Rialto Community Coalition brings #SoberSkater Event to Rialto Teens

In an effort to help promote healthy lifestyles in Rialto for area teens, the Rialto Community Coalition will be holding a Substance Abuse Prevention Event at the Skate Park on Willow Avenue next to the Johnson Center on November 24, 2014 from 1PM – 4PM.

For more information visit the Coalition Facebook Page www.facebook.com/RialtoCoalition or call (909) 423-0312 and ask for Micheal Townsend

For more information visit the Coalition Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/RialtoCoalition or call (909) 423-0312 and ask for Micheal Townsend

“Meeting teens where they are is vital to successful prevention methods,” said David Phillips a Rialto Community Coalition member. Many times we see Skateboarders as bad kids or trouble makers but once you get to know them and learn more about skateboarding you can see all the talent and potential that lies within”. As the Neighborhood Watch Captain of the Flores Park Group and being involved in many different other community groups, I understand that it is vital to reach out to our youth, especially starting with the skateboarders. There was a stretch where the skate parks were having issues with drugs and gangs. The key to safety was getting adults in the community to invest in a safe atmosphere for teens to skateboard.  It takes more that money it takes personal time”.

The Rialto Community Coalition hopes to add to the success of their other public forum at Eisenhower High School  called “Don’t Go There” where they used exhibits, media, and a powerful presentation from Ray Lozano to highlight the dangers of using drugs and alcohol. At the upcoming #SoberSkater event, participants will be asked to sign a pledge that states that they choose to be a Sober Skater. Also, the planning committee chose the name #SoberSkater to help attract teenagers on social media using hashtags since this is the way teens interact and seek out information on social media sites.

Michael Townsend, a Prevention Specialist with Central Valley Prevention Program, had this to say about the #SoberSkater event:

“The best way to prevent underage drinking and drug use is to identify the target population, develop ways to reach them, and increase enforcement during high risk times.  By hosting the #SoberSkater event, the Rialto Community Coalition is doing exactly that.  They have identified Thanksgiving break as a high risk time for underage drinking and drug use and they have identified skaters as their target population.  In addition, they are working closely with the Rialto Police Department regarding their enforcement efforts. The Rialto Community Coalition members realize that having youth, who have made a commitment to sobriety, speaking directly to other youth, is a very effective method of getting their message out.  So the coalition has engaged youth in this campaign to reduce social hosting.”

The event will include a semi-pro skateboard team called NAI (New Age Intelligence), gourmet food trucks, live music, vendors, and resource providers. There will also be a best trick contest. For more information, visit their Facebook event page at the link below.


What do you know about the Rialto Rails to Trails

The Rails to Trails program is explained by americantails.org as the following:

Rancho Cucamonga as the lead agency, together with San Bernardino Associated Governments and surrounding cities, is developing a multi-purpose trail along the Pacific Electric Railway line. The trail links five cities across the west end of San Bernardino County, and connects to a 7-mile rail trail project in eastern Los Angeles County, creating a 21-mile east-west trail corridor. The trail is a source of great civic pride in Rancho Cucamonga, and is credited with improving health, the environment, and the local economy; increasing real estate values along the trail corridor; providing links between the trail and mass transit systems (Metrolink, bus); and promoting historic preservation through connections to historic landmarks and historical sign displays.

( Above is taken from an article. The entire article can be found at http://www.americantrails.org/resources/benefits/SanBernardinoHC08.html )

As stated in the excerpt from the article Rancho Cucamonga is the lead agency in the area with the oldest portion of trail and the most expansive. Rancho also does something else very well they maintian and keep the trail as safe as possible. Can Rialto create a safe place for residents to excersise? I have been bringing this up for the last few years as the City has taken grant money to get this project started and completed. Last time I brought this up to the Police Chief and his command staff at coffee with the cheif in October I was told that the area where the trail will go is much safer than it used to be. So I was interested in this was it safer? Also if it is safer how much safer is it? We went to Crimemapping.com to see how it laid out for the last two months and this is what we saw:

Crime Mapping Rails to trails

Now I’m not sure what you call safe but 245 crimes in just a 2 month span does not look very safe. Also most of these crimes are violent types of crimes assults, robberies stolen vehicles. So Since Rancho Cucamonga is the case study and the reason we are undertaking this endevor lets look at a simular section of trail and the area once again using http://www.crimemapping.com what does it look like?


It looks very, very diffrent same time period same type of area where the trail dumps off into the next city 47 crimes in two months. This is why when people want to workout they go to this trail its safe.

Now the next disturbing trend on this project is that this public trail will be the first to have access gates to our schools. Yes the public and children will be able to slip onto campus through an approved back door. I spoke to Russel Silva who was an unsuccessful candidate for RUSD School Board and he shared my same concerns about access gates on the trail. Speaking to School Board Member Edgar Montes he was in favor of the gates and didn’t see a major security issue?

Finally are we creating a fee path for criminals to further and easier victimize our community? Before the area had trash weeds and uneven ground making it more difficult to traverse. Now we are going to give criminals clear free access to homes back yards, ability to go from one city to the next and remain off the beaten path, easier access to schools and a new area to tag and sell drugs at.

Don’t believe me are you still buying the load of garbage we have been fed by those at city hall that agree with this project? Right now the walls of the construction site have large graffiti tags from one end to another. The construction crews see it everyday and don’t do anything, Mike Story has been advised 4 times by me (David Phillips) personally and I have called the graffiti hotline twice on this spot. I even spoke directly to the graffiti removal person over the phone and alerted him to the issue and nothing has been done. Here are some pictures of the tags from Cedar behind Rialto Middle School.

Rails 2 Trails

Rialto Police Department has said they will re-staff the bike patrol unit but this has happened before and the unit keeps getting shut down its almost the first thing to go. What we have here is a lot of people ignoring the issues to feed some self serving political agenda. Here are a list of the issues one more time:

  1. Cost – The City Council would like for you to take their line that its grant money and not your money being spent on this project. That is untrue grant money is your money just in a different form. Also general fund money is being spent on this project now. We are paying people salaries to oversee and manage the work being done and this trail will need maintenance and repairs. Rialto does not have a strong suit maintaining public facilities.
  2. Safety – Don’t let anyone fool you the areas that this trail will extend to are not nice areas. You would not sell your home and move into the area most of us wouldn’t even drive through. On top of that we are going to give additional access to two schools and further stretch safety measures. Not to mention this is prime drug trafficking area and it appears that the people tasked with completing the project cold care less about what the area looks like.

Since the city has been so dead set on this project no matter what issues people bring to their attention we need to make sure they deliver on what they promised. It’s time for campaign promise’s to be real life promise’s

2014 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony


2014 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Everyone is cordially invited to attend this year’s Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Please click here for the 2014 Inductees. This event takes place Saturday, November 8th at 9:00 a.m. Carl Johnson Center Gymnasium, 214 N. Palm Ave., Rialto. For further information, Please call (909) 877-9706.

Federal Sercet Service Agents Hastle Inland Empire Community Members

So it appears that Pete Aguilar is so scared of his chances of losing to Republican Congressional Candidate Paul Chabot that he asked Vice President Joe Biden out to Colton to try and stir up the Democrat Base. Well Paul Chabot supporters took to the street near the high school to have a pro Chabot rally and they were impeded by the Secret Service. We interviewed Sara Johnson Hector the event coordinator for the Paul Chabot Event for this story.

Chabot protest wemon

Sara how many people did you have?

For the Chabot side we had apprx 65, I believe the Press Enterprise reported 320 Biden/Aguilar side.

When did everyone arrive at the Paul Chabot part of the event? What was the reaction from the Vice President Biden’s Secret Service Detail?

The majority of us arrived at 8:30am. I arranged the event. I was approached within minutes by two Secret Service men informing me we could stand on the curb until 11:15am. They anticipated Biden to arrive at that time. Then, we would have to leave the area. I informed them that I had approval from the owners of the home (510 Rancho Ave.) to use their front yard. They said we could go on the front yard because it was private property.

So you were there peacefully and obeyed the wishes of the Secret Service?

We were there almost three hours without any problems.

What happened after that?

At about 11:30am, all streets were closed off. They didn’t allow any traffic and no one was allowed to cross the street. We were all on the grass at this time.


At about 11:40am, two U Haul trucks parked in front of us, blocking us. We tried to cross the street to not be blocked by the U Hauls, but we’re told by the Colton PD that we couldn’t.

Wait nobody was allowed to move on the street but they brought U Hauls to block you from view?

Chabot blocked uhaul

Chabot blocked uhaul 2

I knew it was Secret Service because they talked to me when I arrived that morning.

We moved to the very corner of the grass, where we could see the parade of police and limo pass us. Aguilar had his window down and mad-dogged all of us. We did not see Biden.

Pete Aguilar took time in the rain to stare the Paul Chabot Rally down?

Yes. I want you to know I worked on this for days. I went to City Hall, City Managers, City Development Department. I asked for an area were we could peacefully sit-in. Not one person assisted me. I was given a run around. Finally, the City Managers Assistant called me and said they had no involvement with the event; if I wanted an area, I would have to ask Aguilar. The Police Department told me we could sit-in wherever we wanted, as long as we didn’t disrupt traffic. I actually rented the front yard from the homeowners.

So it appears that Colton City is just playing games with peaceful demonstrators. Not surprising to those who have watched a City Manager be remove a Police Chief take over temporary duties of the City Manager only to leave frustrated with the game playing and childish attitudes of city council members. So it looks like Pete Aguilar shut down one of the busiest freeways and streets in the IE to show off to a few hundred people that were already going to vote for him?

Will Election Lies & Breaking The Rules Win In Rialto’s Council Race?

So in the twelfth hour of the 2014 race for Rialto City Council it appears Ed Scott has once again used people in his campaign. Ed Scott has a campaign flyer that has him pictured with Lt Kathy Thompson & Police Volunteer Terry Thompson without their permission and in uniform. Reports are that both officers are very upset and not Ed Scott Supporters. See the image below:

Ed Scott Lies 2

Reports are the Thompsons are doing something Ed Palmer and Deborah Robertson didn’t do when their images were used without permission they are filing a complaint with the FPPC (Fair Political Practices Commission) to have this use investigated. Ed Scott’s lies are building and it’s not even November 4th yet:

  • Told RPBA that he was in support of Measure “U” and then at the last candidate forum he said he was against it.
  • Used Mayor Pro Tem Ed Palmers photo on his facebook page without permission.
  • Used Mayor Robertson’s name as a supporter without her permission.
  • Used Lt Thompson & Terry Thompson’s images without approval.

Do you see a pattern here lies and using people so I guess the banner tag line should be:

“I will lie and use people to get what I want” instead of “Proven Leadership” the only thing he has proven is that he has poor leadership qualities.

Don’t forget to read the other misgivings in this City Council Election on our previous post http://wp.me/p1Otmn-yl

City Council Candidates & Measure “U”

Last Monday the Chamber of Commerce and the Woman’s Club held a candidate forum where candidates for City Council & School Board open seats. Something very intriguing came up during the Candidate Forum their thoughts on this year’s Measure “U”. The candidates were asked a very simple question “Do you support measure “U”? A simple yes or no answer was what the moderator asked for and he got it from all but one candidate. Each candidate gave a yes answer except for Ed Scott who gave a long drawn out response that was interrupted by the crowd asking for a yes or no. He finally said no. So why is Mr. Scott the only person running for city council that is against this Tax on the tank farms? What is different?

  • Difference #1 is that this time council and city officials have shown where the money will go and has made steps in the right direction to prove to residents that they will keep their promises.
  • Difference #2 Is that the city is working to make good on their promise to lighten up on the community in regards to taxing them to death. They have placed a ordnance that has already been approved by the council that if measure “U” passes the utility tax will be lowered by 25%.
  • Difference #3 is that Ed Scott supported Measure “V” 2 years ago but now he won’t support measure “U”? The difference from the two measures are simple no promise to the community that the money would be spent on worthwhile projects and there was no community confidence in the seated council to do the right thing.
  • Difference #4 this year Ed Scott has taken thousands of dollars for oil companies and gas station owners to oppose measure “U”. Ed Scott said he didn’t like the way this measure is drafted. What is funny is the only 2 things that have changed are the reduction of the Utility Tax and a solid commitment to the community that the money will be spent in the right places. So by Ed Scotts own admission he is against good things happening to the people of Rialto.

Measure v 3

We are supporting Measure “U” and we recommend you do too. Before you buy the Kinder Morgan fear tactics look at where the money is expected to be used. The expectations is that it will help keep up on our streets, improve infrastructure, and help pay for costs of keep Joe Baca Jr. Rails to Trails program safe.

When your voting Vote Yes on Measure “U” and NO on Ed Scott

Read our take on all of this 2 years ago http://wp.me/p1Otmn-iA

Ed Scott is seeking the open council seat

Ed Scott is seeking the open council seat