Don’t Go There is Tonight

Don’t Go There a Community forum aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of drug and alcohol consumption among our youth.

Rialto Community Coalition brings this informative forum working with Rialto Police Department & Rialto Unified School District.
This event will include A resource zone where Students, Parents and Educators can obtain information on how to deal with Drug and Alcohol Consumption, start the conversation or deal with use that is ongoing. We are also proud to announce that Ray Lazano the highly popular world wide drug and alcohol counselor will be our keynote speaker. We will also have a Panel where people in attendance can ask questions of Coalition members, School District personnel, Rialto Police dept. staff and more……

Check the event listing for an up to date list of everything that they will have going on.

Come early and meet Diana Wehbe and the 99.1 street team who will be doing a live remote.


Don’t Go There Substance Abuse Prevention Program Comes To Eisenhower Highschool.

This week the people that make up your Rialto Community Coalition Rialto Police Department are coming together to bring you a public forum tackling the problem of drug and alcohol use and abuse among teens especially during prom and graduation season which is kicking off in full gear this April. Here are some facts that show our teens are under attack of further danger:

  1. More teens die from prescription drugs than heroin/cocaine combined.
  2. In 2013, more high school seniours regularly used marijuana than cigarettes as 22.7 percent smoked pot in the last month, compared to 16.3 percent who smoked cigarettes.
  3. 60 percent of seniors don’t see regular marijana use as harmful, but THC (the active ingredient in the drug that causes addiction) is nearly five times stronger than it was 20 years ago.
  4. One-third of teenagers who live in states with medical marijuana laws get their pot from other people’s prescriptions.
  5. By the 8th grade, 28 percent of adolescents have consumed alcohol, 15 percent have smoked cigarettes, and 16.5 percent have used marijuana.

These are just a few of the staggering statistics on drug and alcohol use in our schools. Talking with the members of the Rialto Community Coalition I found out why it was so important for them to hold this event. David Phillips said “when we were working on the issue of synthetic drugs we found out that education was the missing component. Education on all three sides of the equation the youth who thought these were safe forms of drug use (because they were sold over the counter). Parents who had no idea their kids had harmful drugs right before them (because of their colorful packaging and being sold over the counter). Finally our teachers with a combination of packed out classrooms and a lack of education on the issue  with the false information that these drugs were legal leaving educators with a sense of helplessness.

So what the Coalition decided was to hold a 3 hour public forum mainly consisting of three components.

  1. A Vendor Resource zone where parents, educators and youth can get additional resources or help with what they already are dealing with or my deal with in the future.
  2. Key Note speaker Ray Lozano from Prevention Plus to speak to the teens at their level on these dangers and why they should avoid them at all costs. Ray said Continuous effort, strength and intelligence are the key for a young person to reach their full potential. When they start using marijuana, not only do those qualities vanish, but their uniqueness is lost and they become generic.
  3. A Q&A Panel where attendees can ask questions and get answers from people that know and are part of the solution.

Laniea Dominguez of comedy for causes is going to MC this event when we asked her why she is getting involved she said this “I lost my mom to drugs & alcohol and wanted to give my children a better memory of me. I wanted to be part of this event to remind teens that life has sooo much to offer & it’s up to them to chose to live it or lose it.

The event is this Friday April 4th from 5-8 pm and will include a visit from Diana Wehbe & the 99.1 KGGI Radio Street team, Rialto Police Department will have its under the influence simulator for people to experience the varied levels of how it feels to be under the influence. This all goes down at Eisenhower High School in the Gym at 1321 N Lilac Rialto, Ca 92376.

For more information contact Michael Townsend on the flyer or visit their Facebook event posting at the link below.

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City Council Meeting September 10, 2013 Agenda

Agenda of the Regular Meeting of the City of Rialto City Council

We are going to post each and every city council agenda the Monday before the meeting. We will add content in a different color to help explain items of interest or highlight items that will you need to know.

Also twitter users can follow a play by play of the council meeting by following us at or following #RialtoCityCouncilMeeting. Also if your friends with Flores Park Group on Facebook our tweets land there as well.

Of course you can watch the meeting live on TV or the internet by clicking this link You can also go in person and be part of the solution and help us show our elected officials you care and are engaged.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Mayor Pro Tem Edward Palmer

INVOCATION: Pastor Harry Bratton – Greater Faith Grace Bible Church

City Council Regular Meeting September 10, 2013

City of Rialto Page 4 Printed on 9/5/2013

City Attorney’s Report on Closed Session


1. Transportation Commission 2012 Annual Report – Dennis Barton, Chairperson.

2. Cold Case Update – Lt. Hardin and Sgt. Stella.


City Council to consider removing or continuing any items on the agenda


All matters listed under Consent Calendar are considered to be routine by the City Council and will be enacted by one motion in the following form listed. There will be no separate discussion on these items. If discussion is required, the item will be removed from the Consent Calendar and will be considered separately. Vote may be by roll call.

The consent calendar is a collection of various items that either are of a low dollar amount and do not require the attention of a TAB ITEM, or there is nothing for the council to discuss. Yet many times items like E10 below are stuck in here to skirt the Community and even the council if they are not watching closely. This is where items like reducing the time limit from 5 to 3 minutes for public comment were laid. If it wasn’t for some council members and community members watching them it very well could have slid right by the community.


1. Waive reading in full, all ordinances considered at this meeting.


B.1 Resolution No. 50 (06/28/13)

B.2 Resolution No. 1 (07/05/13)

B.3 Resolution No. 9A (08/30/13)


C.1 Regular City Council Meeting – June 25, 2013


Here is where the public has the opportunity to address the council on anything not on the agenda – Limit to 5 minutes

D.1 Request City Council to Set a Public Hearing for September 24, 2013

to consider Development Agreement No. 13-01 between the City of Rialto

and I-210 Logistics Center II Fund IX, LLC, related to the development

of a 763,640 square foot distribution facility on a 35.2 acre site located

at the northwest corner of Baseline Road and Linden Avenue in the

Employment Zone of the Renaissance Specific Plan.

City Council Regular Meeting September 10, 2013

This is being used to set up a public hearing on a proposed logistics center being built at Linden and Baseline. So on 9-24-13 the community can come out and voice their support or concerns with this proposed project.

E.1 Request City Council to Adopt the Updated Hazard Mitigation Plan for the

City of Rialto.

E.2 Request City Council to Approve annual purchase orders with Willdan

Financial Services in the total amount of $41,300 for the Administration

Services of the Landscape and Lighting Districts and the Community

Facilities Districts.

E.3 Request City Council to Authorize Street Closures for the Rialto Fire

Department Annual Fire Prevention Open House

Yes the council needs to approve street closures for city events.

E.4 Request City Council to Approve the Purchase of Two New Ford Escapes

for Fire Prevention in the amount of $46,671.66

2 New vehicles for the Fire Department


E.5 Request City Council to Ratify the Emergency Purchase and Installation of

Eight Air Conditioning Units from Davidson’s Air Conditioning & Heating,

Inc. in the amount of $25,000.

E.6 Request City Council to Authorize Issuance of a Purchase Order in the

Amount of $31,050 to Lockwood Engineering Company for Civil

Engineering Design Services for the 2013/2014 Annual Curb, Gutter and

Sidewalk Project, City Project No. CB1404.

E.7 Request City Council Approval of a Notice of Completion for the Federal

Safe Routes to School Project at Merle Casey Elementary, City Project No.

100819, Federal Aid Project No. SRTSL 5205 (014).


E.8 Request that the Rialto Utility Authority Approve an Extension of Site Use

Agreement by and between the Rialto Utility Authority and Hackman Capital

Equipment Acquisition Company LLC, Tiger Valuation Services LLC, and

Hunter Consulting Inc.

E.9 Request City Council to adopt Ordinance No. 1532.




3.44, 3.48, 3.52, 3.56, 3.60, 3.64, 3.68 AND 3.72 OF THE RIALTO

E.10 Request City Council to approve Engagement letter for Legal Services with

Colantuono & Levin, Professional Corporation.

Here the city is looking to use an outside Law Firm to handle a lawsuit. So we are paying Jimmy Gutierrez and his firm $600,000 thousand a year to not handle city lawsuits? Not to worry though Jimmy Gutierrez will oversee the company and charge the city hundreds of thousands of dollars to watch someone else do the job we pay him to do. Unless someone pulls this item this will be approved without a second thought more money wasting.

City Council Regular Meeting September 10, 2013

City of Rialto Page 6 Printed on 9/5/2013



Request City Council to Conduct a Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption

of Resolution No. 6332 Establishing Advertising Fees for the Rialto

Progress Community Magazine.


Request City Council to Conduct a Public Hearing to Consider Any

Objections from Property Owners on the Amount of Weed Abatement Costs

Assessed on Their Properties, and to Approve the Placement of Weed

Abatement Fees on County Tax Rolls.



Request City Council to Approve the Preliminary Site Plan for the Bud

Bender Park Rehabilitation Project, City Project No. CB1302 and to

approve Budget

Resolution No. 6333 Appropriating $30,000 from the Park

Fund (210).


Request City Council to Approve and Award the Contract to Braun

Northwest in the amount of $356,259 to Refurbish Three Ambulances.


Request City Council to Approve the Contractual Agreement with Fire

Apparatus Solutions and Approve a Purchase Order in the amount of



Request City Council to Adopt Budget Resolution No. 6334 Appropriating

$125,000 and to Approve a Professional Services Agreement with Hall &

Foreman, Inc., in the Amount of $100,360 to Complete the City of Rialto

Master Plan of Drainage Update.


Request City Council to Approve a Cooperative Agreement for the

Development of a Joint Groundwater Model for the Rialto/Colton

Groundwater Basin.


Request City Council to Approve Amendment No. 3 to the Agreement for

Legal Services with Gutierrez, Fierro & Erickson, A Professional


Looks like Jimmy Gutierrez is FINALLY ready to sign his TEMPORARY contract. 



Rialto Police Department Area Command Meetings

Area Commands End of 2013The last round of Area Command meetings are happening in September and October.

The first Area Command Meeting is this Saturday at 1:00pm at Sunrise Church in North Rialto. This is Area 1 Command meeting and its a meeting you need to attend if your in the respective area. Lt. Andy Karol always brings out the resources that the community is looking for. Area Command meetings are more than a law enforcement tool to get the word out to the community. Various city departments come out and give you the information you need and answer your questions.

Be sure to attend your area command meetings. Also follow us on twitter and be given up to date information on what is going on at the area command meeting as it happens. Our twitter address is

Synthetic Drug Sweep in Rialto

We have received reports that Rialto Police Department SCAT team conducted a sweep of local businesses known to sell synthetic drugs like SPICE & BATHSALTS. Cpl. Nelson Rialto PD gives overview of what spice is.

A Press Release from Rialto Police Department has now come out.


What we do know that we can release is this week at Eisenhower High School a package of the Synthetic Form of Marijuana called SPICE was found in a classroom. Pictured below is the brand of Synthetic Marijuana that was found this week in a classroom on the campus of Eisenhower High School. The three businesses that were found in possession of the banned substance for sale all were right next to Eisenhower High School. There have been talks in the community that banning these types of stores within a comfortable radius of our schools.

Found in a Eisenhower classroom this week

Found in a Eisenhower classroom this week

Last year a young male almost went into cardiac arrest after consuming the Synthetic Marijuana on campus. If not for the quick response of his teacher and campus security the outcome would have had a horrible ending.

School officials and staff have yet to comment on this issue for the drug being found once again on their campus.


Coffee with the Chief Re-Cap


With yet another coffee with the chief coming and going I thought it would be nice to highlight what was talked about at the August meeting at Coffee Nutz.

Twenty four people attended the event and we had people from all walks of life and various organizations that serve various purposes for the community.

In attendance (of note) were Linda Chapman Humans Relations Commission, Michael Townsend from the Department of Mental Health, Phyllis and John Hangman from Friends of the Rialto K-9’s, Joe Britt Park and Rec commissioner, Andy Carzales Rialto Beatification Commission. As well as Captain Randy Deanda and Chief Farrar from Rialto PD & two raido personalities from Q104.7 were doing a live remote in the parking lot and decided to join us.

Chief Farrar began by thanking everyone for coming. He then began talking about the extreme success of Rialto’s National Night Out event on August sixth. Chief Farrar stated they had just over five thousand people come out to this years event two thousand more than last year. He commented on how well the event went and that it was the best National Night Out event the city or county had ever put on. He said there was room for improvement but that overall the event was top notch. The highlight was for the people who hung around to see the police helicopter lift off from the event. Chief Farrar asked the people in attendance what they thought could be improved for next years event.

The next topic of conversation were the upcoming Area Command meetings. These meetings offer the community, city and police department a opportunity to connect and dialogue. Various city departments come out and give you the information you need to easily live here in the city. For info on the meeting dates, times and locations just look for the link on the right hand side of our page.

The topic of the AB 109 Early Release program came up due to the courts ordering Governor Brown to release another ten thousand inmates. Chief Farrar told the community that Rialto PD has been working to stay one step ahead of the criminals. These ways include an full time probation officer that works at Rialto PD, using electronic advances to track criminals, applying for more grants and working with other local agencies.

The last topic spoke to who our Police Chief really is it spoke to his heart. Chief Farrar spoke about a strong passion to reach our youth. Not just the good kids that have normal nuclear families that don’t have negative contact with the police but all youth especially the under privileged youth that shy away from telling police officials their true fears and concerns. This desire chief Farrar has isn’t a fishing expedition to lock up more criminals but a true heart felt desire to show the entire community that his department truly cares. What was awesome is everyone there bought right in and began talking out the idea of how to involve our youth. This is where Annette Pulido the promotions person from Q104.7 spoke up and offered to assist the city and police department with this and other outreach opportunities.

One thing that is missing is a constant presence by School District Official. Every single meeting there are constant questions about our children’s safety. This is just an observation by me but it seems Rialto Unified really doesn’t care how we feel about school safety or our children’s safety. It is sad because Edgar Montes has attended a few times but beyond that nobody. Rialto Unified has a School Safety Department and their office can’t send down one official to listen and log the long list of issues the community has with school safety.

Here is what else is awesome when I brought up the response some of our readers had to the time of the meetings and how morning meeting during the week excludes a portion of the community. Chief Farrar said lets make it happen so all you that commented on the time of the meetings here you go.

There is a lot going on in Rialto and everyone is working hard towards making this a community to be proud of. But it takes everyone working towards the same goal. So ask yourself what are you doing to help make this city a better place and can you do more?


Coffee with the Chief of Rialto Police Department

Coffee with the Chief is this coming Tuesday at Coffee Nutz. Come out and hear what our police have been up to, ask questions from Rialto’s Top Cops as well as meet other people in the community committed to safety for everyone.

Coffee Nutz

From the Murder of a Father in Flores Park to a Family shooting at Trapp Elementary School
Chief Farrar normally is joined by other members of the command staff.

With the recent major crimes that have accorded in our city it is important to show up and take advantage of this opportunity. Bring the kids and enjoy coffee & information coloring books and comic books supplied by IEHP will be available to keep the little ones busy.


Coffee Nutz is located on Foothill just East of Riverside Ave. Owner Andy Carzaeles is a strong community advocate and supports a strong line of communication between the community and police. Andy opens up his restaurant and offers excellent service from his friendly staff.

Come out and get informed. Bring the kids we will have FREE goodies to keep them busy.

Coffee Nutz Location

Coffee Nutz Location

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