West Valley Water Caught Playing Favorites


Would you believe that temporary appointed Water Board Director Rafael Trujillo who only served a few months on the Board will Recognized, Honored and Commended for his time on the water board but Betty Gosney the long time elected board member will get no such recognition? Well it is true. As you can see below that Rafael Trujillo will be recognized at tomorrows West valley Water Board Meeting. Some people are saying that Clifford Young has worked behind the scenes to be a puppet master of other people and it looks like it has worked out for Rafael with yet another recognition for following another persons agenda without thinking for himself.

The two resolutions look very different and speak to the tone the majority of the board was acting when each resolution was penned.

Here is the one for President Betty Gosney:

Adopt Resolution No. 2015-18 Commending President Betty Gosney for More than 12 Years of Dedicated Service.

Here is the one for Appointed Director Rafael Trujillo:

Approval of Resolution No. 2015-20, Recognizing, Honoring and Commending Rafael Trujillo for Outstanding Public Service as a Board Member.

So from the get go the Board majority penned resolutions that should have sounded the same yet are much more different when it comes to wording and perceived tone. Another question is why were these two resolutions made separate of each other? It would be inappropriate to deny President Gosney her Resolution and give one to Appointed Director Trujillo. President Gosney who had served on the West Valley Water board for 12 years has underwent a lot of attacks and game playing by a majority of the board especially Vice President Clifford Young. So after the lastest round of attacks and political games that were played President Gosney asked if Clifford Young’s signature could be left off the resolution which is her right. Clifford Young did not like being left out and he knew ahead of time so he invited Irma Flores to the meeting to call President Gosney a racist for not wanting the only African American member of the board’s signature on her resolution.

Now remember we called Appointed Director Trujillo a rubber stamp for Vice President Young and originally Appointed Director Trujillo seconded the motion to approve President Gosney’s resolution for service. He changed his mind after Clifford Young instructed his fellow board members to not no on this resolution.

Personally I have always thought it was silly to give resolutions on behalf of an entire body to a specific person or group. Many times most of the elected body of any city or board have no idea who they are recognizing or even agree they should be recognized.

Below is the entire body of the Water Boards agenda tonight.

BUSINESS MATTERS Consideration of:

1. Approval Resolution No. 2015-18, Adopting the Rosenberg’s Rules of Order as Official Parliamentary Procedures for West Valley Water District Meetings.

2. Approval of Resolution No. 2015-19, Appointing Shanae Smith as Board Secretary Confidential Assistant Reporting to the Board of Directors and Two (2) Assistant Secretaries.

3. Approval of Resolution No. 2015-20, Recognizing, Honoring and Commending Rafael Trujillo for Outstanding Public Service as a Board Member.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Juie
    Dec 03, 2015 @ 22:12:06

    When someone uses a race card and says someone else is a racist because he is the only black person on the board … makes me think that person was the racist by pointing that out. When you walk into a building and you do not know the people involved and the only thing you can see is color you might be the racist. Mrs. Gosney was supposed to get her recognition but because Mr. Young acted like a child and got his feelings hurt she did not. Is this how Mr. Young is going to behave on the board from this point forward? Mr. Young seems like an overgrown bully who uses shady tactics like allowing people to call others a racist to get his way. The fact that person was allowed to call another board member names and was not removed was absolutely shameful.
    Mrs. Gosney did not really care if Mr. Young signed her paperwork or not, she just felt like it would mean more for Mr. Olinger to sign it since he was the one who signed her in 12 years ago… it was a symbol of respect for Mr. Olinger. But Mr. Young took it as a sign of disrespect (and someone else thought it racist)…. and then proceeded to withhold her recognition papers because he was butt hurt.


  2. Betty Gosney
    Dec 04, 2015 @ 00:38:46

    Should state Mr Dyer, However Mr. Olinger held ten years on the board with me. He now has been reelected. Yes he as well should sign. Yes it would of been nice to of had all the respected board members sign.


  3. Juie
    Dec 07, 2015 @ 02:59:50

    Sorry, I knew it was one of the returning board members.


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