying for THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS? Oh and don’t worry we won’t vote for any of you ever again (Joe Baca Jr excluded) so you wont be bothered with listening to what the VOTERS want rather than the various lobbyist you actually do work for.

Our responsibility to manage city government and to provide the quality of services you’ve come to expect will, from time to time, causes to do things reluctantly. Certainly this is one of those occasions. We don’t want to raise rates, but we know it’s necessary.

You know its necessary to GARUNTEE 30% profits yearly for 30 years? Also yes you do want the rates to rise because it also fills your 8% Utility Tax slush fund, as the rates rise so do the proceeds from the ADDITIONAL TAX.

Also, with the recent loss of our Redevelopment Agency, we understand how important the public-partnership can be to our present and future. As part of this agreement, $30 million in improvements can be used to attract the kind of businesses we all would like to see in our community, like Target, Super Walmart and In-N-Out Burger.

I love Target and havent been inside of a walmart in 5 years, and I would love an In & Out in Rialto. BUt I would not shop at either big box store here in Rialto and might use the drive thru at In & Out. Rialto isn’t a safe place it just isn’t. Our police work very hard but we don’t support or staff our police with the resources to handle the added theft and crime big retail brings and the In & Out will be an awesome stop and rob location get off on Riverside Rob the restaurant shoot a few people jump back on and be gone. I have been near robbed at Bakers both Carls Jrs (Foothill and North Riverside) the Post Office right next to city hall and countless times at the Homedepot shopping center and that’s just me!!!!!!!!

Let me give you 2 examples of a city similar size of Rialto and how they handle it. Redlands PD actually communicates with the Loss Prevention personnel at the big retail locations, they come out and actually arrest and protect in their city.

San Bernardino never comes out for theft even a 211S doesnt get them moving, they can have someone report a male beating on a female less that 100 feet away and they will ignore it and let the male finish her off. San Bernardino is so dangerous because the police don’t care and the city is horribly mis-managed bring in big retail with no plan to handle all the crap and get ready for a bumpy ride.

Oh and NO ONE wants a Super Wal-Mart or a Lowes, Wal-Mart Ugh and Lowes can’t carry another location in the area look at the north San Bernardino building that now sits empty.

It is, in a way, like running a business. If we’re to succeed, we need to invest.

If your running a business then why did you put up a 7 year moratorium building along the 210 freeway in Rialto? Was that a wise BUSINESS IDEA? We need to take the 30 million fix our own infrastructure, if its really that bad.

Fortunately, our “business” – our community – has always shown an amazing ability to work together, and I’m confident that this will be no exception. We may have our disagreements, but when all is said and done, we want the same thing – a vibrant, healthy Rialto.

We no longer want to work with any of you, leave by yourselves or just wait for the election but everyone’s days are numbered as leaders of Rialto.

In the coming weeks, you will get information on Proposition 218, which offers an opportunity to vote down this increase. You owe it to yourselves to study the facts – the reality we face – and make an informed decision.

The communities biggest beef with the council, mayor and city manager was the fact that they sent this deal packing and thought you were looking at other options. What do you do bring back the same bad deal and force feed us, I cant wait to cast my NO VOTE.

Once you do, I am confident you will see this the way the City Council did, and continue to work with us in turning these very difficult economic challenges into opportunities our entire community will be able to take advantage of.

 Grace Vargas is mayor of Rialto.

Ok here is what I think this really is. It’s the councils answer to losing RDA funding. Their Democrat Governor gave them the shaft and took away their easy way of attracting business. So they find a way to pull 30 million to continue with the status quo and let the tax payers suffer. Most of this 30 million will be spent on the Target project with lewis homes. Ask your city government how much money we have already wasted on environmental and economic impact studies along with the massive cost of shutting down the Airport and moving two major helicopter agencies to San Bernardino Airport. The sheriffs department & Mercy Air. The Target project has seen 20 & 30 million thrown at it and was never seen again. Lewis Properties needs to stay in Rancho and other high-end cites where crime is low a thier lame security staff wont be bothered. The filth of Rialto will harm the shoppers and destroy the lame post guards.

Was West Valley Water ever considered? I actually thought I paid my bill to them when I forgot to mail my bill and went up to baseline to pay only to be told that I had to go to city hall to pay my bill? Why is the city split so awkwardly?

No when I call German Water about my bill or service I will get some guy named tom from India with such a strong accent I wont even be able to understand him. Or have an automated bill paying station in a convient place for thugs to rob me and vandals to destroy. Thus giving German Water the ability to say because the costs are so much operating in Rialto the rates will increase more than originally anticipated blah blah blah blah blah………………………….

Rialto PD Citizen Academy PSA

Below is the link to the Rialto PD Public Service Anouncement for the Citizen Academy on May 2nd.


Please like the page if you already havent, we put alot of small content there.

Sherriffs Department Air Units

RIALTO – With 22,000 square miles to patrol, it isn’t surprising that the San Bernardino County Sheriff’sDepartment has a
large aviation division.”There are times when we need to get to Needles, Barstow, Chino Hills or Morongo very quickly,” Capt. Jeff Rose, who heads the sheriff’s Emergency Operations Division, said here Thursday.

“At a moment’s notice, we can utilize our helicopters to get emergency personnel, SWAT team members, VIPs or dignitaries to any location in a timely manner,” Rose said at a media briefing in the aviation unit’s main operations hangar at the Rialto Municipal Airport.

The sheriff’s aviation unit has seven patrol helicopters and three, more powerful, medium-range helicopters for search-and-rescue and fire operations.

The patrol helicopters are equipped with the latest in aviation technology, including FLIR (Foward Looking Infrared) systems, in-flight GPS mapping programs, a powerful spotlight, external hoist systems and high-definition video downlink capability.

The department also has four-fixed wing aircraft for narcotic surveillance and personnel transport.

The Cal Fire San Bernardino Unit and the Sheriff’s Department have been partners in cooperative firefighting efforts since 1990.

The department also showed its aerial hoist capabilities by lowering a paramedic from a hovering helicopter to a simulated “injured person” on the ground.

The “injured person,” a dummy for this demonstration, was then lifted into the still-hovering helicopter.

The exercise simulates many real-life situations where the department has evacuated injured hikers from some of the county’s mountainous areas, Rose said.

Another hat Rose wears as chief of the department’s Emergency Operations Division is to direct the department’s 1,970 volunteers.

Their hard work in a variety of positions saved the county nearly $13 million in personnel savings last year, he said.

Because the Rialto airport will eventually become a mixed-use real estate development, the Sheriff’s Department is planning to move its main hangar to San Bernardino International Airport.

Read more: http://www.sbsun.com/ci_20336403/san-bernardino-county-sheriffs-department-covers-miles-quickly#ixzz1rGj7bFB1

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