Rails to Trails Update

Hello Rialto Now fans and readers. A few weeks ago we posted an article about Rialto’s portion of the Rails to Trails project. We had hard questions about safety and ability to properly maintain the space without letting it look like other common walkways that have been known to become litter and grafitti filled. Well we had a meeting with Lt. Andy Karol & Lt. Bill Wilson and we learned alot about the dedication and attention this project will get.

First off we used stats from http://www.crimemapping.com we did this because at meetings with neighborhood watch captains in the recent past we were told that this was a good way to get a idea of what is going on around you. Well in our meeting we found out that these stats are far from acurate and most of the time change once officers arrive on scene and investigate a call the outcome is diffrent than what was logged on the crime mapping website. We were given reassurances that the grafitti was not a common issue and would be removed right away. When asked why it took so long to remove we were told that the graffiti was left up as a investigative tool to obtain information used to effect a large amount of arrests tied to tagging crews in the Rialto Area.

See our interview with Sgt. Shrouds here: http://wp.me/p1Otmn-zo

Crime isn’t perfect in that area but it has gotten better with the city cleaning up and taking over multiple low income housing areas. With the passing of the new tank farm fuel storage tax that will bring in additional revenues that the city can use to increase safety and security in the area. Talks include stronger partnerships with RUSD public safety department and bringing the sworn bike patrol back.

Long story short the Police Department is dedicated to making Rialto a safe place to live, work and play.

On the issue with the access to the schools we agreed to disagree. Apparently RUSD hired former Rialto Police Lt. Joe Cirilo to give the district a idea of where they are weak and strong in their safety and public safety. This causes me to ask who brokered this deal because our interactions with Joe Cirilo were nothing positive and many times he acted more like a bully than a public servant.

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