Rialto Community Coalition Works On Youth Conference With Congressman Aguilar


On Tuesday the Rialto Community Coalition held their regular monthly meeting Tuesday April 7th. The Agenda originally had one item working on developing a Youth Leadership Conference, a last minute addition made the meeting run over. Congressman Aguilar who is home in the district came to sit in on the meeting and offer support where he could.


The meeting was well attended and their were people from all sections of the community in attendance. Joseph Williams from YAP (Youth Action Project) introduced Congressman Aguilar and offered a platform for Congressman Aguilar to address the group. Congressman Aguilar spoke about the work he was a part of when a elected member of Redlands City Government in regards to Redlands Social Host Ordnance and their Safe Places program where the city helped create safe opportunities for students. Congressman ended his time by offering support from his office where the Coalition needs it.

The meeting was very well attended and headway was accomplished in regards to the Youth Leadership Conference. What was accomplished was a location, date and there was some discussion on what types of workshops would be provided. This meeting was not only adults but youth had a key roll in developing this conference. There were youth from Carter High School’s BLSA Club, Middle School Students from the Rialto area, youth from Etiwanda High School & local Christian Youth Speaker Rizzy Rider.

Some of the desired outcomes that the coalition wanted to see come from this effort was to see students become Rock Stars in their groups when it comes to Drug & Alcohol use, to see teens succeed beyond their circumstances and continue to see a positive change in the illegal use of drugs and alcohol through education.


Agencies and organizations in attendance were Lil Saints Productions, Carter High School, Congressman Aguilar’s office, All Nations Realty, Etiwanda High School, Rialto Democrat Club, Vibe Fitness, Rialto Police Volunteers, Rialto Neighborhood Watch Program, SOLA Communities, Transforming Lives Charter School, Market Solution Services & Inland Valley Drug Free Coalition.

Information that has already be agreed to is:

Youth Leadership Conference

At Bob Murphy School

May 2nd 2015

Want more information on the Coalition or the Youth Leadership Conference go to http://www.facebook.com/rialtocoalition



Rialto Community Coalition Returns In 2015

Please join us at the Rialto Community Coalition meeting on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 6:30PM. The meeting will be held at the Rialto Fire Station located at 1700 N. Riverside Avenue Rialto, CA 92376. Rialto Community Coalition members meet monthly to promote a healthy and safe city by changing perceptions and attitudes of underage drinking and drug use. We’d like to get more community members involved with our efforts to reduce youth access to alcohol and other drugs so please invite your friends and neighbors to join us. We will developing strategic plansand new community action projects for 2015.

Rialto Community Coalition brings #SoberSkater Event to Rialto Teens

In an effort to help promote healthy lifestyles in Rialto for area teens, the Rialto Community Coalition will be holding a Substance Abuse Prevention Event at the Skate Park on Willow Avenue next to the Johnson Center on November 24, 2014 from 1PM – 4PM.

For more information visit the Coalition Facebook Page www.facebook.com/RialtoCoalition or call (909) 423-0312 and ask for Micheal Townsend

For more information visit the Coalition Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/RialtoCoalition or call (909) 423-0312 and ask for Micheal Townsend

“Meeting teens where they are is vital to successful prevention methods,” said David Phillips a Rialto Community Coalition member. Many times we see Skateboarders as bad kids or trouble makers but once you get to know them and learn more about skateboarding you can see all the talent and potential that lies within”. As the Neighborhood Watch Captain of the Flores Park Group and being involved in many different other community groups, I understand that it is vital to reach out to our youth, especially starting with the skateboarders. There was a stretch where the skate parks were having issues with drugs and gangs. The key to safety was getting adults in the community to invest in a safe atmosphere for teens to skateboard.  It takes more that money it takes personal time”.

The Rialto Community Coalition hopes to add to the success of their other public forum at Eisenhower High School  called “Don’t Go There” where they used exhibits, media, and a powerful presentation from Ray Lozano to highlight the dangers of using drugs and alcohol. At the upcoming #SoberSkater event, participants will be asked to sign a pledge that states that they choose to be a Sober Skater. Also, the planning committee chose the name #SoberSkater to help attract teenagers on social media using hashtags since this is the way teens interact and seek out information on social media sites.

Michael Townsend, a Prevention Specialist with Central Valley Prevention Program, had this to say about the #SoberSkater event:

“The best way to prevent underage drinking and drug use is to identify the target population, develop ways to reach them, and increase enforcement during high risk times.  By hosting the #SoberSkater event, the Rialto Community Coalition is doing exactly that.  They have identified Thanksgiving break as a high risk time for underage drinking and drug use and they have identified skaters as their target population.  In addition, they are working closely with the Rialto Police Department regarding their enforcement efforts. The Rialto Community Coalition members realize that having youth, who have made a commitment to sobriety, speaking directly to other youth, is a very effective method of getting their message out.  So the coalition has engaged youth in this campaign to reduce social hosting.”

The event will include a semi-pro skateboard team called NAI (New Age Intelligence), gourmet food trucks, live music, vendors, and resource providers. There will also be a best trick contest. For more information, visit their Facebook event page at the link below.


Rialto Community Coalition Meetings

Our next Rialto Community Coalition meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 6:30PM at the Fire Station located at 1700 N. Riverside Avenue.


Since this is the beginning of the school year, and the Rialto Unified School District has expressed interest in collaborating with us, we need to take this opportunity to begin planning our next community action project in Rialto. You are needed now, more than ever, to emphasize the dangers and consequences of underage drinking and drug use to students (and adults) in Rialto…  By the way, a couple of staff members from the Department of Behavioral Health will be attending our meeting to discuss effective policies, data collection, and media strategies concerning perceived norms and youth access to alcohol and other drugs. Our input and collective work will help in the development of a five-year strategic plan for “Environmental Prevention” in San Bernardino County.

Follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rialtocoalition

Council Meeting Recap for April 22nd

April’s last council meeting looked uneventful from the outside, but after a closer look we were in for a bit of a ride. Here is a breakdown of what The SB Sun, Daily Bulletin and Press Enterprise seem to refuse to print.

City Council Proclamations:

Proclamation-Water Safety Month Mayor Robertson

Embedded image permalink

Proclamation-Fair Housing Month Mayor Robertson

Embedded image permalink

Proclamation-Earth Day 2014 Mayor Robertson

Embedded image permalink

Proclamation-Mormon Helping Hands Day 2014 Mayor Robertson

Embedded image permalink

Proclamation/Certificates of Appreciation-Rialto Amateur Radio Club Council Member Hirtz

Embedded image permalink

Certificate of Recognition-Mallory Saldana Council Member Hirtz

Embedded image permalink

Oral Communications:

Judy Roberts, David Phillips & Diane O’Leary from the Rialto Community Coalition spoke in regards to the assistance they received during their highly successful Don’t Go There Substance Abuse Prevention Event on April 4th. Coalition members were with Michael Townsend from Central Valley Prevention and thanked Eisenhower High School Principal Scott Sparks and his wonderful staffs for thier help with this event. In addition thanks went out to Rialto Police and Fire for their help with their perspective community outreach and participation in this event and help they give to the coalition. They recognized the two council members that attended the event Councilmember’s O’Connell & Baca. They also reminded people that the coalition is always looking to grow their coalition and invited the community at large to attend on the First Tuesday of each month from 6:30-7:30 pm at the fire station on North Riverside Ave. To see the video of their presentation and see the faces of the people that lead this coalition visit http://www.facebook.com/rialtocoalition

High Intrest Tab Items:

Tab 2

Request City Council to Conduct a Public Hearing to Consider and

Approve the City’s 2014-2015 Annual Action Plan and Substantially

Amend the City’s 2013-2014 Annual Action Plan.

This tab was a overall look at the cities expenditures for the CBDG (Community Development Block Grant) where the city funds various programs. Some are city sponsored others are run by local non profit organizations and groups looking to offer services to the community here in Rialto. These programs vary from Rialto Police Pride Platoon that has reduced crime among our youth by 45% to sports programs for young children from low income families.

One program had a last minute change to its funding the National Council of Negro Women Buthune Center wanted $30,000 to train youth to find seniors that qualify for the senior home rehab program. This Pilot program did not offer council adequate numbers and this funding was reduced and changed.

Tab 3 

Request that City Council: (1) Introduce by first reading


Ordinance No.






PROCEEDINGS,” and (2) Request the City Clerk to revise the minutes

of proceedings of the City Council and its related agencies dating back

from June 25, 2013, to include the details required in the proposed








This tab is a continuation of last meeting where Councilman O’Connell took issue with the way the Council Meeting minutes were being recorded. Apparently for the last 11 months the City Clerks office has been reporting the minutes in an Action form meaning the vote only is the only thing recorded (Action 4-1 or Action 3-2) the Clerk no longer took note of comments made at public hearings, statements made by elected officials prior to a vote or any possible dirty dealings that may have taken place there. Yes I said dirty dealings Councilman O’Connell eluded to missing statements to when apparent favoritism was given to one contractor over another or asking the city administrator to Poll the council on a whole on specific issue to see where they stand. If these things did happen they would mean that someone has some hard questions to answer.

One thing we found beyond interesting is Councilman Joe Baca Jr. seems to disappear once this tab item is brought forward. Why would he just leave? Was there a conflict of interest? Or was this a Councilman up for re-election that refuses to get involved in hot button issues? We are going to be reaching out to Councilman Baca on this issue and we will be reporting back to you when and if we get an answer.

This is not a complete list of everything that happened at the council meeting. For a complete list of events please visit http://www.rialtoca.gov

Photo: TODAY @ American Legion Post 14
863 N D Street SB, CA 

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Coverage of the Don’t Go There Public Forum Hosted By The Rialto Community Coalition

On Friday April 4th the Rialto Community Coalition held a Substance Abuse prevention forum at Eisenhower High School. The event included a vendor resource zone with education a resource tools for attendees, speakers from Rialto Police Department, Rialto Unified Public Safety, Principle Scott Sparks, Key note speech from Prevention Specialist Ray Lozano and a Q&A Panel.
Speaker Ray Lozano gave a riveting presentation on the dangers and effects of drugs and alcohol on a young persons system. Ray Lozano used props and audience participation to make sure the information was interesting and hit home.
Jennifer Ariza from The Rec Center came with videos and tools to educate parents and students of the effects and dangers of substance abuse. Farmers Insurance Services came out and showed event attendees the dangers of alcohol use and driving. The African American Health Coalition came with resources and training event attendees could utilize at the event and after.
Market-Solution David's photo.
99.1 KGGI with Diana Wehbe and KC were on hand and Laniea Dominguez from Comedy for Causes was the event MC.
Campus Security Officer Juan addressed the public on a incident where a student was almost dumped by his FREINDS by the side of a building after giving the teen synthetic marijuana which resulted in the teen experiencing cardiac arrest. If the campus security officer had not found the teen he may have met a dire consequence.
All throughout the event the message was driven home to parents and teens that if your depending on your friends to notice when your life is in danger your depending on the wrong people. 
Ray Lozano said that the #1 reason teens use drugs for the first time is because they are bored. This drove the point home to youth and adults to help us find other ways to curb boredom and make better choices.
For a full list of photos go to http://www.facebook.com/rialtocoalition also to add your photos use the tag #dontgothere on twitter, instagram or facebook.


Don’t Go There Anti Drug & Alcohol for High School Teens

Join Eisenhower High School, The Every 15 Minutes Program, Rialto Police Department and Rialto Community Coalition is an educational forum for Teens, Parents & Educators on the dangers of Drug & Alcohol use during Prom and Graduation Season. Join us with speakers like Ray Lazano from Prevention Plus, agency resource vendors & hands on activities like the drunk goggles. This will be an event not to be missed.

Don't Go There Flyer

County Wide Synthetic Drug Sweep

Hello Rialto Now readers. A year or so ago the city of Rialto revised its prior Municipal Code that would assist the Police in combatting the Sale of Synthetic Drugs like “SPICE” & “BATHSALTS”. Prior laws were seen to have no teeth because they focused on the chemical compound. This was frustrating to law makers and police because the criminals making this drug would simply change the chemical compound ever so slightly making the law unaplicable.

What Rialto did was go after the MARKETING of these drugs. Thus making even having it for sale in your business illegal. So once Rialto Police Department began to educate the Smoke Shops and Liquor Stores on the new law they saw very little of the product. Last year a Eisenhower High School student was given some “SPICE” and nearly went into cardiac arrest while his friends tried to slip him by the classroom teacher. After this incident Rialto Police SCAT team preformed undercover buys and places known to sell the product and issued 2 warnings.

These warnings were not adhered to and three businesses were found to still be selling “SPICE” to your children. Rialto PD levied fines and confiscated their product. I they are found to still be selling these narcotics they can have their business license revoked and they would be shut down.

Since then, other local communities have reviewed and adopted similar ordinances. This is a big deal because our State and Federal Legislator refuse to deal with this issue and make it a ACTUAL CRIME. The Rialto Community Coalition has been a catalyst in pushing this Municipal Code forward and helping make it a success. Michael Townsend with Mental Health Systems is the facilitator of the Rialto Community Coalition. Mr. Townsend said of the “SPICE” Ordnance:

Rialto’s revised synthetic drug ordinance addresses the way criminals so cleverly attempt to maneuver around federal and state laws.  Though chemists have developed different chemical compounds that will have the same effect as the outlawed chemical compounds in order to skirt the law, Rialto has had the foresight to address the problem by focusing on the marketing aspect of synthetic drug sales. It’s shameful that our youth are targeted and are often susceptible to the ploys of ruthless individuals motivated purely by money and without regard to the health and welfare of others. Policy makers in Rialto deserve our applause for taking leadership to protect our youth.  Michael A. Townsend, Central Valley Prevention Program

Below you will find a link to the story ABC 7 did with one of the shop owners as well as the Press Release that the SB Sheriffs Dept. put out on the shop visits. Listen to this shop owner tell you that he is more interested in making quick money at the expense of you child’s life and health.


Below you will find Cpl. Cameron Nelson explains the spice ordnance.



Members of a designated Sheriff’s Department task force, aimed at the eradication of dangerous synthetic drugs, will serve warning letters to area businesses advising them the sales of “bath salts” or “spice” – as they are commonly called – will not be permitted in the county. Deputies will be delivering letters Wednesday, October 23, to area smoke shops and liquor stores in an effort to educate business owners of the legal ramifications of selling synthetic drugs. The letters will outline state law banning the sale of synthetic drugs and give the owners an opportunity to dispose of the specified product in a safe and legal fashion. Businesses served on Wednesday will have the opportunity to voluntarily submit any “spice” or “bath salts” they may be selling and avoid criminal prosecution. “Some business owners may not understand exactly what they are selling,” Sheriff John McMahon said. “We want to educate them on the law and the dangers of synthetic drugs so they do not put the residents of this county – or their business – in jeopardy.” “Spice” and “bath salts” – also known as “designer drugs” – have been scientifically formulated to create the same effects of more common drugs, such as marijuana, methamphetamine or PCP. But these “fake” substances are not detected on standard drug tests because they are a synthetic imitation. For this reason, abuse tends to run rampant in the military and other professions in which drug testing is a common occurrence. The Sheriff’s Department has worked closely with various residents involved in local coalitions throughout the County who are concerned about the covert effect synthetic drugs have had on their community.  These dedicated community members have been a driving force in garnering awareness of this problem and opening law enforcement’s eyes to the extent of possible sales in the county, McMahon said. Spice is a mixture of herbs sprayed with the synthetic chemicals that is usually smoked. Bath salts are synthetic chemicals in a powder or crystal form that are usually snorted or injected. These highly addictive, synthetic drugs are marketed as potpourri, decorative sand, shoe deodorizers or glass cleaner; however they have nothing in common with the products they are advertised to be. They are packaged using bright colors and cartoon characters in an obvious ploy to attract children. “These drugs are affecting two segments of the population who deserve the most protection: our children and the brave men and women who serve in our country’s armed forces,” McMahon said. One of the most common effects of these drugs is homicidal and suicidal tendencies, making them extremely dangerous for law enforcement officials who are called to respond to those who may be under the influence of spice or bath salts. The effects of these synthetic, or “designer” drugs, range greatly because there is no prescribed dosage on any of the packages. Users have been known to suffer cardiac arrest, brain seizures, tremors, and excited delirium.  Others have extraordinary strength, similar to the effects associated with the use of PCP, making the Taser and other force options ineffective. While producers of bath salts promise a euphoric high, similar to cocaine or methamphetamine, the psychotic results of the synthetic drugs are far more severe and addictive.
For more information contact:  Jodi Miller, PIO (909)387-3599 or Lolita Harper, Deputy at (909)387-0633.  For IMMEDIATE information please e-mail: jmiller@sbcsd.org or lharper@sbcsd.org
John McMahon, Sheriff-Coroner San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department