Support a local Entrepenure looking to help our youth

Hello everyone,

I come to you today with a great cause spear-headed by abig-hearted local woman named Cynthia Frazier who runs a project called Girls Got Geek. Her program helps our young people especially girls get into the field of app development and technology.

As anyone knows with today’s economy getting a project off the ground is more difficult than ever, even when the project is in a realm that is up and coming or hot. Giving our young people solid support in these news areas where the economy is growing is money well spent.

So Mrs. Frazier is looking for support from her friends and the local community who want to help support youth looking to get into the Tech field using a popular new medium KICKSTARTER

Mrs. Frazier has been all over the local area looking for support. Here are some links to her media:

Big shout out to Erin Hunt Brinker, Paul Amadeus Lane, and their cohort John for a lively discussion on girls finding their inner geek.  If you’d like to be a fly on the wall, check us out.

Here is a link to the Rialto Record article.


If everyone on her Facebook Friends list would donate $2 would raise over $7 Thousand dollars. We must come together in large numbers and bring small resources together to make a big difference. I have met Mrs. Frazier and I believe she really wants to make her mark on girls and give them the ability to make a job out of tech.

Jamie Beck a Holistic Career Coach I know said that your job is 24% of your life, your head is 24% of your body. So if you are stuck in a job that you hate its like going through life hating your head, you would be miserable. We all have loves and talents the true way to have joy in your work is to work at something you love. Mrs. Frazier is doing just that for our youth and is looking for your help.

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