Local Leader Says “Time To Act Is Now”

In all of the turmoil since the latest officer involved actions in 2014 one local leader calls for his colleagues and the media to ACT NOW in response to the rise in the war on police officers in the united states. Councilman Shawn O’Connell from the city of Rialto penned a statement that will make you think about the men and women that keep us safe in this country. (See Below)


I agree with Councilman O’Connell and wish people would take a step back and help our police. When our police feel supported and understood they feel more comfortable to do their jobs extremely well. Also the trend of holding court on the street with a cop is a poor choice. Police officers are not the lawyers, judges or jury they are a protection and information source for our legal system. As community leaders and media sources we need to do more than a simple call for calm and turn down the rhetoric.


The first Council Meeting of 2014 will address big issues

Welcome everyone to 2014 lets start it off with a massive council meeting! Tonight the city council will address among other things the cities first quarter budget, items with the closure of the Airport and weather to replace the City Attorney Jimmy Gutierrez or keep him. The city attorney issue was supposed to be dealt with in 2013 but with allegiances forming on one side or another and the tragic accident of Councilman Shawn O’Connell this issue was pushed into January.

Reading Councilman O’Connell’s twitter account it doesn’t appear that their will be an easy choice.

“Still recovering but will be attending tonight’s City Council meeting. Hopefully the city attorney position will be decided tonight.”

Follow Councilman O’Connell at https://twitter.com/Shawn4Rialto

With so many important decisions being made today many local community groups and organizations are looking to drive home the importance of the community getting involved and learning more about what is going on in their city government.

If you can’t attend you can follow along with us as we tweet out the hot topics via twitter just follow www.tiatter.com/rialtosnow we tweet it under the hashtag #RialtoCityCouncil