Rialto PD Effort to remove Synthetic Drugs From Local Smoke Shop Shelves

Local Store shelf where Synthetic drugs are sold

Local Store shelf where Synthetic drugs are sold

More “SPICE” examples showing the cartoon characters used and bright colored packaging.

After too many close calls with our teens and young adults finding themselves being hospitalized. Rialto Unified Staff, Flores Park Neighborhood Watch, Councilman Shawn O’Connell, Community members and Rialto Police Department partnered together to eliminate the ease of access to Synthetic drugs known under the names “SPICE” or “BATH SALTS” on shelves of local liquor stores and smoke shops.

These drugs are marketed in packaging using cartoon characters and bright colors.


Picture of actual "SPICE"

Picture of actual “SPICE”

More “SPICE” examples showing the cartoon caractars used and bright colored packaging.
More "SPICE" examples showing the cartoon characters used and bright colored packaging.

More “SPICE” examples showing the cartoon characters used and bright colored packaging.

They also reach out by claiming to be manmade Marijuana, but this is far from the truth the chemicals used to create the drug are unregulated and much worse than the very harmful and dangerous Marijuana.

People using this drug for the first time find themselves with symptoms like those in a heart attack patient and find themselves going into cardiac arrest.

Please join us tomorrow Tuesday January 8th at 6:00pm at City Hall city council meeting for the Spice Update – RPD Community Liaison Officer – Cameron Nelson


Press Release From Rialto PD on Synthetic Drug Actions

Press Release From Rialto PD on Synthetic Drug Actions

In Response to the San Bernardino Sun Editorial Board



Sun Editorial Staff:

The problems with Rialto and its budget are as follows.

  1. We refuse to make the right cuts, the needed cuts. We have attacked employee units that actually work for Rialto and ones that the community needs to function as a city. The city has sold off our water and waste water systems, attacked our fire and police & shut down city offices so much it virtually impossible to get anything done in a timely fashion. They changed graffiti contractors leaving residents in the lurch and at the mercy of resident gangs allowing them to re root in Rialto and add their tags to our walls and electric boxes. City hall refuses to tell the residents what our Mayor, City Clerk, City Attorney and other dept heads make. Our new mayor has already failed to reach out and be open with the public there are rumors swirling that she has ordered new paint and carpet for her office and is asking the city to waste tax dollars on sending her to Washington DC for a Mayors conference and to attend President Obama’s second swearing in, REALLY.
  2. The city became extremely way to comfortable with RDA funding which led to lazy council members ignoring the ugly business culture that is Rialto. We attract 99 cent stores, Walgreens, smoke shops, liquor stores, indoor swap meets and cash for gold businesses. It was an act of God to get our In&Out moving forward which according to In&Out is still in limbo. Fresh and Easy opened here but the latest word is that the company is abandoning the store concept which means yet another empty store front coming our way.
  3. Wasting time on failed projects that have further damaged our city:
    1. The city allowed Ron Phariss and his Lytle Creek Project to take up valuable council time, run our golf course and country club into ruin and create a riff between residents of the city and county areas. If Ron Phariss wants to build his development he needs to get going or get out.
    2. Wal-Mart claims they want a super center here in Rialto but they refuse to show the people of Rialto that they can operate a clean professional retail business in the Inland Empire. Wal-Mart hires lazy sloppy security for their parking lots and their staff remains rude and not helpful. Why would we welcome the super center if they can’t even offer Rialto residents a quality retail establishment at their current location? Also what happens to the old store once the super center is open, one more ugly vacant building for the homeless to destroy and gangs to tag up.
    3. The corner of Cactus and Foothill we have yet another gas station/carwash opening up even though there is a vacant falling apart carwash just east of this location. Where was the city leadership allowing another business to fall apart and become an ugly scar on our city and approve the same business to make a similar mistake just down the street?

Current council members and Mayor Robertson need to show us they are serious about working for the community and not just their own personal agendas. Joe Baca Jr. needs to focus on all areas of the cities not just parks. Mayor Robertson needs to figure out what she is doing and get back out into the community like she did when running for Mayor. She played a lot of us for fools by allowing us to think we would have an open line of communication with our Mayor if she was elected. Lets all hope that Councilman Elect Shawn O’Connell has the mental stamina to work in this council and see some positive forward progress. He is a man of strong character and has shown he wants to know and do the WILL OF THE PEOPLE. He has offered his home phone number 909-429-1138 his email address Shawn4Rialto@hotmail.com and he is even learning to use twitter to reach out to residents in every way possible Twitter.com/Shawn4Rialto. We must extend the Utility Users Tax in March, bring in new business to rialto, finish off half done projects and better utilize people in the community that have a desire to help make Rialto a better place to live.

The SB SUn article is below:

Editorial: Rialto must fight financial crisis by taking action

Posted:   01/03/2013 04:31:11 PM PST

OUR VIEW: Talks to rein in costs in Rialto need to give way to action, and the sooner the better.

It’s been almost three years since the Rialto City Council was warned that the city was facing its own serious financial crisis, potentially on par with the disaster that led to San Bernardino’s bankruptcy.

But rather than begin an aggressive campaign to trim costs and address a current $7.6 million budget deficit, the city seems more focused on convincing voters to approve extending a utility user tax set to expire in June.

Meanwhile, the city continues to spend its reserves to maintain services at current levels.

That sounds all too much like the scenario that played out in San Bernardino, where city officials depleted reserves and began borrowing from restricted funds to keep up with costs rather than make necessary cuts.

The situation in Rialto is dire – with its reserves expected to drop to $7 million by July, the budget stands to take an $11 million hit next year if voters reject the utility users tax during a special election in March.

Extending the utility tax in Rialto, keep in mind, won’t resolve the city’s ongoing structural deficit, the result of a sluggish economy and escalating personnel costs. The utility tax is a stop-gap that for now prevents the city from digging a deeper hole.

To be fair, Rialto has found some ways to cut costs, such as leaving vacancies unfilled and partnering with nearby
police agencies on some special services such as SWAT and helicopter patrols.

Such cost-savings measures have not been enough to balance the city’s books, however. And, if voters refuse to continue paying an 8 percent tax on their utility bills, the city’s General Fund will take a huge hit. The $11 million in revenue generated by the tax accounts for 22 percent of the General Fund, the city says.

Leaders at City Hall have said they expect to begin negotiating with labor groups to further reduce personnel costs, and there is some talk about restructuring the organization.

Those talks need to give way to action, and the sooner the better.

Those who live and work in Rialto need look no further than nearby San Bernardino for a cautionary tale about leaders who wait too long to take action. Residents who will be asked to continue paying an 8 percent tax on their utility bills deserve to know how the city is going to cut costs before handing over anymore of their own money.

“SPOTLIGHT” with potential Rialto City Council Canidate Angel Molina

Well to round out 2012 I felt it fitting that we end with a “SPOTLIGHT”. These interviews have become a favorite of our readers and have been attracting a more diverse reader base as well as ADVERTISERS. We hope to have a strong advertising base in 2013 to give us more ability to do MORE…..

Angel Molina and I came in contact towards the end of the election for November 2012. Angel made an awesome graffic for then Rialto City Council Canidate Shawn O’Connell (see below). After the election we put a Poll Question on our Facebook Page asking who the community who they felt should fill the council seat left vacant by Deborah Robertson’s win for mayor. Angel did somthing quite bold, instead of picking one of the existing names he chose to throw his hat into the ring.

Created by Angel Molina for Councilman Shawn O'Connell during the November 2012 election.

Created by Angel Molina for Councilman Shawn O’Connell during the November 2012 election.

I wondered why so I invited him to do a “SPOTLIGHT” and to tell you the truth I was rather impressed and I know you will be too.

Angel Molina

Angel Molina tell us a little bit about yourself and how you found yourself in Rialto?

Where do I start (smiles), I was born at Loma Linda University Medical Center, at 9:30ish p.m. in September, 1979. My Parents lived in Rialto at the time and I lived in the city until I was about two or three years old. We moved to Fontana, which is a hop skip and a jump away (laughs). I went through the Fontana Unified School District System.  Graduated from (Fontana) (Azariel Blanchard Miller) or also known as A.B. Miller High School, although I lived in Fontana I was always throughout the Rialto, Colton and San Bernardino area visiting family.

I attended Chaffey Community College for Business, in 1998 when I graduated, but had to postpone college due to a family tragedy of my pop’s (father) becoming blind. I found a job at the Fontana California Speedway. Continued helping my parents out, we moved back to Rialto in 1999, which is where I currently reside. Kind of neat because I live about 2 ½ to 3 blocks away from the house I was brought home to when I was born. (Smiles).

I worked as an Event Manager from 1998 to 2006; I ran the events for the Fontana California Speedway.  I worked countless events overseeing hundreds if not thousands of people. I was in the 2000 National Democratic Convention riot in Los Angeles CA. I have been stabbed twice and shot three times in the line of security duty. I worked as an Operations Manager for a Private Patrol company. My background is mostly in Sales, Marketing, Event Management, Risk Management, and Graphic Design.

I am currently finishing a Degree in Information Technology, Network Security.

*Do you belong to any clubs or charitable organizations?

I was a formal member of the Riverside Treasure Hunters Club.

Work part time at City of Riverside Information Technology Client Services which deals with the Smart Riverside Community program.

I’m part of a study club that gets together once a week at school, that focuses on the Comp TIA A+, N+, CCNA, CCNP, Certification courses, and Photoshop design work.

*What would you consider a fun relaxing day?

I love hanging out with my wife, Mom, Brother and Sister. My wife Gina is my best friend; we have been married for 5 years now, (laughs) I know to some of the readers that may not be too long.

I enjoy life, taking walks, reading a good book, playing video games with nephews and nieces. Going to my Tia’s house and hearing her stories about the old days. I even enjoy going to the swap meets and seeing what new and cool “stuff” people are selling.

I do miss one thing… that’s talking with my Pop’s (father). (Tears up) we lost him last October (head down). It has been tough, and it’s really true you never know what you have until it is gone. He was a great guy; I miss his advice and just the way he would word things.

*On our Face Book Page Facebook/RialtoNow you added yourself as an option to be considered for the open appointed seat on Rialto City Council. What brought you to desire to sit on our Council?

I enjoy politics; I really have a passion for helping people out, and actually making a difference in a person’s life. I believe that I can make a positive change for the Rialto People, and overall in “our” Community that we live in. I have noticed it’s as if the morals are missing from people, I believe not just me as an individual; but the people of Rialto should do something to make it a bit easier, more enjoyable for us to live. I am big on education, training, and safety.

*What do you do now and what have you done in your past that you feel would make you the ideal candidate for city council?

I’m like every other person in Rialto; I am just a person who believes in attempting to make a difference in others’ lives.

In the end it’s not about the fame or fortune it’s about attempting to do my best, doing what is right, for the People of Rialto, and definitely working as a team.

I feel. NO I believe I can make a difference, if given the chance and opportunity to help Rialto City Council.

(Laughs) I can’t do worse than some have done in the past.

*Have you ever run for any political office before?

No sir, this will be my first time running for elected office, but not the first time I ran for something. While attending high school at (Fontana) A.B. Miller, I did run for Graphic Club, Vice President my junior year and won.

I also ran for Chess Club President at Sequoia Middle School (Fontana) eight grade year and won, (smiles) but believe me there wasn’t much competition for that election.

*You appeared to be a strong supporter of our newest council member Shawn O’Connell. What brought you to choose to support him?

I like what Mr. O’Connell stands for, I find myself with similar beliefs. He has a strong grasp of what needs to be dealt with. Mr. O’Connell has a great belief in positive change, for the greater good of our community. A few great pro-active points Mr. O’Connell has stated:

Provide meaningful utility subsidies to struggling seniors and continue to expand affordable senior housing units”.

Ask banks to work with home and business owners faced with foreclosure.”

Promote strict code enforcement to ensure that abandoned properties are well maintained.”

Secure job training funds from area corporations, as well as state and federal agencies. “

Build public-private partnerships to provide after-school recreation, job readiness and college-prep programs.”

Continue to provide safe, affordable water to Rialto residents and to promote conservation.”

Maintain our small-town sense of community even as we grow to almost 100,000 residents.”

S. O’Connell, 2012, http://shawn4rialto.com/issues


*One conversation you started was on having a Food Truck Event here in Rialto. What is the driving force behind your desire to bring this event to Rialto? What effect do you believe Food Trucks will have on the local brick and mortar restaurants in the area?

Having a once in a while event take place in Rialto would be fun for the residents. Whether it would be a food truck festival or even a local restaurant festival would be a good thing for our community. It would bring family and friends closer; it would give that small town aura vibe back. Also if a local community restaurant would like to participate as well, that would be great.

If you look at the turn outs for car shows and holiday events that the city creates, there are some good turn outs. Family oriented involvement where the parents may talk and share a few laughs, and the children may have a good time and enjoy good food.

*What is your take on Revenue by tax increases or new taxes vs. attracting new business to bring new Revenues into the city?

New Business, development and or redevelopment project creates a vital cycle for a proper benefit in growth for our community. Ultimately the goal for attracting new business would have to coincide with some form of tax incentive. It is a fine line between tax increase for higher revenue and attempting to attract new business. However in this being addressed I believe a temporary incentive that deals with a form of evaluation with in the development of a business. For example if the business creates new employment for local residents, participates with city and school programs, then some form of Taxation may be modified.

I was researching a http://ci.sterling.il.us/tif.cfm

*What is your overall take on Safety in the City of Rialto? What if anything do you see is broken and how would you fix it? What do you see as our strengths?

I feel safe in Rialto; the officers that I know of are very proactive. With the neighborhood watch program that is in place, and the taskforce divisions that are in place within the city; our police department is on top of things.

As far as what I see broken; I know the officers are in need of a new station. I support our city police department in any way possible, it would be good to see a new up to date station.

Unfortunately where ever you go there will be negative elements. It’s the inevitable, however by staying on top of areas of known criminal activity, possible tougher policies, procedures for curfew, and or truancy should be an important factor as well.

Communication is a great strength to have when it comes to law enforcement. I have read countless times about Rialto Police working with other local departments.


Cheryl Brown HEADER


Assemblymember Cheryl R. Brown (D-San Bernardino) was sworn-in locally at the San Bernardino County Government Center in San Bernardino on Friday, December 21. The ceremony was attended by 200 supporters, local elected officials, friends and family members.

Cheryl Brown4

Assemblymember Brown represents the 47th Assembly District, which includes San Bernardino, Rialto, Colton, Fontana, Bloomington, Muscoy, and Grand Terrace.

Cheryl Brown5

The Honorable Wilmer Amina Carter, State Legislature (Ret.), served as the Mistress of Ceremonies. The presentation of the colors was presented by Carter High School’s JROTC, led by Colonel Dave Moreland. The program featured special remarks from San Bernardino County Supervisor Janice Rutherford, Second District, Mayor Acquanetta Warren, City of Fontana, Mayor Deborah Robertson, City of Rialto, and longtime San Bernardino community activist, Lois Carson. A special performance was given by jazz saxophonist, J. Boykin, and the oath of office was administered by San Bernardino County Supervisor, Josie Gonzales, Chair of the Board of Supervisors.

Mayor Pete Aguilar, City of Redlands, Mayor Deborah Robertson, City of Rialto, Trustee Mary Jane Sanchez, College of the Desert Board, Assemblywoman Cheryl R. Brown, 47th District, Assemblyman Jose Medina, 61st District, and Trustee Denise Fleming, Ed.D., Moreno Valley Unified School District were honored at the San Bernardino County Democratic Party reception for newly elected and continuing Democratic officials.

Mayor Pete Aguilar, City of Redlands, Mayor Deborah Robertson, City of Rialto, Trustee Mary Jane Sanchez, College of the Desert Board, Assemblywoman Cheryl R. Brown, 47th District, Assemblyman Jose Medina, 61st District, and Trustee Denise Fleming, Ed.D., Moreno Valley Unified School District were honored at the San Bernardino County Democratic Party reception for newly elected and continuing Democratic officials.

During her remarks, Assemblywoman Brown spoke about the economic uncertainty faced by the newly drawn 47th Assembly District. She emphasized the need to work together as a community to effect change. “In order to make our vision a reality, we need to work together,” said Assemblywoman Brown. “I have already begun the process of moving forward to accomplish common goals by meeting with mayors of San Bernardino, Colton, Rialto, Fontana, and Grand Terrace.”


Brown stated that her vision is to ensure that everyone works together in the 47th District to prepare skilled and educated workers for employment as we improve and create economic opportunities and development. She spoke about the history of the Inland Empire reflecting on its prosperity and optimism. Ultimately, her vision is to see the district thrive.


Assemblywoman Brown has made economic development (jobs and business), education and public safety her top priorities. She said her plan is to continue to meet with educational, labor, business, community groups, as well as, elected officials in the district to generate new ideas, regulatory and legislative solutions that will promote educational opportunities and economic growth in the 47th District.


For more information, contact (916) 319-2047 or (909) 645-3853.

Santa Comes To Rialto

Watch Santa come in from the sky on a helicopter.


Flores Park Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Flores Park


We will be meeting this Saturday at firestation 203 on Ayala Ave for a Neighborhood Watch Meeting
Join the event on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/events/474866402555996/
We will be discussing the following:
Importance of the UUT (Utility Users Tax)
Holiday Safety
Looking for additional leadership
Special Guests in attendance:
Cpl Rob Muir – Current and long standing Rialto PD Liason for Flores Park Neighborhood Watch
Community Liason Officer Cameron Nelson – In a new position within Rialto PD in an effort to bring the community and PD closer and help residents with interior problems. Also he will have a holiday Safety Presentation.
Lt Andy Karol – New Area Commander for Area 1 great leader and he is a strong supporter of the community and Neighborhood Watch Programs
Councilman Elect Shawn O’Connell – Great new addition to the city council and strong supporter of the Neighborhood Watch Program
Since the Meeting will be at the firestation we would invite residents to bring a new unwrapped toy to the meeting for the “SPARK OF LOVE TOY DRIVE”
Please invite your freinds and family even if they dont live in the flores park area all are welcome.
David Phillips
NW Captain
Flores Park Area

Perchlorate Settlement News

In response to this article below by Ryan Hagen I reached out to now former Councilman Ed Scott that has been the lead person for Rialto on the perchlorate cleanup settlements. Here is his email statement on this issue:

The settlement announced by the US EPA is important for several reasons not discussed in the Sun Newspaper. The 50 million announced is just part of the overall settlement. This settlement will bring 4.7 million directly to Rialto along with the $500,000 in the PSI settlement and end the appeals against the County. Rialto settlement bring another 4 million In total this brings 9.2 million dollars which will used by Rialto to refund perchlorate surcharges to Rialto’s water users who have been bay the surcharge for the last 10 years. For my household for example this would mean up to an $879.00 refund to my family. Additionally with this settlement in December the City Council will be able to end the perchlorate surcharge on your water bill.

More importantly this will bring a clean up of our water basin to be paid for by responsible parties. The combination of the County clean up system and the Emhart system will cost the parties over 110 million dollars.

This is a huge victory for Rialto and its residents as the council member who has dedicated a great deal of my time on these settlements I thank the Council for having the faith in me to accomplish these settlements. Their persistence and courage is something the residents should be proud of.

As I say good bye to the City Council and its residents I Am proud to be able to say we are done with the perchlorate litigation.

Ed Scott

Mayor Pro Tem

What came out in the Sun Newspaper today has the possibility to be troubling due to the current fears over revenues in a city struggling to remain afloat. Here are the apparent comments from city staff according to the SUN:

According to city documents, the elimination of the surcharge will reduce the scheduled Jan. 1 monthly water rate from $46.59 to $35.54, for the “typical single family residence.”

The surcharge elimination will cut revenues by roughly $892,000 for the remainder of fiscal 2012-13, according to city staff.

Read more: http://www.sbsun.com/ci_22160115/rialto-new-city-council-ready-roll-perchlorate-surcharge#ixzz2Eg3hJGKz

Whatever the case NOW is the time to get involved in the issues plaguing our city, the time of sitting idly by not getting involved are gone. If Rialto is REALLY your home and you want to see it succeed YOU must get involved. There are many ways to get involved if you don’t know how contact us here by emailing rialtonw@aol.com and we will help you plug in.


EPA, companies reach agreement over contaminated water at Rialto Superfund site

Ryan Hagen, Staff Writersbsun.com

Posted:   12/05/2012 12:23:18 PM PST

RIALTO – Nine companies and the Defense Department have agreed to pay about $50million to clean 160 acres of contaminated water, a milestone in a lawsuit with decades-long roots.The Environmental Protection Agency, one of the parties in the suit to clean the B.F. Goodrich Superfund Site, announced Wednesday that it had made an agreement with Emhart Industries, Pyro Spectaculars and others it considers responsible for perchlorate and trichloroethylene that caused the closure of drinking wells in Rialto and Colton.

“We now have a commitment from companies to fund the cleanup and the companies – the parties – rather than the residents of Rialto or Colton or the federal government are paying for cleanup work at the site,” said Wayne Praskins, the EPA’s project manager for the site. “It also helps ensure a safe, dependable supply of drinking water for residents in the area.”

The agreement, filed Tuesday, gives responsibility for the first portion of cleanup to Emhart Industries, which bought a company that reportedly released perchlorate – a chemical that may disrupt the thyroid’s ability to produce hormones needed for normal growth – as it manufactured flares and other pyrotechnics during the 1950s at the Rialto site.

Emhart and other settling parties – the Defense Department and more than six companies – will pay whatever that costs, estimated at $43million. Rialto and Colton will split $8million, with Rialto getting slightly more, according to attorney Danielle Sakai of Best Best & Krieger in Riverside, who represents Colton in the suit.

That will cover 30 years of designing, building and operating groundwater wells, treatment systems and other equipment that will first stop the spread of perchlorate and trichloroethylene – TCE, an industrial cleaning solvent that may damage the nervous system, liver and lungs if ingested or breathed, according to the agreement.

“The cleanup will probably continue for decades because the science of groundwater is once pollutants get into the groundwater, it takes a long time to get them out,” Praskins said. “Once the cleanup facilities are built and start operating, at that point we will have stopped any further spread.

“That’s our short-term goal. The goal is to clean it up to the point that water can be used at some point in the future without having to clean it further.”

Rialto and Colton, which had sued the companies in 2004, joined the agreement and called it a large victory that would lead to others.

“This is a long, hard fight that was all about getting clean drinking water for Colton residents,” said Sakai. “This is something that has been going on for a long time, and we’re pleased that we’re working our way toward a resolution.”

The agreement follows another in March that requires payment of a combined $4.3million to the EPA by Pyro Spectaculars Inc. and other companies.

The EPA initially listed five parties – Emhart, PSI, Ken Thompson Inc., Chung Ming Wong and B.F. Goodrich – as responsible for decades of potentially hazardous waste dumped at the site when it made it eligible for federal funding by adding it to the EPA National Priorities List in 2009.

B.F. Goodrich is the largest company that still has not made an agreement, but negotiations are in the “details” phase and should be finalized within months, Praskins said.

ryan.hagen@inlandnewspapers.com, 909-386-3916, @sbcitynow

Read more: http://www.sbsun.com/ci_22130014/more-than-50-million-settlement-reached-contamination-superfun.html#ixzz2EIrqAg6x

Swearing in & Reception Ceremony City of Rialto

Below is a invitation from the newest member of Rialto’s City Council Shawn O’Connell. If you can’t make the reception and meeting watch the council meeting its somthing I know you will enjoy.
Councilman Elect Shawn O'Connell

Councilman Elect Shawn O’Connell

Good morning,
I just wanted to extend an invitation to my swearing in ceremony that will take place on December 11, 2012.
Reception (food/drink);
When:   Dec 11, 2012 4-6pm
Where:  Rialto Library
              251 W 1st St
              Rialto, 92376
Swearing In;

When:    Dec 11, 2012 6pm
Where:  Rialto City Council
              150 S Palm Ave
              Rialto, 92376
      (Note: walking distance from Library. Both events are open to the public).
If you are available, I would love to share this moment with you.
Shawn O’Connell

Assemblymember-Elect Cheryl R. Brown Says Small Business Growth and Job Creation are Necessary in the 47th AD

Assemblymember-Elect Cheryl Brown introduces herself to Frank, the store owner of Sierra Car Wash in Fontana after receiving a car wash.

Assemblymember-Elect Cheryl Brown introduces herself to Frank, the store owner of Sierra Car Wash in Fontana after receiving a car wash.


November 25, 2012

Contact: Ashley Jones

(909) 645-3853




In recognition of Small Business Saturday on November 24, Assemblymember-Elect Cheryl R. Brown (D-47) patronized small businesses located in the 47thAssembly District to encourage everyone to shop local and shop small.


“I’ve owned a small business for almost 40 years and I understand the challenges and sacrifices that business owners encounter daily. I deeply admire and respect the contributions that our small businesses make to the communities in our district,” said Brown.


Small Business Saturday has attracted millions of consumers nationwide since its formation in 2010. Small Business Saturday occurs annually between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and encourages the nation to celebrate their local businesses by “shopping small.”


“Reportedly, two-thirds of jobs in the 47th District are provided by small businesses,” said Brown. “And nationally for the last two decades small businesses have created two of every three jobs in the United States.”


Encouraging small business growth and job creation are among Brown’s top legislative priorities for 2013.


“Promoting small business growth and job creation is important to me because our district suffers from some of the highest unemployment rates in the state,” said Brown.“In many of our sectors, the unemployment rate has reached double digits. We have to look at how we can create more jobs and strengthen our local economy.”


“Government policies can pave the way for small businesses to thrive,” said Brown.


Assemblymember-Elect Brown represents the 47th Assembly District, which includes San Bernardino, Rialto, Colton, Bloomington, Fontana, and Grand Terrace.


For more information contact (909) 645-3853.

Power Point Slides from the UUT Workshop

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Free presentations being offered by Covered California Certified Educators trusted partner in San Bernardino County–The San Bernardino Training and Employment Agency (SBETA).

Free presentations being offered by Covered California Certified Educators trusted partner in San Bernardino County–The San Bernardino Training and Employment Agency (SBETA).


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