Does Rialto need five Mc Donalds?

As the construction of yet another Mc Donald’s fast food restaurant nears completion on the corner of Cedar & Foothill in Rialto we ponder the Question does Rialto need five Mc Donald’s? Now I know what your going to say Rialto doesn’t have five Mc Donald’s and I am here to tell you soon we will. Below is a map:

Mc Donalds Map

The red dots are the three that come up when you Google Mc Donald’s in Rialto. Baseline, Foothill & Riverside Ave all have Mc Donald’s but there is also one inside of the Walmart across the street from the Riverside Ave location so that makes four. Number five is part of multiple deals to further burden the North West Corner of Cedar & Foothill. One of our readers posted this photo saying “Do we really need another Mc Donald’s in Rialto #healthyrialto

mcdonlads five

The multiple deals that happened to further burden the poor people of Rialto was put under the heading were trying to make things safer for Rialto. Later they admitted that it had little to do with safety and a lot to do with TAXES……. When a local community member from Flores Park Neighborhood Watch asked why this development was getting a new stoplight and cement median extension the council responded Neighborhood Watch Groups don’t make money Gas Stations & Mc Donald’s do!

Tonight the Planning Commission is going to show this off as a win during their annual report, is this a win in your eyes?

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  1. dan
    Aug 14, 2015 @ 19:09:02

    If a person takes a good look at the ethnic breakdown for this city…you will see
    a large Hispanic and Black population here…”DOES” this city really need all the
    so-called TACO stands (at least 40?), Hamburger joints (another 25?), or Walgreens,how many this week, four…??…..An outsider or some CEO
    taking a look at how Rialto folks live and eat, may give thought too…can’t they
    make taco’s and burgers at home ?….is it cheaper…to eat like this, than at home ?
    if so, where are the UP-SCALE, dress-to-impress type restaurant’s in RIALTO..?
    Is the population of Rialto so fast paced, they have no time to cook a GOOD meal
    at home..???….can’t Rialto citizen’s support a trendy chain restaurant, why do some
    citizen’s feel the need to spend their money in Rancho, Hospitally Lane, Redlands,
    when they want a good decent, sit down, full course meal..???…and the four
    Walgreens and CVS……are there that many folks in Rialto that are in need
    of prescription services..????…the disabled, the aged, the sick,…I don’t know…
    However, If I was going to invest my good money in a business in THIS city…One
    thing for sure,….I’d take a look at……what’s wrong with this picture…just a few
    thoughts that came to my mind…..and just my opinion…..I’ve lived here in Rialto, over forty years. I remember the good eatery’s, clean streets, When I go
    out to visit my some of my old neighbors who moved out of town in the early
    2000, yes, we talk of what’s happening or not happening in Rialto now….Yep,
    the only Verizon phone service store here, closed to make way for another
    McDonalds……WOW-WEE…..progress…..burger..burger…no cheese…no cheese…
    hold the mayo….hard or soft taco…??????…….P.S…..and don’t you just “LOVE”
    all the paper trash they generate on the streets, parks, and in our yards….


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