Rialto High Cheerleaders Honored At Rialto City Hall

On Tuesday night the Rialto High School Cheer Squad received recognition for finishing number one for the 4th year in a row at City Hall during the Council Meeting. Rialto High Cheer just placed first at the CheerPros State Championships at the Citizens Bank Arena. They also won a full paid bid to the “Best of the West” Invitational in Long Beach. The Best of the West is on March 6th at CSULB and Nationals is March 18-20th at the Anaheim Convention Center.


The Cheer Team was recognized for their skill and dedication by Mayor Pro Tem Joe Baca Jr.

Most of the players were called up one at a time to receive their individual awards of recognition. There was a bit of an uncomfortable moment as Mayor Pro Tem left out four players who the awards were not printed.

The Team here at Rialto Now would like once again congratulate the team and wish them luck as they take on the Best of The West next month.


Rialto City Treasurer Calls Mayor & City Clerks Events Gift of Public Funds

Newly elected Rialto mayor Deborah Robertson sits down for an interview at her home in Rialto on Friday, Nov. 9, 2012. Robertson made history this November election with becoming Rialto's first black mayor. (Rachel Luna / Staff Photographer)

Newly elected Rialto mayor Deborah Robertson sits down for an interview at her home in Rialto on Friday, Nov. 9, 2012. Robertson made history this November election with becoming Rialto’s first black mayor. (Rachel Luna / Staff Photographer)

What is the given tag line when T.V. cops are looking to find a criminal act? Follow the money. Well the publicly elected person that oversees the cities finances has called a foul on Mayor Deborah Robertson & City Clerk Barbara McGee. Accusations of gifts of public funds and misuse of city employee’s duties has led Edward Carrillo to file a complaint with the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit on the actions of the Mayor and City Clerk when it comes to private events that get thousands of public tax dollars to fund them.

If the mayor had your neighbors roof repaired and repaired their bathrooms would that be a proper use of tax dollars? Below is a snap shot of one of many pages to Edward Carrillo’s complaints to the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit asking for an investigation into these tactics.

Ed Carrillo letter


Edward Carrillo says that the money spent over the years on events like those below were a misuse of public resources for their personal gain or benefit. So in a scramble to make these charges null and void the Mayor is trying to get the city council to call her events city events and not just into the future but PRIOR events as well. Mayor Robertson believes that if she can get two of her colleagues to go along she can skirt the investigation by the public integrity unit. What this has done is force the Mayor, City Clerk and other Council Members to try and cover their tracks.

The sad part is Mayor Robertson is lumping these events geared to promote her in a positive light in the community with real city events that are of a community interest.

State of Women Conference – ($9,000)

Run Around the Rocks – ($1,500) **Now we know why the Mayor skipped the Rialto Police Fallen Officer Memorial 5K

Below are a few of the many REAL public events that Mayor Robertson is using as leverage to get her private events approved. What is sad is in the two events above that shows another $10,500 that could be used to highlight Rialto Athletes or Really make a summer series that people want to attend.

Sports Hall of Fame – is a dynamic recognition ceremony that honors athletes that have brought honor and fame to the City of Rialto. The Athletes recognized range from individuals to championship teams.($3,800)

Summer Series – this event is designed to keep children entertained in a safe, affordable, productive environment during the summer months while school is out. There are combo movies/concert series, as well as other events in the parks with a variety of activities, like “Bark in the Park”, “Sounds of Rialto” and Pool Activities covering May through August.($9,000)

The answer is simple:

  • Mayor Robertson should remove herself from the room as she has a conflict of interest in this item.
  • Council should make a motion to approve all of the events except for the State of Women Conference & Run Around the Rocks
  • Any Council member that try’s to help the mayor avoid a investigation by voting these two events in should be put on notice that this will effect re-elcetion.

Roberto told us “its not fair that the people we elect spend more time trying to hurt us rather than help us.

Cindy said in a quote “I voted for Mayor Robertson as did my family and she not only helped put her opponent back on council but she is doing the same things we expected from him (ed scott)”

Speaking of the election when looking for a photo for this story we stumbled on a story that Josh Dulaney did on the win over Ed Scott.

Robertson didn’t hesitate in saying she will bring a different kind of leadership than Vargas, who had a reputation for being swayed by other council members when it came time to vote.

“There’s a difference between Grace and I,” she said. “Grace was there and Grace was led. I’m there and I’m very comfortable with leading.”

Robertson pledges to bring transparency to City Hall, and says the top priorities are jobs, economic development, a healthy community and open space issues.

How is spending public money on non city events transparency? How are you leading if you are not listening to your colleagues?

Email Drobertson@rialtoca.gov and let the mayor know what you expect out of her as Rialto’s Mayor


Rialto Police Honors 12 Officers for their Promotions At Council Meeting

Police Chief Randy Deanda Sworn in as Rialtos's new top cop photo credit Rialto Network

Police Chief Randy Deanda Sworn in as Rialtos’s new top cop photo credit Rialto Network

As the city moves further into the next chapters of its history the Police Department has also turned a page and moved into a new chapter in providing police services to the community of Rialto. Up until recent history we have looked outside of our own Department and Even County looking for the person that will lead one of our most vital Public Safety agencies. Now as City Council moves to hire the next Police Chief we see yet another strong man coming from within our Police Department ranks. Replacing outgoing Chief Tony Farrar is former Police Captain Randy Deanda a long time officer within the Rialto Police Department. Chief Deanda is a man of strong Character and resides locally but not only since taking the helm but has lived for a long time and raised his family locally so he understands what we as a community are going through. Even though we have not always seen eye to eye Chief Deanda has always been willing to speak to those in the community in his previous roles listen to others opinions. We are lucky to have Randy Deanda as Rialto’s Top Cop.

The full Promotion class photo credit Rialto Network

The full Promotion class photo credit Rialto Network

Another awesome part about Chief Deanda taking the helm is that there was a flurry of Promotions from within our own department twelve sworn promotions. We will start with the Corporals and work our way up, all of these officers are fine people. You will see comments next to some of the names. Some we know a lot about others we only know by the badge they wear on their chest.

Photo from the Rialto Police Promotion Ceremony Photo Credit Rialto Network

Photo from the Rialto Police Promotion Ceremony Photo Credit Rialto Network

Corporal Pouching – Cpl Pouching is a long time officer of Rialto Police Department we know him from his work on Patrol, as a former K9 Officer and most recently as a member of our traffic division a great guy with knowledge to lead the next generation of Police Officer.

Corporal Hince

Corporal Russo on his Police Bike

Corporal Russo on his Police Bike

Corporal Russo – Corporal Russo has been for as long as I can remember one of Rialto’s finest Traffic Cops. He has won multiple awards for his work with Under the Influence drivers and has made himself available to many community groups and our youth to stress the importance of safe driving habits.

Corporal Farmer – Quiet, strong man from a Rialto blood line who’s father is a Former Police Chief, Council member and Mayor. Corporal Farmer most recently was working in the Detectives Division and has been part of closing out some of Rialto’s most notorious Cold Cases.


Sargent Nelson posing for a picture at Rialto's National Night Out with Former Traffic Sargent Shepard

Sargent Nelson posing for a picture at Rialto’s National Night Out with Former Traffic Sargent Shepard

Sergeant Nelson – Sargent Nelson is almost a carbon copy of probably one of our most favorite Police Officers. Sargent Nelson who now oversees the traffic Division was the Corporal that brought the Community Policing vision back to Rialto. When he was tasked with overseeing Community Policing I wondered when he slept. He made himself available what was almost 24/7 he was a valuable resource and a workman to help make residents feel safe and heard. He was the ultimate advocate for the community.
"Sgt. Muir on-duty taking the time to interact with some kids in our community by buying them an ice cream at George's Burger." Photo Credit Rialto PD Facebook

“Sgt. Muir on-duty taking the time to interact with some kids in our community by buying them an ice cream at George’s Burger.” Photo Credit Rialto PD Facebook

Sergeant Muir – Now Sargent Muir has been a Sargent for a few months now but we are not at all upset at him being included in this batch of promotions. Sargent Muir can’t be thanked or honored enough for what he has done for this community. Rialto is a better place because of the hours of dedicated work he has put in. To the criminal he is your worse nightmare, to the child he is a welcomed face in the midst of tragedy and to a victim he is your knight that will work diligently to see that justice is done. Our owner David Phillips tells us stories all the time of this living legend. David has gone on countless ride-a-longs with Sargent Muir when he was a Corporal and tells us how Sargent Muir would adapt to each call effortlessly and seemed to be a master of each situation. Our favorite story is when a local African American community member told Sargent Muir that someone had drawn a swastika in her wet cement and she didn’t notice until it was dry Sargent Muir came to her house on his personal time and patched her driveway. Dedicated Father, Friend, Cop and Solider there is no other like Sargent Muir (Sargent Muir is who we refer to when we’re talking about Sargent Nelson)

Sergeant Balawag 

Sergeant Gerard 

Lieutenant Lane

Lieutenant Smith – Is a great guy with a lot of passion and heart. The former Sargent of the Traffic Division and Risk Management he is a great person to step into this promotion. He is also the new area commander for the northern section of the city. He is probably the best person to fill the shoes of the three people that have held that job before him. Most recently Kathy Thompson, Andy Karol and Craig Crispin. A great promotion and a awesome show to the community that Rialto Police wants to see the Area Command program live on.

Captain Wilson – Another great guy who has a very easy way about him. A former Area Commander and a person that will listen and talk to anyone that asks. He and Captain Karol have always worked so well together they will be an awesome team that helps launch Rialto PD as one of the Top Law Enforcement agencies in California.


Your 2016 Update On The City Care Of Councilman Shawn O’Connell

Councilman Shawn O’Connell continues his track record of meeting all of his campaign promises and keeping the community informed with his 2016 Rialto Year Update. Councilman O’Connell is the only elected official to who not only worked diligently to make good on what he said on his first run on the good ole campaign trail, he has done everything he promised with a year to spare in his political career.

To top it off Councilman O’Connell one of Rialto’s most influential people in Rialto in 2015 has just released his yearly update for 2016 which you can see below is an update of what is vital to residents, what has been done and what is coming up. Councilman O’Connell normally releases these Press Releases before each area command meeting as a way to give the community an honest and unbiased look at what is vital to the community.

Shawn PR 2016So as we said Councilman O’Connell releases these Press Releases before each Area Command meeting series and tonight kicks off the first Area Command for the South Part of the city.  They will be discussing things to consider during an “Active Shooter” incident. Several Rialto Police Department SWAT officers who responded to the Inland Regional Center incident in San Bernardino will be in attendance and provide insight on their experiences that day.

Join Rialto PD and Various City Department heads this week to get your information for 2016.

Area Command 2016


Register Today for the Rialto Police Memorial 5K/3K Run & Save Money

Sign up before January 1st and register for only $35 (plus racewire fee). After January 1st the cost goes up to $40 (plus racewire fee).

Rialto Police Officer Remembrance Day The City of Rialto has declared that January 31st of each year will be “Rialto Police Officer Remembrance Day” to honor those Rialto Police Officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Members of the Rialto Police Department and the Rialto Police Benefit Association are working toward building a permanent memorial to these officers.

On January 30, 2016, we are holding our second annual Memorial 5K & 3K Run/Walk Fundraiser. The monies from this run will help fund the memorial and future Remembrance Day events. Join us on Saturday, January 30, 2016 to partake in this wonderful event. An awards ceremony and festivities will take place after the race.

Location: Ferguson Park, 2395 Sunrise Drive, Rialto, CA Sign-up begins at 6:30 a.m. Race starts at 8:00 a.m. Follow the link to register.

RaceWire Timing has graciously provided Chip-Timed Technology for our event. All paid participants will receive a Finisher Medal and a “Swag Bag.” Medals will be given to Top-Three Finishing Males and Top-Three Finishing Females in the following divisions: Ages 14 & Under, Ages 15 through 54, and Ages 55 and Over. Trophies will be given to the Top-Three Finishing Teams.

If you are unable to run/walk or form a a team for the run/walk, please consider making a donation to help sponsor a participant and/or a team.

Top Three Most Influential People In Rialto 2015

Rialto 2015

Before we move into the three people we will be highlighting we would like to thank the many people that made their voices heard in this poll seeking the community’s input on who impacted Rialto and left a mark that will stand the test of time. These three men all would have been men that I would have chosen as being key to Rialto moving forward in the way that it has.

Police Chief Tony Farrar

Police Chief Farrar is a 34 year veteran of Law Enforcement with 26 of those years were spent right here in Rialto. The Bio below is the best reflection of Chief Farrar’s body of work.

Tony Farrar is chief of the Rialto (CA) Police Department. A police officer for over 30 years, Chief Farrar is a graduate of the California Peace Officers Standards and Training (CA POST) Executive Leadership Command College and the Police Executive Research Forum Senior Management Institute for Police at Boston University. He is also an adjunct instructor through the Coast Community College District.

Chief Farrar holds masters’ degrees in both administration of justice and business administration and a bachelor’s degree in police science. He also graduated from the Police Executive Program at Cambridge University’s Institute of Criminology (United Kingdom) with a master’s degree in criminology in July 2013.

Chief Farrar is a graduate of the CA POST Master Instructor Development Program and a certified trainer in the six different CA POST disciplines. He is also a certified trainer through the California Association of Tactical Officers and the National Tactical Officers Association.

In 2009, Chief Farrar received the CA POST Individual Excellence in Training Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to law enforcement training and encourages innovation, quality, and effectiveness.

Chief Farrar has extensive tactical operations expertise and has shared his knowledge through presentations to law enforcement personnel, community groups, and the private sector throughout California and in other states. He has developed several law enforcement conferences and training venues, and his written materials have been published in both domestic and international publications.

In 2009, Chief Farrar participated in a Homeland Security Training Mission in Israel, training with experts in law enforcement, the military, and the private sector. In 2010, Chief Farrar participated in a Humanitarian Mission to Haiti, assisting with relief efforts and evaluating first response plans.

Most recently, Chief Farrar concluded an extensive yearlong study to evaluate the effect of body-worn video cameras on police use-of-force. This randomized controlled trial represents the first experimental evaluation of body-worn video cameras used in police patrol practices. Cameras were deployed to all patrol officers in the Rialto (CA) Police Department. Every police patrol shift during the 12-month period was assigned to experimental or control conditions. In July 2013, Chief Farrar received the 2013 Award for Excellence in Evidence-Based Policing for this study from the Society of Evidence-Based Policing at the 2013 Conference on Evidence-Based Policing at the University of Cambridge (UK). The award is given annually for outstanding policing research that advances the evidence base in policing and informs police practice.

Chief Farrar is a member of the California Police Chiefs Association, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and the Society of Evidence Based Policing. http://www.policefoundation.org/team_detail/chief-tony-farrar/

On the side of the community I can recall the first time I met Chief Farrar it was in a meeting with his predecessor then Chief Mark Kling and even though I didn’t know it I would come to respect that Captain that terrified me with his silence. Chief Farrar had a REAL open door policy with the community and his department. He never made you feel inferior before him and he worked tirelessly to make Rialto the technological leader in today’s world of policing. Even when you didn’t see eye to eye with Chief Farrar he gave you the respect he wanted in return. He brought back real Community Policing and bridged the gap that existed between the community and our law enforcement agency.

As Chief Farrar retires I wish him the best and Rialto wont be the same without him at the helm.

Council member Shawn O’Connell

Shawn O’Connell has been described in his most recent position as the type of elected official that our forefathers had envisioned when they set up our democracy. A person from the people who served the people. Councilman O’Connell wasn’t always a councilman he also served Rialto Police his last rank was Sergeant. Shawn O’Connell was involved in an accident off duty that left him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Shawn down but far from out worked to regain his strength and became the leader behind the group Voice United and group of people that seeked to demand that our elected officials work and speak for the people. Shawn took the work of advocacy very seriously and was a key part of keeping the city of Rialto from outsourcing police services to the SB Sheriff’s Department. Since December 12th of 2012 Now Councilman O’Connell has worked for the PEOPLE. He went as far as to kick off his campaign after he was sworn in as a Councilmember to give out his Home Phone number here is Shawn’s first words after being sworn into the Rialto City Council as reported by the Pasadena News

“O’Connell described his campaign as a grassroots effort and thanked his supporters. Then he announced his phone number.

“I will not forget that I work for you,” he said.”

Councilman O’Connell has lived by those words standing up for the community even when it went against the fray or ruffled feathers of his fellow members he is here to do the work of the people.

Councilman O’Connell was involved in a series of events where he made the people of Rialto Proud. He participated in the 1st annual Rialto Police Fallen Officer Memorial 5k and formed a team of people that supported our Rialto Police officers. Councilman O’Connell helped bring actual real facts to Rialto voters as the city asked them to approve a measure to raise much needed funds for Rialto’s future. Councilman O’Connell didn’t want the issue to rely on scare tactics but real tangible reasons that Measure W was needed. Councilman O’Connell also is probably the only elected official to come in with a list of things that he would like to see changed in Rialto and he has accomplished all of those issues as he enters the last year of his first term on the Rialto City Council. Councilman O’Connell does so much that lives behind the scenes or out of the public eye because he is not looking to be known by the crowd for what he does but rather in the lives of those his actions touch. In the video below Councilman O’Connell shares a personal story of leaving his mothers funeral at the age of 18 looking out the rear window of the car he was in and saw all the lives that she touched. Well Councilman O’Connell your mother must be smiling down on you from heaven for the life of good work you have done with your 44 years on this planet.

Gino Garcia

We have known Gino Garcia for a few years and though he is at times quiet he is loud with passion and drive for a healthier Rialto. His passion for the health of his community proves why the community chose him as one of the Top Three most Influential people of 2015. We reached out to Gino to learn even more about him and what makes him the man so many people admire. Here is what he wanted to say about why he works so hard to make Rialto a healthier place to work, play and live:

Hello fellow Rialto residents. Thank you for giving me the time to connect and share a bit about myself and the personal mission I have to make Rialto a healthier place to live. My name is Gino Garcia and I have lived in Rialto with my wife and two daughters since 2010. When we moved to Rialto I was in the process of starting my own fitness business and was actively plotting potential cities where I felt my business could thrive. After conducting research and determining there was no type of fitness service or dominant business within Rialto that offered the quality of training and fitness culture I sought to establish and build, I made the decision to launch Vibe Fitness in our city. Aside from the business aspect, it just made sense to improve my own city where my family would be living before going out and improving someone else’s home city.

From day one my personal mission was to create energy, excitement, and enhance the living experience of residents who came into contact with my business. You see, as a United States Marine I understood the power of creating community, culture, and team for the sake of fueling and completing a mission. I knew my passion to help others achieve their personal level of greatness would create something special within Rialto. Since the start of Vibe Fitness in 2012, the mission of making Rialto a healthier place to live has been active and successful thus far. The trend of a healthier Rialto was highlighted in 2015 through several events and program collaborations between city organizations and my business. Two projects that really fueled the healthier Rialto mission were the hosting “Operation Fitness Fury” at Rialto City Park in March and the collaboration between the Rialto Pride Platoon and I.

Operation Fitness Fury attracted over 150 residents from all over the Inland Empire for a morning of health and fitness to promote active and healthy lifestyles. The event consisted of group workouts, giveaways, and the promotion of several wellness organizations within the city. Another highlight was the successful completion of two Rialto Pride Platoon programs throughout 2015 which graduated over 60 high school youth from the program. On a physical and mental level combined, both these projects were key components in the success of making Rialto a healthier place to live in 2015. I am excited what 2016 will bring for our city and I believe strongly in my mission.

The focus for 2016 will be to continue building from the generated momentum that has been created in 2015. The goal will be to attract larger community involvement to wellness events for the sake of enhancing Rialto’s living experience across the entire city. This can be accomplished by working with other wellness organizations and city departments to create massive energy and traction to propel the healthier Rialto mission forward. In addition, it will require residents just like you to get involved either through active participation or support.

I will end by saying that my hope is you will be part of the healthier Rialto mission in 2016 at some capacity. The mission is not just about physical exercise; it’s about improving ALL aspects that make our city what it is. The mindset, pride, loyalty, compassion, and synergy we as residents should have when it comes to our city. The healthier Rialto mission is about us taking charge of our city and working together as residents to enhance the living experience we share. I hope we can meet at some point in 2016; I invite and encourage you to connect with me or my business on the web by visiting the websites below. Happy Holidays!

Blog: www.GinoGarcia.com

Vibe Fitness: www.VFSOCAL.com

In health and strength, Gino Garcia

This effort to find the most influential people in Rialto was an awesome adventure into being able to highlight three awesome men who have one goal in mind make Rialto better for you the community. All three have one thing in mind that we need to be reminded of. Each man has at one or more times wore a uniform and swore an oath to protect the people and freedom that makes America the country we call home. The staff here at Rialto Now thank the community for choosing these three men and giving us the honor of highlighting them in this special way.

Before we close out this post we would also like to thank the many other people on the poll for what they have done big or small to make an impact on Rialto. It is people like you that show the upcoming generation how vital it is to stand and advocate for your community and its people.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.


Let’s Talk Community Radio Show Will Have Guest Cpl Marquez On The Radio

Cpl Marquez

David Phillips will sit down with one of Rialto’s finest public safety officers and we learn how to be safe this holiday season and other great things in store for the Community of Rialto. Listen to the show and find out all the upcoming news, retirements and new promotions. Also hear about what Rialto Police added to the Terrorist attack on San Bernardino last week.

Watch live at www.kcaaradio.com or listen at AM 1050 or FM 106.3 or FM 106.5

Like the Facebook page for the video podcast and other updates on what is going on in the Inland Empire https://www.facebook.com/inlandcommunity/

Coffee with Congressional Candidate Paul Chabot

What’s On Tap For This Weeks City Council Meeting Tuesday November 10th


Hello Rialto Now readers as the year begins to draw to a close there is still plenty to keep our eyes on when it comes to the cast of characters known as the Rialto City Council. This weeks meeting is full of tasty little nuggets that are important for you to know about:

There are 8 presentations and proclamations here are the ones who stand out:

Proclamation-Small Business Saturday-Mayor Deborah Robertson – Not sure what Mayor Robertson knows about Small Business when she spends more time with big corporations like Wal-Mart.

Proclamation-Purple Heart City-Mayor Deborah Robertson – Looks like this is a way to honor a select few Purple Heart Veterans who support her as Mayor.

Proclamation-Law Enforcement Records and Support Personnel Day Mayor Deborah Robertson – Not sure when our Mayor began to LIKE our police

Resolution-Veterans Wall of Freedom-Council Member Ed Palmer – Not sure what this is but it may mean a Veterans Wall in Rialto.

Presentation-Excellence in Law Enforcement Research Award from International Associations of Chiefs of Police-Captain Randy DeAnda – The last award from the glory days.

Presentation-2015 CNN Heroes Award-Kim Carter Time for Change Foundation – This presentation upsets me because Mrs. Carter isn’t a resident here in Rialto her business is in San Bernardino and she has been all over the place talking about how this award and the potential $100,000 payoff is for a program for San Bernardino, made in San Bernardino she never references any other community.


Request City Council to Approve Resolution No. 6846 to Establish a New Full-Time Classification of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Establish the Basic Compensation Rate. Eliminate the Part-Time EMT Classification from the City’s List of Approved Classifications.


TAB2 Request City Council to Approve the Community Services Department Athletic Field and Allocation Policy.

This is the Policy that the Recreation Commision and the City Council have been kicking back and forth leaving youth sports programs in the lurch.

TAB3 Request City Council to Consider Amendment No. 4 to Employment Agreement between the City of Rialto and Michael Story, City Administrator for changes to be effective from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2017.

Looks like Mike Story is going to be made whole again after giving up a lot what we don’t understand is where is all this money coming from?

TAB8 Request City Council to Ratify the Termination of the Contract Services Agreement with Commercial Cleaning Systems and Approve a Professional Services Agreement with ABM in the Amount of $23,728.13 Per Month Not To Exceed Five Months for a total of $118,610.66 for Janitorial Services and an additional $31,359.37 for Consumable Supplies.

Yet another attempt to find someone that can clean up after the filth our local elected officials leave behind. 

TAB10 Request City Council to receive and file a status update on the Concession Agreement Water and Wastewater Capital Improvement Program; provide direction to staff as appropriate. approving staff to return in February 2015 with a status update on the Concession Agreement Water and Wastewater Capital Improvement Program for the next three months.

Here is yet another opportunity for the Gang of four to try and save the poor water deal that they threw us into. Last time they met Ed Scott said he wanted to not charge the public the next scheduled rate increase but we know he was just saying that he really doesn’t care about the rate payers. What is scary is that were bringing in massive amounts of large developments and we have done ZERO to upgrade our old overtaxed system why are they letting Rialto Water Services get away with this? Well its because four of the five elected leaders have taken money from the Rialto Water Services gang and now they need to pay it back in the form of FAVORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regular Meeting Tuesday November 10th at 6pm

#bluelivesmatter & #alllivesmatter Rally Brings Attention To Public Safety Issues


Blue Lives Matter 8 signs

Just over 100 people from all areas and walks of life converged on the Intersection of Redlands Blvd & Orange Street on October 9th. The event was organized by the Redlands Tea Party Patriots but there were people from all walks of life, professions and areas of the Inland Empire. Many of the people that were active members of the Tea Party Group were happily surprised to see so many old and new people.

Police Officer comes out to personally thank the people for coming to the rally.

Police Officer comes out to personally thank the people for coming to the rally.

The #bluelivesmatter & #alllivesmatter rally was the brain child of Redlands residents Richard and Joann Marshall, was organized by the Redlands Tea Party Patriots with help from Gregory Britttain.

Richard and Joann Marshall told the Redlands Daily Facts the following:

“When we saw Black Lives Matter start marching and having rallies, every time they held a rally, somewhere in the United States another police officer was ambushed and murdered,” Richard Marshall said. “We thought it was time to do something in Southern California to bring attention — that all lives matter and especially police lives because without them we’d have anarchy.”

More people quoted by by the Redlands Daily Facts:

Delia Fontanes of Redlands said she participated in the rally to show support for law enforcement.

“Normally when I see a police officer I walk up to him or her to thank them for their service,” she said while holding a “Blue Lives Matter” sign and holding an American flag.

Debbie Holley participated in the rally holding signs in support of Redlands police Cpl. Kyle Alexander and Officer Chris Mead.

“We’re just praying for them and supporting them,” Holley said.

What was awesome to see was the large amount of Police Cruisers that drove through the intersection to get a taste of the positive vibes being tossed their way. There were also off duty officers from other local agencies and sheriff’s departments. Also in attendance was Paul Chabot the founder of Drug Free CA out supporting the cause and the local officers. Paul said “It’s time we show the officers that out on the uniform that we appreciate what they do.”

Another surprise was the only elected official out showing support wasn’t a Redlands Council Member it was Rialto’s own Shawn O’Connell. Councilman O’Connell told the Redlands Daily Facts:

Blue Lives Matter 3 reporter

“One thing people don’t realize is these officers put on the uniform and the bulletproof vest every day knowing there’s a very good chance someone is going to come up and shoot them from behind and they’re going to leave their families fatherless,” O’Connell said. “They do it because of the profession and because they want to make a difference. There is a silent majority and it’s about time people start speaking up.”

Blue Lives Matter 4

With the event being put together by the Redlands Tea Party group Councilman O’Connell told Rialto Now:

“For me this is not about politics! As a former Police Sergeant I attended this function as a private citizen supporting Law Enforcement. They are the ones who put on a uniform every day to protect us – America. They do so knowing full well that they may not be returning home that night. When officers are assassinated in the street their children are forced to attend their funerals, I say enough is enough. This is not about liberals or Conservatives or Democrats and Republicans it’s about the men and women who put on that uniform. Are there problems within dome police departments? The answer is yes, as there is within any organization. Things have to change within law enforcement, within our society, within the family structure and within our government. The concern I have is that we have reached a point where officers are being assassinated in the street and not enough people are getting involved. The next step is the complete breakdown of social rules, which will ultimately lead to the suffering of socirty. Don’t you remember 9/11 when both the Police & Fire ran toward the Twin Towers? When they did so regardless of the safety for their own lives? How did we get to the point of killing officers just for wearing a uniform – 14 years later? That is why I was out there that night waving an American Flag. Not to support any political group or cause. I was there proudly to support the men & women of Law Enforcement.”

Blue Lives Matter 1

Councilman O’Connell’s response was to a Oped written and published in the Redlands Daily Facts where Advisory Board Member Peter Coonradt lays a heavy line of politics to shadow the great event that was to honor our Public Safety officers. Mr. Coonradt said the following:

“Once again the Redlands Tea Party Patriots have demonstrated that they’re not part of the solution, they’re part of the problem. I’m referring to the manner in which they promoted their sponsorship of the Blue Lives Matter rally downtown. I have the highest regard for the Redlands Police Department and law enforcement generally.”

Then he goes off and Quotes a Redlands Tea Party Member but doesn’t tell you where he gets this quote?

“John Berry, RTPP cabinet member, is quoted in the Facts saying, “…but unfortunately the left has tried to take advantage of some unfortunate incidents and turned it into a political crusade against the police.” The “unfortunate incidents” Mr. Berry refers to include unarmed black men being shot, choked and beaten to death in clear violation of police protocol.”

We looked at the other story we originally quoted and couldn’t find any such mention. Looks like Mr. Coonradt is trying really hard to make a moment happen that didn’t. The crowd was very diverse and included people from all over the Inland Empire. I think that pictures and first hand testimonials should speak for themselves. I applaud the Redlands Tea Party for making this happen since many other cities have not planned any events to counter act the negative hate speech by the #blacklivesmatter group. We will end this post with a comment by a Mr. Ken Hunter on this issue:

The Blue Lives Matter rally last week was nothing other than supporting our Redlands police department. The author here assumes it was a rally against someone or some group. Here is the section that is outrageous and slanderous in away that is not funny and meant to hurt people. The author says..”.If only the Redlands Tea Party Patriots had reached out with a welcoming hand to Redlanders all across the political spectrum to show support for the professionals who look out for all of us every day, instead of unfairly demonizing people who call attention to racism, and work to end it.”

Many veterans, current and former police officers, Redlands business owners and even city council members from other cities took part in the event. Who exactly did the Redlands Tea Party demonize? The event was open to the public and everyone welcome, so exactly who did not get invited? There really were only about 11 people I know from the Redlands Tea Party at the event. There were about 28 people from some group called “Oath Keepers” there. A City Councilman from Rialto was there. Some Redlands residents heard about the event and wanted to participate and it was great to meet so many new faces.
The author assumes somehow that the event was a Tea Party event. It was not. It was actually scheduled and sponsored by someone else altogether. Because it was an open event, RTTP posted it to their members as a positive cause for the community that they agreed with and some of them showed up. Somehow the author further assumed that everyone there was with RTTP. Not true. Looks like someone on the RDF advisory board just fell out of the wrong side of the spin room again.




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