Rialto Now Endorses For The 31st Congressional District Paul Chabot

First off we analyzed all of the candidates for this Congressional Seat and from the get go we found incumbent Pete Aguilar not the person that this region needs working for the people in Washington DC. Paul Chabot was the person that opposed Pete Aguilar in the last election 2 years ago. Paul Chabot ran a Grassroots campaign that was heavily out spent by the outsiders of the democrat party that flooded the region with money and a visit from Former President Clinton and Current VP Joe Biden. Even with all that Paul Chabot held on to make it a tough win for Pete Aguilar.

Paul Chabot came to our city of Rialto and held a Coffee event at Coffee Nuttz in Rialto. Democrats came out and asked Paul Chabot some tough questions and he answered them all unlike Pete Aguilar who has made a habit of running from the constituents when the questions get hard.

Paul Chabot has worked tirelessly for the well being of families and children. His organization has come to cities all over the Inland Empire to bring resources and collaborative partnerships to make local cities better for everyone. Why don’t you know about this? Well you see Paul Chabot and his team don’t come in with a massive team of fake people for a single event jump in front of the cameras for that perfect shot. No Paul Chabot works behind the scenes and works alongside people to create a better community for everyone. His team spreads out all over the Inland Empire to make an impact on the lives of people that matter. We need real people in congress that are interested in fixing the problems that the tax payers care about.

When we first heard about Paul Chabot’s plan for a Joint Military Base in San Bernardino we were skeptical. After listening more about his plans and watching crime skyrocket in San Bernardino this year the plan became one of the best ideas that has been brought to the region. Think about it the world is getting more dangerous and the public has become less comfortable with massive troop boots on ground solutions and more special forces and using air technology resources has become the new way to combat the evil that threatens us. Also our staff grew up in this region and the area that used to consist of Norton Air Force Base and Base Housing was a nice safe place to live and shop. Fast forward today it is full of crime, drugs and looks like a dump. The International Airport has been stalled by years due to massive corruption from Airport Board Staff.

Wikipedia entry on the SB Int Airport has this to say about the demise of the Airport:

An audit completed June 2011 at the request of a grand jury investigation found examples of potential mismanagement and financial irregularities. In September 2011, as part of a special joint corruption task force, the FBI raided the offices of the airport and the home of airport developer Scot Spencer to secure internal documents. In late September 2011, Don Rogers, the Director of the SBIA Authority (SBIAA) resigned. The grand jury report questioned a relationship between Rogers and Spencer, including a settlement of a legal claim by companies owned by Spencer against the SBIAA for almost $1 million without ascertaining whether Spencer’s companies suffered damages equivalent to such an amount.

The good ole San Bernardino Sun also reported on this corrupt land of stolen federal money:

More than 80 FBI agents filled a 26-foot U-Haul truck with records – including computers and mobile phones – as part of an investigation into mail and wire fraud, bribery, conspiracy and money laundering, and theft and fraud related to federal funds.

June 7th is the primary and you have these choices: Pete Aguilar, Sean Flynn, Joe Baca, Kaiser Ahmed & Paul Chabot

The top 2 candidates to obtain the most votes will compete in the general election in November we say your vote should be for Paul Chabot.



Mr. Inland Empire Interviews Eisenhower Football Coach Al Brown

Written by: Mr Inland Empire

Hello Rialto readers and Football fans we have a very special treat for you. Do you miss the days where Eisenhower Football was the top program in the Southern California region? Do you long for the type of student player development that prepares our high school athletes for where ever their post high school travels take them? Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?????

Well if you answered yes to those three questions we have the interview for you. Last week we were given the first honor to sit down with Eisenhower High School Football Coach Al Brown. We thought today would be the perfect time to post this interview due to the fact that Eisenhower Alum Ronnie Lott will be heading out to Rialto on Monday to host an assembly for the student athletes and school.


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Rialto High Cheerleaders Honored At Rialto City Hall

On Tuesday night the Rialto High School Cheer Squad received recognition for finishing number one for the 4th year in a row at City Hall during the Council Meeting. Rialto High Cheer just placed first at the CheerPros State Championships at the Citizens Bank Arena. They also won a full paid bid to the “Best of the West” Invitational in Long Beach. The Best of the West is on March 6th at CSULB and Nationals is March 18-20th at the Anaheim Convention Center.


The Cheer Team was recognized for their skill and dedication by Mayor Pro Tem Joe Baca Jr.

Most of the players were called up one at a time to receive their individual awards of recognition. There was a bit of an uncomfortable moment as Mayor Pro Tem left out four players who the awards were not printed.

The Team here at Rialto Now would like once again congratulate the team and wish them luck as they take on the Best of The West next month.


Rialto City Treasurer Calls Mayor & City Clerks Events Gift of Public Funds

Newly elected Rialto mayor Deborah Robertson sits down for an interview at her home in Rialto on Friday, Nov. 9, 2012. Robertson made history this November election with becoming Rialto's first black mayor. (Rachel Luna / Staff Photographer)

Newly elected Rialto mayor Deborah Robertson sits down for an interview at her home in Rialto on Friday, Nov. 9, 2012. Robertson made history this November election with becoming Rialto’s first black mayor. (Rachel Luna / Staff Photographer)

What is the given tag line when T.V. cops are looking to find a criminal act? Follow the money. Well the publicly elected person that oversees the cities finances has called a foul on Mayor Deborah Robertson & City Clerk Barbara McGee. Accusations of gifts of public funds and misuse of city employee’s duties has led Edward Carrillo to file a complaint with the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit on the actions of the Mayor and City Clerk when it comes to private events that get thousands of public tax dollars to fund them.

If the mayor had your neighbors roof repaired and repaired their bathrooms would that be a proper use of tax dollars? Below is a snap shot of one of many pages to Edward Carrillo’s complaints to the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit asking for an investigation into these tactics.

Ed Carrillo letter


Edward Carrillo says that the money spent over the years on events like those below were a misuse of public resources for their personal gain or benefit. So in a scramble to make these charges null and void the Mayor is trying to get the city council to call her events city events and not just into the future but PRIOR events as well. Mayor Robertson believes that if she can get two of her colleagues to go along she can skirt the investigation by the public integrity unit. What this has done is force the Mayor, City Clerk and other Council Members to try and cover their tracks.

The sad part is Mayor Robertson is lumping these events geared to promote her in a positive light in the community with real city events that are of a community interest.

State of Women Conference – ($9,000)

Run Around the Rocks – ($1,500) **Now we know why the Mayor skipped the Rialto Police Fallen Officer Memorial 5K

Below are a few of the many REAL public events that Mayor Robertson is using as leverage to get her private events approved. What is sad is in the two events above that shows another $10,500 that could be used to highlight Rialto Athletes or Really make a summer series that people want to attend.

Sports Hall of Fame – is a dynamic recognition ceremony that honors athletes that have brought honor and fame to the City of Rialto. The Athletes recognized range from individuals to championship teams.($3,800)

Summer Series – this event is designed to keep children entertained in a safe, affordable, productive environment during the summer months while school is out. There are combo movies/concert series, as well as other events in the parks with a variety of activities, like “Bark in the Park”, “Sounds of Rialto” and Pool Activities covering May through August.($9,000)

The answer is simple:

  • Mayor Robertson should remove herself from the room as she has a conflict of interest in this item.
  • Council should make a motion to approve all of the events except for the State of Women Conference & Run Around the Rocks
  • Any Council member that try’s to help the mayor avoid a investigation by voting these two events in should be put on notice that this will effect re-elcetion.

Roberto told us “its not fair that the people we elect spend more time trying to hurt us rather than help us.

Cindy said in a quote “I voted for Mayor Robertson as did my family and she not only helped put her opponent back on council but she is doing the same things we expected from him (ed scott)”

Speaking of the election when looking for a photo for this story we stumbled on a story that Josh Dulaney did on the win over Ed Scott.

Robertson didn’t hesitate in saying she will bring a different kind of leadership than Vargas, who had a reputation for being swayed by other council members when it came time to vote.

“There’s a difference between Grace and I,” she said. “Grace was there and Grace was led. I’m there and I’m very comfortable with leading.”

Robertson pledges to bring transparency to City Hall, and says the top priorities are jobs, economic development, a healthy community and open space issues.

How is spending public money on non city events transparency? How are you leading if you are not listening to your colleagues?

Email Drobertson@rialtoca.gov and let the mayor know what you expect out of her as Rialto’s Mayor


Rialto Police Honors 12 Officers for their Promotions At Council Meeting

Police Chief Randy Deanda Sworn in as Rialtos's new top cop photo credit Rialto Network

Police Chief Randy Deanda Sworn in as Rialtos’s new top cop photo credit Rialto Network

As the city moves further into the next chapters of its history the Police Department has also turned a page and moved into a new chapter in providing police services to the community of Rialto. Up until recent history we have looked outside of our own Department and Even County looking for the person that will lead one of our most vital Public Safety agencies. Now as City Council moves to hire the next Police Chief we see yet another strong man coming from within our Police Department ranks. Replacing outgoing Chief Tony Farrar is former Police Captain Randy Deanda a long time officer within the Rialto Police Department. Chief Deanda is a man of strong Character and resides locally but not only since taking the helm but has lived for a long time and raised his family locally so he understands what we as a community are going through. Even though we have not always seen eye to eye Chief Deanda has always been willing to speak to those in the community in his previous roles listen to others opinions. We are lucky to have Randy Deanda as Rialto’s Top Cop.

The full Promotion class photo credit Rialto Network

The full Promotion class photo credit Rialto Network

Another awesome part about Chief Deanda taking the helm is that there was a flurry of Promotions from within our own department twelve sworn promotions. We will start with the Corporals and work our way up, all of these officers are fine people. You will see comments next to some of the names. Some we know a lot about others we only know by the badge they wear on their chest.

Photo from the Rialto Police Promotion Ceremony Photo Credit Rialto Network

Photo from the Rialto Police Promotion Ceremony Photo Credit Rialto Network

Corporal Pouching – Cpl Pouching is a long time officer of Rialto Police Department we know him from his work on Patrol, as a former K9 Officer and most recently as a member of our traffic division a great guy with knowledge to lead the next generation of Police Officer.

Corporal Hince

Corporal Russo on his Police Bike

Corporal Russo on his Police Bike

Corporal Russo – Corporal Russo has been for as long as I can remember one of Rialto’s finest Traffic Cops. He has won multiple awards for his work with Under the Influence drivers and has made himself available to many community groups and our youth to stress the importance of safe driving habits.

Corporal Farmer – Quiet, strong man from a Rialto blood line who’s father is a Former Police Chief, Council member and Mayor. Corporal Farmer most recently was working in the Detectives Division and has been part of closing out some of Rialto’s most notorious Cold Cases.


Sargent Nelson posing for a picture at Rialto's National Night Out with Former Traffic Sargent Shepard

Sargent Nelson posing for a picture at Rialto’s National Night Out with Former Traffic Sargent Shepard

Sergeant Nelson – Sargent Nelson is almost a carbon copy of probably one of our most favorite Police Officers. Sargent Nelson who now oversees the traffic Division was the Corporal that brought the Community Policing vision back to Rialto. When he was tasked with overseeing Community Policing I wondered when he slept. He made himself available what was almost 24/7 he was a valuable resource and a workman to help make residents feel safe and heard. He was the ultimate advocate for the community.
"Sgt. Muir on-duty taking the time to interact with some kids in our community by buying them an ice cream at George's Burger." Photo Credit Rialto PD Facebook

“Sgt. Muir on-duty taking the time to interact with some kids in our community by buying them an ice cream at George’s Burger.” Photo Credit Rialto PD Facebook

Sergeant Muir – Now Sargent Muir has been a Sargent for a few months now but we are not at all upset at him being included in this batch of promotions. Sargent Muir can’t be thanked or honored enough for what he has done for this community. Rialto is a better place because of the hours of dedicated work he has put in. To the criminal he is your worse nightmare, to the child he is a welcomed face in the midst of tragedy and to a victim he is your knight that will work diligently to see that justice is done. Our owner David Phillips tells us stories all the time of this living legend. David has gone on countless ride-a-longs with Sargent Muir when he was a Corporal and tells us how Sargent Muir would adapt to each call effortlessly and seemed to be a master of each situation. Our favorite story is when a local African American community member told Sargent Muir that someone had drawn a swastika in her wet cement and she didn’t notice until it was dry Sargent Muir came to her house on his personal time and patched her driveway. Dedicated Father, Friend, Cop and Solider there is no other like Sargent Muir (Sargent Muir is who we refer to when we’re talking about Sargent Nelson)

Sergeant Balawag 

Sergeant Gerard 

Lieutenant Lane

Lieutenant Smith – Is a great guy with a lot of passion and heart. The former Sargent of the Traffic Division and Risk Management he is a great person to step into this promotion. He is also the new area commander for the northern section of the city. He is probably the best person to fill the shoes of the three people that have held that job before him. Most recently Kathy Thompson, Andy Karol and Craig Crispin. A great promotion and a awesome show to the community that Rialto Police wants to see the Area Command program live on.

Captain Wilson – Another great guy who has a very easy way about him. A former Area Commander and a person that will listen and talk to anyone that asks. He and Captain Karol have always worked so well together they will be an awesome team that helps launch Rialto PD as one of the Top Law Enforcement agencies in California.


Your 2016 Update On The City Care Of Councilman Shawn O’Connell

Councilman Shawn O’Connell continues his track record of meeting all of his campaign promises and keeping the community informed with his 2016 Rialto Year Update. Councilman O’Connell is the only elected official to who not only worked diligently to make good on what he said on his first run on the good ole campaign trail, he has done everything he promised with a year to spare in his political career.

To top it off Councilman O’Connell one of Rialto’s most influential people in Rialto in 2015 has just released his yearly update for 2016 which you can see below is an update of what is vital to residents, what has been done and what is coming up. Councilman O’Connell normally releases these Press Releases before each area command meeting as a way to give the community an honest and unbiased look at what is vital to the community.

Shawn PR 2016So as we said Councilman O’Connell releases these Press Releases before each Area Command meeting series and tonight kicks off the first Area Command for the South Part of the city.  They will be discussing things to consider during an “Active Shooter” incident. Several Rialto Police Department SWAT officers who responded to the Inland Regional Center incident in San Bernardino will be in attendance and provide insight on their experiences that day.

Join Rialto PD and Various City Department heads this week to get your information for 2016.

Area Command 2016


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