Is posting last minute agendas the best way to get the community engaged?


Very little change has occurred over the years on various commissions. What also hasn’t changed is the way that commissioners get paid to travel all over the state and country while not doing their duties at home. We have three major commissions that are dark this month, one that refuses to post their agenda within 72 hours of the scheduled meeting time and another that has applications and documents that have time received stamps manipulated with pen to change the date something was received.

What is worse is none of the current or former commissioners have ever undergone a background check. Earlier this summer the Mayor appointed some new commissioners and the lack of background check was brought up Councilman O’Connell spoke up at that meeting and asked why? Councilman Scott said that it was not right to ask them to undergo a background check since elected officials are not back ground checked. Councilman O’Connell said elected are vetted and that is basically the same as a background check.

Cable AdvisoryWouldn’t it be nice if we had a printed publication that reported these issues to us? So sad that the SB Sun ignores us all together and Rialto Record just writes puff pieces for the city. Well Rialto we are here for you doing the work others refuse to do.

***** Up dated info. We called twice and finally recived an answer to why the Utility Commission agenda was not posted until 8 am the day before the meeting. Apparently there were some last minute changes to the Agenda and staff left the agenda sitting on a desk all weekend and didn’t get it up until Monday morning. Why is this an issue? Well the Utility Commission is the commission that set the failed water deal into motion, approve your trash/water/sewer rate increases and they are big time in bed with all of the utility providers in Rialto. June Hayes the Vice Chair of the commission swoons all over the utility providers and holds each ones hands right up to the decision makers in the city. Also the Brown Act states that any commission/council or other open meeting agenda must be posted 72 hours in advance. Diane from the Engineering Department said that she didn’t get it posted until after 8 am on August 17, 2015 the meeting is on August 18th, 2015 only 34 hour notice not the 72 hour minimum required by law.

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