Will Socialism Save Rialto?

Many of your local, state and federal leaders are leading the charge to throw the Rialto region into the arms of socialist leaders. Leading the charge is 47th Assembly District Woman Eloise Reyes. Eloise and her team of mini socialists are flooding the district pleading with young people to push the socialism king Bernie Sanders into the presidential race. Bernie Sanders is trying to sell his dream of fairness and equality with Free Education and Medicare for all to the masses.

The Washington Examiner posted and article about the woes of Medicare for all in Canada. The Canadian system is what Bernie Sanders has in mind for the United States Medicare for all. In the Canadian system people can not pay to have private insurance that would provide them quicker access to specialists and procedures. This is what Bernie Sanders plan has in mind for Americans as well.

In the Washington Examiner article “as a result, everyone must wait their turn for care paid for by the public system. Last year, Canadians faced a median wait of nearly 21 weeks to receive specialist treatment after getting referred by a general practitioner. Certain procedures come with longer waits. End-to-end, patients waited a median of 39 weeks for orthopedic surgery in 2019.”

Everyone remembers the train wreck Obama Care created with overcrowded hospitals and waiting rooms, a California website that took years to get off the ground and a lie of if you like your doctor and your plan you can keep them. After watching that hot mess of a health care fiasco Millennials claim to be craving more inept government control led by our failing leaders.


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  1. LJ Wolfe
    Feb 18, 2020 @ 00:45:18

    Everyone should do their own homework and weigh the pros and cons for themselves. A search of “Medicare for all pros cons” is a good start, but be mindful of websites with agendas (like, ones from insurance companies). Here’s a place to start, but I’m not asking anyone to take my word for it: Since I don’t know if links mark comments as spam, go to the Wikipedia article “Comparison of the healthcare systems in Canada and the United States” and scroll down to “Wait times.”
    Then, make sure you know the difference between pure socialism and democratic socialism (aka social democracy).
    And don’t fall for people trying to scare voters with things like unidentified foreign script over photos of politicians. I found the original of that image, in a Tweet where someone commented “There are only about 500k Americans of Pakistani descent but the fact that the Bernie campaign released material in Urdu warms my heart.” Apparently, the script just says “Bernie has won in Iowa.”


  2. LJ Wolfe
    Feb 18, 2020 @ 00:54:52

    I probably should have mentioned, I’m not planning on voting for Bernie in the primary. So, don’t assume I’m one of those obnoxious “Bernie can do no wrong” supporters. What I support is factual information and well-informed voters.


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