Nominate the person you think made Rialto great in 2016.


Last year we asked you the readers and residents to vote for the Most Influential Person of 2015 in Rialto.  

Last year went so well that our plan is to make it a regular thing. So now we want to know who is that person in 2016.

This year were changing things up a little bit, here is how the process will go:

  1. Email the person you wish to nominate to include their name and a why your nominating them (deadline is December 31st at midnight).
  2. Each name will be added to a online poll on our website.
  3. The people with the top three votes will be highlighted the last week on January.

Last years winners were Councilman Shawn O’Connell, Former Police Chief Fararr and Vibe Fitness Owner Gino Garcia. All three men qualify if anyone chooses to nominate them.

So if you know someone that made Rialto great or worked hard on the greater communities behalf be sure to nominate them so we can give them the recognition that they are due.

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