Rialto water rate hike is necessary??? Mayor thinks so.

Below is the article Mayor of Rialto Grace Vargas had published in the San Bernardino Sun Paper on Easter Sunday.
I totally disagree with everything this Mayor says here, and now that she is ending her term as mayor and not seeking re-election she seems to not care what direction our poor city is thrown in. Also he uses this forum to make lies and false statements so that no one can refute them, when the 80 people took the time to come down and tell the city government what they thought about the bad deal they were making they sat silent. They only responded to the various Labor Union reps that lived outside the city advocating for the POSSIBILITY of jobs.
So what I will do here is give the honest reasons this is happening and voice what the people really said they wanted at the last council meeting. Our responses will be in bold black hers will be in normal type and font.

Raising rates for city services is something no mayor or council member wants to do.

From the looks of it Mayor Vargas, Ed Scott, Ed Palmer, Deborah Robertson all in favor as well as new City Manager Mike Story the only one that has voted no twice was Joe Baca Jr. Thank You Mr Baca. Your votes speak volumes we no longer listen to your words.

Sometimes, though, the alternative is worse, which is where we in Rialto found ourselves as we confronted the reality of a city water and wastewater system badly in need of repair.

If this is so then its your fault for not directing the water company to slowly make these improvements, it is your lack of leadership and responsibility that has brought us here you have had the job as Mayor for the last 12 years.

Though we’ve been holding down rates for years, time had run out. Our system needs more than $40 million in upgrades – far more than we can afford with existing revenue streams.

I grew up in Rialto made the mistake of buying my first home here NEVER did I here you’re getting water at cost I hope your appreciating it. Quite the contrary we have been paying a perchlorate fee for years, 8% utility tax that was sold as a way to keep public safety at good standards now its going into the general fund to be mismanaged. Please stop saying you have kept rates low it all sounds like lies because we all pay our bills and we know what we have been paying.

In addition, the loss of redevelopment financing has left us unable to provide the kind of infrastructure improvements needed to attract businesses and retailers that create jobs, pay taxes and improve our quality of life.

Giving away free money to businesses to get them to come to Rialto is a lazy way of development. RDA made cities lazy gave away money and paid fees developers should have paid as the cost of doing business. Developers like Lewis and Pharasse are using you to force us to pay for the cost of doing business. When Lewis Properties builds out the area ear marked for Target they will throw lame lazy security guards out to help protect the property, one old man in a truck that will pester Girl Scouts selling cookies but hides behind the old circuit city and sleeps while his son walks around with what looks like his detec ( Detec is a magnet with a chip the guard touches it to a certain spot will hear a beep and the company know he did his particular rounds). Pharasse Homes wants every lawn to look like the Country Club he destroyed, he wants the city to force us to make improvements he should be making if he wants to build his monster of a housing development in the Lytle creek wash.

This past week, that forced us into a difficult, unpopular, but necessary decision to raise rates for Rialto water customers as part of a public-private partnership with American Water.

Difficult I think not you had your minds made up before you hit the door, Unpopular YES, necessary NOPE. Take the PUBLIC out of your statements regarding American Water They are Really German Water and the REAL PUBLIC wants nothing to do with them.

Much was said about this in the months, weeks and days leading up to the vote, and as someone who has lived in Rialto for 30 years and has been your mayor for the past 12, I certainly understand and appreciate the concerns that were expressed. These are difficult economic times, and to add higher water rates on top of that is a sacrifice for many.

Yes a lot was said since this issue came to be, and you ignored all of the RESIDENTS & BUSINESS owners who want nothing to do with this deal. Even Joe Baca Jr. who is normally right in line with all the unions you let in to speak on Tuesday and even responded to their comments saw that this was a bad deal for Rialto and its residents. REALLY Grace REALLY!!!!!!

But let me assure you that we’re doing this for the right reason. Those of us elected by you to make these kinds of difficult choices do so because we believe in Rialto, and we believe in you. We live here, and, like you, we want what’s best for the community.

What is your idea of the right reason? Unions Jobs? Taking advantage of a low-income community? guaranteeing German Water a 30% profit every year for 30 years? Outsourcing jobs? Paying for things that companies should be paying for THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS? Oh and don’t worry we won’t vote for any of you ever again (Joe Baca Jr excluded) so you wont be bothered with listening to what the VOTERS want rather than the various lobbyist you actually do work for.

Our responsibility to manage city government and to provide the quality of services you’ve come to expect will, from time to time, causes to do things reluctantly. Certainly this is one of those occasions. We don’t want to raise rates, but we know it’s necessary.

You know its necessary to GARUNTEE 30% profits yearly for 30 years? Also yes you do want the rates to rise because it also fills your 8% Utility Tax slush fund, as the rates rise so do the proceeds from the ADDITIONAL TAX.

Also, with the recent loss of our Redevelopment Agency, we understand how important the public-partnership can be to our present and future. As part of this agreement, $30 million in improvements can be used to attract the kind of businesses we all would like to see in our community, like Target, Super Walmart and In-N-Out Burger.

I love Target and havent been inside of a walmart in 5 years, and I would love an In & Out in Rialto. BUt I would not shop at either big box store here in Rialto and might use the drive thru at In & Out. Rialto isn’t a safe place it just isn’t. Our police work very hard but we don’t support or staff our police with the resources to handle the added theft and crime big retail brings and the In & Out will be an awesome stop and rob location get off on Riverside Rob the restaurant shoot a few people jump back on and be gone. I have been near robbed at Bakers both Carls Jrs (Foothill and North Riverside) the Post Office right next to city hall and countless times at the Homedepot shopping center and that’s just me!!!!!!!!

Let me give you 2 examples of a city similar size of Rialto and how they handle it. Redlands PD actually communicates with the Loss Prevention personnel at the big retail locations, they come out and actually arrest and protect in their city.

San Bernardino never comes out for theft even a 211S doesnt get them moving, they can have someone report a male beating on a female less that 100 feet away and they will ignore it and let the male finish her off. San Bernardino is so dangerous because the police don’t care and the city is horribly mis-managed bring in big retail with no plan to handle all the crap and get ready for a bumpy ride.

Oh and NO ONE wants a Super Wal-Mart or a Lowes, Wal-Mart Ugh and Lowes can’t carry another location in the area look at the north San Bernardino building that now sits empty.

It is, in a way, like running a business. If we’re to succeed, we need to invest.

If your running a business then why did you put up a 7 year moratorium building along the 210 freeway in Rialto? Was that a wise BUSINESS IDEA? We need to take the 30 million fix our own infrastructure, if its really that bad.

Fortunately, our “business” – our community – has always shown an amazing ability to work together, and I’m confident that this will be no exception. We may have our disagreements, but when all is said and done, we want the same thing – a vibrant, healthy Rialto.

We no longer want to work with any of you, leave by yourselves or just wait for the election but everyone’s days are numbered as leaders of Rialto.

In the coming weeks, you will get information on Proposition 218, which offers an opportunity to vote down this increase. You owe it to yourselves to study the facts – the reality we face – and make an informed decision.

The communities biggest beef with the council, mayor and city manager was the fact that they sent this deal packing and thought you were looking at other options. What do you do bring back the same bad deal and force feed us, I cant wait to cast my NO VOTE.

Once you do, I am confident you will see this the way the City Council did, and continue to work with us in turning these very difficult economic challenges into opportunities our entire community will be able to take advantage of.

 Grace Vargas is mayor of Rialto.

Ok here is what I think this really is. It’s the councils answer to losing RDA funding. Their Democrat Governor gave them the shaft and took away their easy way of attracting business. So they find a way to pull 30 million to continue with the status quo and let the tax payers suffer. Most of this 30 million will be spent on the Target project with lewis homes. Ask your city government how much money we have already wasted on environmental and economic impact studies along with the massive cost of shutting down the Airport and moving two major helicopter agencies to San Bernardino Airport. The sheriffs department & Mercy Air. The Target project has seen 20 & 30 million thrown at it and was never seen again. Lewis Properties needs to stay in Rancho and other high-end cites where crime is low a thier lame security staff wont be bothered. The filth of Rialto will harm the shoppers and destroy the lame post guards.

Was West Valley Water ever considered? I actually thought I paid my bill to them when I forgot to mail my bill and went up to baseline to pay only to be told that I had to go to city hall to pay my bill? Why is the city split so awkwardly?

No when I call German Water about my bill or service I will get some guy named tom from India with such a strong accent I wont even be able to understand him. Or have an automated bill paying station in a convient place for thugs to rob me and vandals to destroy. Thus giving German Water the ability to say because the costs are so much operating in Rialto the rates will increase more than originally anticipated blah blah blah blah blah………………………….

After the meeting – Rialto and American Water

Let me start this post with WOW. I have never seen such a ground swelling of the community come out on an issue only to be ignored by the politions in Rialto.

Picture Below I found in a stack of papers left by the residents in the KTRO room:

Dosen’t that say it all, must be nice to be an upper class council person without worries!

First let me say Rialto property owners need to stop this with their paper now or pay for the next 30 years. This deal and this vote is partially the voters fault, you have not voted for years allowing city council and assembly and congress to have a feeling that they don’t speak for us the can do whatever they please. Those select few of you who do vote, vote with a disregard for the people you’re putting in power.

But ultimately those placed in power must be reminded who they ACUALLY work for, its US. The current council and most local elected leaders ignore us and do whatever they wish or please.

Residents compared the council to those who wish to work for American Water since the are guaranteeing a 30% profit to American Water.

30 million will be payed to the general fund that is owed from the utility and this money is going to be used to fund a Target project that Lewis properties have pulled out of multiple times due to the lack of money, when did it become ok for cities to shoulder the brunt of the cost of doing business.

If the city really wanted big retail they would have not imposed a 7 year moratorium on building around the new 210 freeway.

council allowed utilities commission Member June Hayes to accuse Mr Ceasr Acoata of being a card-carrying communist, union labor reps that had conflict of interest issues and didn’t live in the city speak, union workers and developers from the Pharrase group and Lewis homes speak & turned on the heat on the KTRO room to over heat residents and make them so uncomfortable they ended up leaving.

Mr Jim Stienberg of the Sun reported 50 public comments went out yet 80 people singed up. That means the city staff silenced 30 speakers and voted for this even though many speakers were at the las meeting this was on the agenda and were wondering why they were back on the same issue.

The thing is that council never cared what the community thought they just wanted to find as many little ways to stifle this community.

Speakers were not able to hear responses from council members even though most were seeking awnser to better gauge the minds of our (leaders). This council has too often been to busy or to important to talk to the little people this was normal for them.

The final vote was 4-1 in favor the one no vote came from Joe Baca Jr. Not really surprising he can afford any political damage right now because it would hurt is run for assembly and beyond, but whatever his motives I thank him for standing in the divide.

Here are the issues I see with this deal and the community. First off only 200 people are reported to have attended the 2 information meetings that were held on Tuesday & Saturday. Tuesdays meeting was reported to be very dysfunctional and that you couldn’t ask questions. Saturday was better but no one from council was there to awnser questions at either meeting. I was unable to attend these meetings because I work 4 jobs just to get by and have very little free time.

Atmosphere went as follows:

  • Standing room only in chambers.
  • 3 overflow rooms. KTRO building, fire station basement & library.
  • Spanish-speaking residents standing outside watching on a monitor with no translator.
  • Jerry Acosta was passing out bottled water saying “don’t worry this water is free” which brought people to laugh in the KTRO building. Mr Acosta also asked the council to take heed in this decision and think of the poor and unemployed that will be devistaed by these rates. He also spoke in spanish to give some familiar words to spanish speakers outside.
  • The union reps asking the city to employee their union workers at the cost of hard-working tax paying families were: Lori Stonemaker-AFL-CIO labor union, Joe Whicher Sheet Metal Workers Union & William Perez from the construction workers union.
  • The young-looking union workers that spoke up were Juan & Robert asking you to pay more for water so they can have a broken promise of a job.
  • Joe Juladian is a business owner and he told counsel he will be forced to pass these rates onto to customers, they didn’t seem to care.
  • Pastor Gloria Henderson Quoted Ecclesiastes to the council referring to the topic of their is a time for everything and everything has its appointed time, this isn’t the time to levy such large fee increases on a poor and struggling public.
  • Lyn Hurts owner of Dans Lawnmower Shop told council that they are doing this because they wont be around for 30 years. She is right i will be 80 before this contract is up.
  • Sam Wienstien seen here in an interview with our reporter http://youtu.be/PYBW0mkWWxg he was speak out to the lawsuit Mr Ron Pharris served a woman with outside council during the meeting, forcing her to leave for fear for her life.
  • Donald Lee stated that American Water is a German owned company.
  • Robert Tinker a resident since 1958 said he has seen a lot of council members and mayors in his day and if they vote for this he will see some more go real soon.

American Water CEO Jeffry Sterba – who was appointed to the job in August 2010 – has made clear that he wants to expand the company’s “contract operations business” only if it generates more profits for American Water than in the past.  In a recent interview with a trade journal, Sterba stated:

“The contract operations model as it’s generally deployed seems to be geared around trying to shift risks to the service provider in ways which I don’t think are necessarily taken into account appropriately in the pricing. . . . To the extent that we can create a different model that better aligns with what we think we bring to the table, and allows us to be compensated for that, then we will be interested in expanding in that sector.”

According to the magazine interview, Sterba’s strategy for new municipal contract operations involves long-term contracts with a provision for “price re-determination” over the lifetime of the agreement.  In the March 2011 interview, Sterba also described a contract deal the company had in the works with an unnamed “medium-sized” city:

Below are the slides RUA (Rialto Utilities Association) presented:

To get out of the contract now if the property owners vote to reject the councils vote it costs ua 1 million, If the property owners fail to act then we will be stuck with a 177 million dollar mortgage at a high interest rate. If we cancel in the first year were on the hook for the whole 177 Million plus an additional 2 million, the early termination penalty decreases by 3% every year.
We as property owners must act and renters must contact their land lords and tell them that higher water and waste water rates will force you to look for a cheaper living situation.
Below is the article the sun ran.
RIALTO – City Council voted 4 to 1 in favor of a controversial 30-year contract with New Jersey-based American Water Works Co. Inc., which would mean a 114.8 percent increase in water and wastewater rates by 2016.About 400 residents crammed into City Hall and three overflow sites – the library, the public access television station and the main fire station.The resident turnout was larger than when the issue came before the council last June, which was defeated on 2 to 2 vote.Mayor Pro Tem Ed Scott said prior to his vote, “We have been at this for three years now. We have to do something to bring this city forward,” Scott said.Joe Baca Jr. opposed the American Water contract in June and did again Tuesday nigh for the same reason – that city residents should not pay for a company’s profits and that the rate increases are too steep.

“We need to take charge of our destiny,” said Deborah Robertson, who voted against the measure last summer.

Robertson said that the support of the labor unions for the agreement were a big part in her “yes” vote Tueday night.

Mayor Grace Vargas was out on medical leave starting just before last summer’s water rate vote and has recently returned to her post.

“You people in Rialto elected me for reason,” Vargas said before the vote. She predicted that eventually residents would thank the council for its decision to sign the 30-year contract. The council’s decision can be overturned if the majority of Rialto property owners file a written protest to the decision.In his motion to approve the contract and related rate increases, Council member Ed Palmer said he wanted to take the decision to the property owners and let them have the final say.

“It would be wrong for us to vote this down,” he said.

While most of those at the meeting Tuesday appeared to oppose the measure this time around, several spoke in favor of the agreement, which would lead to financing to pay for $41 million in water infrastructure projects and provide funding to move ahead with develop;ment projects at the municipal airport, a super Wal-Mart south of downtown and retaurants north of downtown.

Upland developer Randall Lewis, whose company is a partner in a planned mixed use development on land now occupied by the municipal airport, said the debate taking place here is occurring across the state and the nation.

“It is a tough decision,” Lewis said, adding that the city staff recommendation to go with a long-term agreement with American Water is the correct one to modernize Rialto’s infrastructure system.

June Hayes, a 16-year member of the city’s Utility Commission, said initially she was against a contract with America Water, but after much research , feels a contract with them is the correct path.

“I speak for the little guy,” she said. With a doctorate degree, Hayes said she lives close to the poverty level, but still is in favor of the rate increases to pay for what needs to be done for the water system.

The agreement also drew strong support from organized labor because it will create some 450 jobs for the building trades.

Joe Whitcher, a business representative for Sheet Metal Workers Local 105.

Whitcher said that the way the contract is structured, labor union rates will be paid and there will be no loopholes allowing some workers to be paid at non-union rates.

But most of the more than 50-residents to address city council on this issue over several hours Tuesday night were opposed to the 30-year contract and its related rate increases, Anne Lopez, said she is putting three children through college, and with the increase won’t be able to live in Rialto anymore.

“I would love to live in Rialto…it is charming, quaint and not to large. But many people will not be able to afford to live here if the rates go trhough.””

Said Frank Gonzalez, “These rates are “unreasonable and unwarranted.” As for the 30-year contract, “it is totally out of the realm.What about a `Plan B’? There isn’t one. Why?”

Hattie Inge, who said she has lived in Riatlo for 39.5 years, asked why is the city of Rialto “trying so hard” to bring American Water to town. And regarding the 450 union jobs, “Those won’t be going to people who live in Rialto.”

Inge said that several of her children live in cities where America Water provides service and that “they never do what they say they will.”

Michele Heal said that it appears that the city council wants to work for America Water more than it wants to work for the citizens of Rialto.

The improvements resulting from the agreement will benefit the existing ratepayers. New large projects, such as the Lytle Creek residential development. and projects planned at the municipal development, said Robb Steel, assistant to the city administrator and director of development services.

There has been criticism by some residents who allege that a portion of the rate increase will subsidize future developments.

Comments from the SB Sun’s Editor and General Manager

Frank Pine@fpine

@RialtosNow Why a “tired” bedrom community?


Above is the Editor and General Manager of the San Bernardino County Sun comments on how I and one of his reporters have quite similar twitter account names.

So we first have to ask why do we have this reputation? Is it deserved? What makes people in professional professions act as though their comments have no meaning or consequences?

We have this reputation in my opinion because our elected officials have missed the mark time and time again (yep we voted them in, or didn’t vote and allowed them to take over). Rialto has failed to strike when opportunity comes and sits at the front of the city hall door. The only reason anything has happened lately is because of the redevelopment funds that now are no more.

Is it deserved? No because I doubt Mr. Pine has ever lived here, or had to struggle with us. He speaks out of ignorance and that makes his a sad man. But we should expect nothing less from a newspaper group that takes stories and changes and twists people’s words to sell papers. A paper that charges you almost $80 to publish a FBN when you can get it recorded and published elsewhere for less than that.

The reason professional people act as though their words have no meaning or consequences is because of the medium they choose to express themselves. Social Media gives a person the false sense of safety and security. They dont have to see of hear the reaction from the parties involved and can shield themselves from most repercussions. I have not agreed with the Sun for quite a while thank God for ABC 7 news. They cover Rialto just about as much as the Sun does.

Stolen Money

Below is the link to the story that soured this post:



The link above is to an associated press story about the continued waste of money that our legislators are guilty of almost daily. The go to Sacramento only to ensure that they will make their per diem, on that cost tax payers 65,000 TAX DOLLARS. That means 65,000 less to help fix the budget problems, but the have once again lined their pockets without any regard for the voters concerns.

You know the old saying how do you know when an elected official is lieing? When their lips are moving.

Seems about right, because when its election time they will tell you why they are in Sacramento the people (lie). I’m sorry to say that democrats and Republicans are both just as bad. They are not in Sacramento for your voice they are there to line their pockets and live off the government forever. How long are we going to let these people continue to take advantage of us and destroy our cites, state & country. 5th district supervisor Josie Gonzales actually told the sun in an interview in reference to pension reform and the San Bernardino County employee union putting out a petition to make San Bernardino County supervisors a part-time job, that she had financial obligations that must be met and if the board became part-time she would step down. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So why are you there Mrs Gonzales?

Below are some other articles where CA is hurt and hemorrhaging and could use every penny we can find.

Employee losses due to loss of RDA’s and tight budgets:


“Rialto and Highland, for example, have found ways to keep their former Redevelopment Agency employees on the payroll, officials said.”

Mass Teacher layoffs due to 22 million dollar budget cuts:


“In a best-case scenario, reduced funding from the state will force the district to cut its 2012-2013 budget by roughly $22 million, which would mean roughly 162 employees, including teachers and administrators, would receive layoff notices before the annual March 15 notification deadline. ”

Redevelopment dollars gone without a solution:


“You hear a lot of stories about California redevelopment agencies being abused to advance the agenda of the downtown elite, but more often than not, CRAs are used for their expressed purpose, which is to address blight, serve underrepresented communities, and maybe, more importantly than anything else, provide affordable housing in regions where there isn’t enough.”
This one cracks me up, they say that their was abuse and misuse? What about what lawmakers do daily?????????
People stand up and take action before its to late. Look for lawmakers that will fight their voters convictions not their own and fight it through even if it will make relection harder.


City Administrators Monthly Update Feb 2012

City Clerk/Rialto Network


The State of Women


The 6th Annual “The State of Women” event is scheduled for Saturday, March 3 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., located at the Rialto Senior Center, 1411 S. Riverside Avenue.  Keynote Speaker is B. Darcel Lee, Executive Director of the California Black Health Network. Our local legislators will be on hand for Q&A. The event is free with vendor booths, morning refreshments, and a light lunch will be provided.  Seating is limited.  Please RSVP to the City Clerk’s office at (909) 820-2519 or mrodriguez@rialtoca.gov.


Passport Day in the USA


If you are planning to travel outside of the United States plan on joining the City Clerk’s office during Passport Day in the USA, Saturday, March 10.  You can apply for your passport and learn more about travel requirements.  And, if you process your passport that day, you’ll get a free hot dog!  So, join us on March 10 to prepare for your upcoming travel.  For more information contact (909) 820-2519 or visit the City website at www.rialtoca.gov/cityclerk_passports.php.


Administrative & Community Services


Finance Division


The Finance Division is working with the Redevelopment Agency to wind down the operations of the Rialto Redevelopment Agency.


Finance will also be working to complete the midyear analysis based on the activities through December 2011.  The final result and budget update will be presented at the March 13, 2012 City Council meeting.


The 2010/11 Redevelopment Agency Financial Statements have been received and are available on the City’s Website at www.rialtoca.gov.


Recreation Division


The Rialto Recreation Winter/Spring 2012 Brochure is now available!  You may have already received your brochure in the mail at home.  Please take a look at what we have to offer and sign up for a class today!  The brochure can also be viewed at our website www.RialtoRec.com.

Police Department


Department Promotions


Please join me in congratulating the Rialto Police Department’s newest command staff members and supervisors: Lieutenant’s – Dean Hardin and Andy Karol; Sergeant’s – Josh Lindsay, Paul Stella, Johnny Partida, Chris Hice and Robert Smith; and Corporal’s – Rory Scalf, James Mills, James Massey and Carl Jones.

Department Strategic Plan


With new staff in place, YOUR Police Department will begin working hard to develop an organizational strategic plan. We will be working closely with City leaders, community members, local business, and faith based organizations to help us fight crime in our community. Please join us at the Area Command Meetings to find out how you can help. For more information visit the Police Department website at www.rialtopd.com.


Rialto PD e-Desk


The e-Desk kiosk is a user friendly data terminal used to develop a more efficient method of handling citizen traffic inside police stations. The kiosk acts as an assistant to desk officers during high-traffic hours; allowing citizens with general inquiries to get the answers they need while allowing the desk officers to focus on higher priority cases. Some of the capabilities are: citizen generated non-offense reports, submitting anonymous crime tips, requesting vacation watch, leaving messages for officers/detectives, making payments for report requests and other related fees through use of a credit card/debit card, access to the Police Departments website, and other related information.


Cop-Book – Connecting police officers with each other and the communities they serve and protect.


For too long, local police departments have relied on email, outdated systems, or word of mouth to identify experts and relevant content in local and regional areas. Data is trapped across systems, people’s minds, or languishing in archives – making it almost impossible to get work done. Separated by both time and distance, limited interaction between officers on the beat slows the decision-making process between the officers in the field and headquarters.


Cop-Book is a secure collaboration environment that unshackles users from the narrow confines of email, telephone conference calls, endless meetings, and departmental bottlenecks – and puts them into an interactive online community where they can securely harness the collective intelligence and work of their peers in real time.



City-Sourced App – Coming Soon


City-Sourced is a real time mobile civic engagement platform. City-Sourced provides a simple and intuitive platform empowering residents to identify civic issues (public safety, quality of life, environmental issues, etc.) and report them to City Hall for quick resolution; an opportunity for government to use technology to save time and money plus improve accountability to those they govern, and a positive, collaborative platform for real action.


NIXLE- Community Notification and Information


The Rialto Police Department is proud to announce the incorporation of NIXLE to enhance communications within our community. NIXLE is a free service that allows community members to receive trusted, up-to-the-minute neighborhood information. You choose the information that you want to receive from urgent public safety information to less time sensitive community information. You can receive this information over your cell phone, by text message, or by email. Sign up at www.NIXLE.com.


Fire Department


Homeland Security Grant


The Rialto Fire Department has been awarded $26,627 through a grant from the Department of Homeland Security. These grant funds were provided for the advancement of interoperable communication systems that are used during emergency operations. The Fire Department will use these funds to purchase communication devices that fit inside a firefighter’s Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) face piece. Because the SCBA face piece forms an airtight seal around the firefighter’s mouth and face, it is difficult to achieve clear verbal communication over a radio or face-to-face. Because these devices are located inside the masks, and because they are connected directly to the firefighter’s radio, all verbal communications are clear and audible to other rescue workers. This greatly improves efficiency and safety for our firefighters.


Recruitment and Retention of Diversity Workshop


On February 2nd & 3rd, the City ofRialto sent a five-member team of key stakeholders to participate in a workshop focusing on recruiting and retaining diversity in the Fire Department. The workshop was sponsored by Fire 20/20, a non-profit organization, and was be held inAnaheimCA. The two-day workshop presented an overview of strategies, tactics, and practical aids that Fire Departments can use to more effectively recruit and retain a qualified, diverse, inclusive, and safety-conscious workforce that respects and represents the communities they serve.  They also developed a framework for strategies that supports retention, enrolls the community as recruitment partners, and maximizes the effectiveness of outreach campaigns.


TheRialtoteam members included CouncilwomanDeborah Robertson; George Harris, Director of Administrative and Community Services;Nash Briones, Rialto Firefighters Local 3688 President;Cindy Balderas, Human Resource Manager; and Mat Fratus, Fire Chief. They joined similar teams fromLos AngelesCity,SacramentoCity,Pasadena,Alhambra,Novato,Glendale, andOrangeCounty.




The Fire Department is very pleased to announce the promotions of four personnel to key positions within the Fire Department. Congratulations to the following:


  • James Bender                Fire Captain
    • DeWayne Frederick      Engineer
    • John Heffelfinger          Engineer
    • Thomas Stephenson    Engineer


Each of these individuals has demonstrated the highest level of commitment and competency throughout the testing and evaluation process.


Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training


Rialto Fire Department is pleased to provide Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training to the residents of the City of Rialto who are sixteen years of age and older. The CERT program educates community members about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area, and trains them in basic disaster response skills such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist when professional responders are not immediately available to help others in their neighborhood or workplace following a major emergency event. CERT members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community.


The next CERT classes will be held in March on the following dates and times:


Thursdays, March 1 and 8, 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Saturdays, March 3 and 10, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


The classes will be held at Rialto Fire Station 204 (3288 North Alder Avenue). To sign up, e-mail your name and phone number to RialtoCERT@gmail.com or call (909) 421-4964. There is no charge for the twenty-hour training.  Participants will receive a CERT Participant Manual, CERT Backpack, CERT Helmet and CERT Safety-vest (provided by the Homeland Security Grant Program). For more information, contact Battalion Chief Frank Bekkerat (909) 820-2501 or on the internet at www.rialtoca.gov/cert.html.





Development Services Department


State of California Dissolves Redevelopment Agency


On February 1, 2012 the Redevelopment Agency of the City ofRialtoceased operations as a result of the California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold AB1X 26, which dissolved redevelopment agencies statewide. The City ofRialtohas elected to serve as the successor agency, which will have the commission of completing contracted obligations and then liquidating all assets for disposition to various taxing jurisdictions.  The Successor Agency will be governed by an independent Oversight Board, subject to further review by theCountyAuditor-Controllerand the State ofCalifornia.  The housing functions of the former Redevelopment Agency were assumed by the Rialto Housing Authority on February 1, 2012.


The Redevelopment Agency of the City ofRialtowas established in 1979 to alleviate blighting conditions and facilitate economic development and housing.  Since 2004, over $150 million has been invested in public infrastructure, economic development, and affordable housing projects.  Key projects funded by the Redevelopment Agency included the Riverside Avenue/I-10 Interchange ($30 million); Pepper Avenue Extension ($13 million); Fergusson Park Improvement ($6.3 million); Library Expansion ($1 million); New Fire Station 202 ($5.9 million); West Jackson Neighborhood Revitalization ($8 million); and TELACU #2 and 3 Senior Housing projects ($5.9 million).


All Redevelopment Agency programs and projects, except those that are subject to binding contracts, have been terminated.  The housing programs formerly funded by the Agency, including home rehabilitation programs, may resume in the future, subject to funding.   The State Senate recently approved SB 654 which would allow the Rialto Housing Authority to keep all remaining affordable housing funds of the former Redevelopment Agency for use in creating or improving the housing stock.  This cash infusion is a one-time event, and when the cash has been exhausted the programs will once again cease.


The Redevelopment Agency office at131 S. Riverside Avenuewill operate for a short while to help wind down the affairs of the former Agency.  The former staff of the Agency will be assimilated into the Development Services Department of the City.


City Council Rescinds Purchase and Sale Agreement with Agency for Airport


On January 24, 2012 the City Council authorized the City Attorney to notify the Redevelopment Agency of the City ofRialtothat the purchase and sale agreement between the parties would be rescinded due to the Agency’s inability to perform its obligations.   Under the purchase and sale agreement, the Agency was obligated to pay the City upwards of $32 million when the last parcel of land was sold pursuant to the Contract of Sale with Lewis-Hillwood Rialto LLC.  Because the state has dissolved the Redevelopment Agency, the Agency will be unable to perform its obligations to the City.  As a result, the City ofRialtoexpects to reclaim title of theRialtoMunicipalAirport.  Effective February 1, 2012 the Airport resumed operations as a City enterprise.


Target Freezer Distribution Center Commences Grading


Construction is underway on the 450,000 square foot freezer distribution center for Target Stores at Renaissance Parkway andLaurel   Avenue. Completion is scheduled for the summer of 2013. Street improvements forAlder   Avenue, Renaissance Parkway andLaurel Avenueinclude curb, gutter, sidewalks, streetlights and street widening (paving). In addition, a new traffic signal will be installed at Renaissance Parkway andLaurel Avenue. Street construction will begin onAlder Avenueand Renaissance Parkway. Lane closures may occur any time during construction.Laurel Avenuewill be closed to through traffic at Renaissance Parkway for construction ofLaurel Avenue. Further information of theLaurel   Avenueclosure will be provided as construction progresses. Please adhere to all construction safety notices and speed limits during construction.


County of San Bernardino Commences Street/Landscape Improvements on Alder Avenue


Construction of street and landscape improvements at the entry to theCountyLandfillis underway. The project is funded and administered by theCountyofSan Bernardinoand the City ofRialto. Street Improvements forAlder   AvenueandCasmalia Avenueinclude curb, gutter, sidewalks, streetlights and street widening (paving). In addition, the Alder/Casmalia intersection will be widened on the northwest corner. Lane closures onAlder AvenueandCasmalia Avenuemay occur at any time. In addition, landscaping is being installed alongCasmalia AvenueandAlder Avenue. Please adhere to all construction safety notices and speed limits during construction.


Under Armour Occupies Warehouse in Prologis 210 Industrial Park


Under Armour announced that they secured a long term lease on a 1.2 million square foot warehouse distribution facility at the ProLogis I-210 industrial park.  City staff met with representatives from Under Armour recently to discuss how to expedite permit issuance for tenant improvements.  Under Armour indicated that it would begin operations this year in approximately 400,000 square feet then ultimately expand into the entire 1.2 million square foot facility over the next few years.  This site will become Under Armour’s West Coast Distribution facility.


Under Armour, headquartered inBaltimore,Maryland, founded in 1996 by formerUniversityofMarylandfootball player Kevin Plank, is a multi-billion dollar company that supplies a wide range of sportswear and casual sports-oriented apparel focusing on hi-tech sportswear to keep athletes cool, dry and light throughout the course of a game, practice or workout.



Revised Lytle Creek Environmental Impact Report to be Released for Public Comment


The Planning Division is scheduled to release the revision to the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Lytle Creek Ranch Project in February 2012.  The Lytle Creek Ranch community is comprised of 2,447 acres of land, divided into four distinct neighborhoods and 103 planning areas. Approximately 694 acres within the Specific Plan area are located within theRialtoCitylimits and 1,753 acres within the Specific Plan area are located within unincorporatedSan Bernardino.  The neighborhoods are described as follows:


  • Neighborhood I includes approximately 417 acres of land. A portion of this land (“Sycamore Flats East” and “Sycamore Flats West”) is located within the boundaries of the 3,400 acre Glen Helen Specific Plan (CountyofSan Bernardino). The remaining land in Neighborhood I includes acreage located within the boundaries of the Lytle Creek North Planned Development (CountyofSan Bernardino).


  • Neighborhood II includes an adult golf course community on approximately 802 acres and includes the entire 221-acre El Rancho Verde Specific Plan area.


  • Neighborhood III is located south of the I-15 will include a mix of single-family detached and attached homes, as well as Village Center Commercial development on approximately 969 acres.


  • Neighborhood IV includes multi-family residential and Village Center Commercial development on approximately 259 acres located north of the I-15.


On August 26, 2010, a lawsuit (Endangered Habitats League; Save Lytle Creek Wash v. City of Rialto) was filed challenging the previously certified EIR for Lytle Creek.  On September 30, 2011 Superior Court Judge Frank Gafkowski issued a Tentative Ruling which deemed certain sections of the previously certified EIR deficient.  The Tentative Ruling was finalized by a Writ of Mandate and a Judgment issued by the Court on October 7, 2011.  To satisfy the Court requirements, the City will prepare additional analysis for the EIR including revisions to the Green House Gas Emissions Analysis, the Traffic Impact Analysis and the project alternatives section of the Draft Environmental Impact Report.


The Developer will host a community meeting at 5:30 PM on Thursday, February 16, 2012 atHughbanksElementary School, Multi-Purpose Room,2241 North   Apple Avenue,Rialto,CA92377.  The community meeting will be one of several opportunities to comment on the revisions to the DEIR for the project.  The meeting will feature “go-at-your-own-pace” stations staffed by the applicant’s team to answer questions about the project.  City staff will also be present to receive public comments regarding the revised portion of the DEIR.


Code Enforcement Accolades for Burrtec Support
Code Enforcement Officers often come into contact with homes that have an abundance of trash and debris in and around the property.  Usually, the tenants or owners who have neglected the problem can take care of it themselves.  But on occasion we run into people who are overwhelmed and have little or no support including the elderly, the sick, and families under financial distress.  As an alternative to citing the resident with fines they cannot afford, we offer an option that not only eliminates the nuisance but also creates stronger relationships with our citizens.  The City ofRialto graciously offers a courtesy trash bin to our residents when it is deemed necessary and the violations are deemed detrimental to public health and safety.   That’s where Burrtec Waste Industries have been extremely helpful.


For the last 5 years, Burrtec has helped Rialto Code Enforcement Officers whenever assistance is needed.   Sometimes only a small 3 cubic yard bin eliminates the nuisance but often a 40 foot bin is needed to remove the extraordinary amount of debris.   Burrtec has allowed the Code Enforcement officers to quickly assist our residents in a “time of need.”   The City ofRialtoextends its gratitude to Burrtec Waste Industries who make it possible to assist disadvantaged residents while improving the quality of life for the citizens ofRialto.


Public Works Department


Facility Maintenance Division


The Facility Maintenance Division has been assisting the Police Department with the installation of surveillance cameras at all City parks in an effort to reduce issues with vandalism.


Fire Station No. 202


Fire Station No. 202 is currently under construction with an anticipated completion in late March.  Delay was due to SCE transformer pad issues.  The work remaining is the final painting, the concrete pavement and all finishing touches.  The installation of the new traffic signal onRiverside   Avenuein front of the new Fire Station 202 is scheduled to begin in February.


FY 2011/2012 Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk Program


As part of the department’s annual program, the next Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk project for FY 2011/2012 is currently in the design phase.


FY 2011/2012 Overlay Program


As part of the department’s annual program, the next Overlay project for FY 2011/2012 is currently in the design phase.


Fergusson Park Improvements Project


Construction of the Fergusson Park Improvements is scheduled to be completed by the end of February.  The park improvements included two lighted football fields with bleachers, a basketball court, skate park, and a new concession building in addition to other park amenities.


Pacific Electric Inland Empire Trail (Rails to Trails) Project from Maple to Cactus Avenue


The “Rails to Trails” project is in the final stage of design.  Public Works staff is reviewing the final design Plans and Specifications.  It’s anticipated that the project will go out to bid for construction in the coming month.  The project includes construction of an eleven (11) foot concrete trail along with landscape betweenMaple AvenueandCactus Avenue.


Trickleside Alley Improvements


The Trickleside Alley Improvements at the downtown area is in the design phase.  Public Works staff is reviewing the 50% Plans and Specifications.  The design is schedule to be completed by the end of April 2012.  The alley improvements include replacement of the water main and reconstruction of the alley pavement.


Solid Waste Management News


On January 28, 2012 Solid Waste held the free dump day for the first quarter of 2012.  They also served 191 residents at the Household Hazardous Waste site.  Below is a list of the stats from those events:


Free Dump Day:


  • 572 tires were collected from residents or picked up by our crews in alleys and fields throughout the City.
  • 9.25 tons of illegally dumped debris was cleaned up by our crews in alleys and fields.
  • Cal Mirco Recycling assisted 217 residents by taking 186 CRT’s (TV’s/monitors) and 5,925 pounds of other electronic items at the drop off site in the Civic Center south parking lot.


Household Hazardous Waste:


  • 780 gallons of used motor oil
  • 9 pallets of paint
  • 9 drums of misc. poisons and other toxic liquids
  • Approx. 50 auto batteries.


In addition to the above items, residents brought a box-truck load of usable items that was collected by the Salvation Army.



Liga International – The Flying Doctors of Mercy:


  • The special collection for January received 4 truckloads of usable medical equipment fromRialto residents which will be used to aide residents in rural locations inMexico.


Free Dump Day Voucher             


Due to the closure of the Mid Valley Landfill on the January 28th Free Dump Day as a result of high winds, the City of Rialto will be issuing Free Dump Vouchers to Rialto residents.  The voucher will be good for the disposal of one free load at the Mid Valley Landfill and will be valid through Wednesday, February 29th.  Residents that are interested can come to the City Administrator’s office at City Hall,150 S. Palm   Avenue, or to the Waste Management office at246 S. Willow Avenue to pick up a voucher. Proof of residency must be provided at the time of obtaining a voucher.  For further information please call (909) 421-7221.


I can honestly say as a registered republican that I will truley miss this Assemblywoman she has fought hard for our city and this district. Yet I havent always agrred with her positions I have never doubted where her heart lies. She love and cares for her children and her district below is her letter in the voice of the people in the San Bernardino Sun Paper.

Brought to you by David’s Marketing Firm


As a daughter of a World War II soldier, I was privileged and personally touched to participate in a ceremony at Arrowhead Credit Union Park awarding the Congressional Medal of Honor to five Inland Tuskegee Airmen in 2007. They were Buford Johnson, Harlan Q. Leonard Jr., Laska H. Jones, Robert Boyd and Charles Ledbetter (posthumously).

These brave heroes fought prejudice and discrimination to fight the Nazis in the air. They represented the 996 airmen, crew and staff who trained at the Tuskegee Army Air Field in Alabama during World War II. Four hundred and fifty pilots were sent overseas and completed 1,578 successful missions. Sixty-six men made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedom.

Known as the Red Tails, this squadron of black fighter pilots achieved an extraordinary feat. They not only overcame the racism, they went on to become one of the most respected and decorated regiments in history. They opened doors not just for black Americans, but for anyone who aspires to achieve their dreams in the face of enormous challenge.

Their courageous story is well-chronicled in the new George Lucas film, “Red Tail.” The film’s release is a focal point for our celebration of black achievement in American history this month. I hope many of you will join me in seeing this film to honor the Tuskegee Airmen and to share their legacy with younger generations.

Assemblywoman WILMER AMINA CARTER 62nd District

The End of Redevelopment


The End of Redevelopment


The Rialto Redevelopment Agency will close its doors on February 1, 2012 along with all

other redevelopment agencies in the State of California. The elimination of redevelopment

will mean the end to the City’s most powerful economic development tool, as well as the

death to several major infrastructure and affordable housing projects that would have

ultimately created thousands of new jobs for the community. The termination of the

Agency will also result in the demise of many existing loan and grant programs that helped

revitalize and improve older commercial and residential properties in the City.

When Governor Brown took office in January, 2011 he proposed to abolish redevelopment

to help resolve California’s $25 billion budget deficit. After months of legislative wrangling,

a compromise was reached with the enactment of two bills: ABX1 26 and ABX1 27. The

first bill, (ABX1 26), eliminated redevelopment agencies statewide, while the second bill

(ABX1 27) authorized reinstatement by each agency upon the agreement to make certain

“voluntary” payments for the benefit of the State. Following the passage of ABX1 26 and

ABX1 27, the California Redevelopment Association (CRA), League of California Cites

(League), and several independent cities filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of

the two laws. CRA and the League argued that the two budget bills violated Proposition

1A (2004), Proposition 22 (2010), and the California Constitution.

On December 29, 2011, the California State Supreme Court handed down its decision that

ABX1 26, which eliminated redevelopment agencies statewide, was a constitutional

exercise of the Legislature’s authority. The Court opined that if the Legislature had the

right to create redevelopment, then it also had the right to eliminate redevelopment

agencies. The Court opined that ABX1 27 – which would have allowed agencies to

reactivate if they made “voluntary” payments to the State – was unconstitutional. The

Court indicated that the payment was not voluntary and therefore violated Proposition 22.

The Court also rejected the argument that the two bills were inseparably linked.

Although many legislators have indicated support for new legislation to continue some of

the basic goals of redevelopment, such as affordable housing, infrastructure and job

creation, it is unlikely that the Legislature will approve any such legislation prior to

February 1, 2012, the date upon which the Agency will cease to exist.

In accordance with the Court’s ruling, the Rialto Redevelopment Agency will be dissolved

on February 1, 2012. A Successor Agency will be created to provide basic administrative

support in the dissolution process. A seven member Oversight Board, which will be

controlled by County of San Bernardino and various School District appointees, will

oversee the payment of all existing obligations, the liquidation of all current assets of the

Agency, and disposition of all proceeds and unencumbered funds to various state taxing

entities. For additional information on the dissolution of the Agency and the creation of the

Successor Agency, please contact John Dutrey at (909) 879-1151.

RUSD Borrowing on Broken promieses

When the housing market took a dive it effected budgets Local to Nationwide since homes were not worth what everyone thought tax amounts declined and work forces shrinked and the dominos began to fall.

Then Gov. Arnold (AKA The Govenator) came up with a creative way to show a more balanced budget than he really had. What he would do is defer payments that go to  K-12 education, meaning if they thought they were going to get money in August it really ment December then the January money is pushed and so on. Why did this help the Governor? He could show more money on the books that wasnt his to use and for-go cuts that needed to be made.

So since Arnold was a Republican Governor one would assume that Democrat Gov Brown (AKA MoonBeem) would stop using these tactics, Right? Nope he is still deferring payments to our schools.

So how are School Districts dealing with the loss in funds. Layoffs, closing schools, furloughs, pay cuts & eliminating services. Oh, some even most are BORROWING money till the deferment comes. The best part is when the Governor both Arnold and Brown make cuts, those deferments aren’t what they were supposed to be leaving schools holding money notes they weren’t expecting. The current superintendent (Dr. Harold L. Cebrun, Sr. Pictured Left ) has lots of experience with these types of loans. Loans like these were the same type that helped him tank the Compton Unified School District and hand it over to state control read about that story here http://articles.latimes.com/1993-07-10/news/mn-11806_1_compton-unified-school-district .

Tonight 7 pm at Dollahan elementary 1060 W Eitwanda Ave Rialto Ca the board is going to be asked to borrow more money.

Early 2011 RUSD School Board approved borrowing 30 million to get to the next deferment. Tonight they will be asked to add 10 Million to that total!!!!!! With the hopes of getting a low-interest rate of 2%. Who’s money do they think their spending anyway? This doesn’t save any teaching  jobs or support staff. What this does do is cement us in a bad spot and give us the opportunity to be taken over by the state. What is Dr Cebrun thinking? I thought we got rid of Edna?

Below is the very line item from the agenda for tonight’s meeting on this very subject. The governor is going to make more cuts he has to, anyone really want to be on the hook for loans we know we can’t pay back? RUSD is banking on 53 million deferment coming in July to pay this back they have 18 months. But if they do that where is the money going to come from to pay the bills after July? More borrowing?

8. Adopt Resolution No. 11-12-38 authorizing the borrowing of an additional $10

million in funds for fiscal year 2011-2012 and the issuance and sale of one

or more series of 2011-2012 Tax Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRAN) totaling

$40 million to allow the District to meet cash flow needs.

(Ref. J 8.1-6)

RUSD is still giving raises to certain people. 200 Classified and Certified staff this summer will be given pink slips and there is no guarantee we will have the money to bring them back.

Go to the meeting tonight, call their offices, email them do what you can to send a message to remember who they work for and who’s money they are spending.

superintendents office number is:

 909-820-7700 ext 2124  

email at  hcebrun@rialto.k12.ca.us

Fergusen Park

Fergusson Park in Rialto Gets $6 Million Upgrade

Fergusson Park is one of nine city parks in Rialto. Besides the new amenities the developed eight acres of the park include an existing basketball court, a quarter-mile walking track, a picnic area, two tennis courts, horseshoe pits, a tot playground, and a softball field. The new restroom building will add to one serving the eight acres already developed.

Rialto, CA (PRWEB) October 9, 2010

A $6 million upgrade, including two new football fields, begins at Alec Fergusson Park on Oct. 11.

The city of Rialto intends to complete this upgrade in October 2011. Fergusson Park is at 2395 W. Sunrise, near West Casa Grande Avenue and North Alder Street.

“We will be more than doubling the usable area of Fergusson Park,” said Recreation and Community Services Director Larry Thornburg. “Eight acres of this 18-acre park were previously developed. This project develops the remaining 10 acres.”

Besides the football fields, new amenities for Fergusson Park include a skateboard area, playground, picnic areas, additional parking lot, an additional basketball court, and a snack bar/restroom building.

Rialto contractor Robert Clapper Construction submitted the successful bid for this project.

“We at R.C. Construction are very excited at the opportunity to provide construction services for our ‘home town’ here in the City of Rialto,” said Company President Robert Clapper.  “Our corporate headquarters are located less then a mile from the park so that gives us a great chance to pay special attention to the project. We hope residents will enjoy this park for years to come.”

Funds for this park are from a $6.3 million community improvement bond the Rialto Redevelopment Agency obtained in 2008.

Fergusson Park is one of nine city parks in Rialto. Besides the new amenities the developed eight acres of the park include an existing basketball court, a quarter-mile walking track, a picnic area, two tennis courts, horseshoe pits, a tot playground, and a softball field. The new restroom building will add to one serving the eight acres already developed.

The other Rialto City Parks are:

Andreson Park features a playground, walking track, three large picnic shelters and a basketball court. Andreson Park, 726 S. Lilac: Features here include a quarter-mile walking track, a basketball court, playground equipment for small children and three large picnic shelters.

Youth baseball lovers of all ages will enjoy the amenities at Bud Bender Park in Rialto. Photo by Chris Sloan Bud Bender Park, 300 N. Lilac Ave., which has Little League and Pony League baseball fields, and a T-Ball field. It also has a picnic area.

Roger Birdsall Park, 2611 N. Linden Ave., has two Little League ball fields and one for T-Ball. It also offers a picnic area and a children’s playground.

Jerry Eaves Park, 1485 N. Ayala Ave., has 15 soccer fields, three large picnic shelters and several smaller picnic areas, and a children’s playground.

Flores Park includes a children’s playground, picnic area and walking track. Photo by Chris Sloan Flores Park, 1020 W. Etiwanda Ave., has a picnic area, children’s playground and a quarter-mile walking track.

Frisbie Park includes three Little League and two girls’ softball fields, as well as picnic areas, playground equipment and basketball courts.

Frisbie Park, 19901 N. Acacia Ave., has three Little League fields and three girl’s softball fields, picnic areas, playground equipment and basketball courts.

Margaret Todd Park, 201 N. Willow St., has a skate park for skateboarding and roller-skating, picnic areas and open space.

Rialto City Park includes baseball fields, a football field, picnic areas and playground equipment. Rialto City Park, 130 E. San Bernardino Ave., has one football field, one Pony League field and one Little League field. It also has picnic areas, playground equipment and an outdoor stage.

Although the City of Rialto is located in the middle of one of the nation’s fastest growing regions, it has retained a small town atmosphere and similar quality of life. Rialto is an ethnically diverse and progressive community, which boasts several unique community assets including its own police and fire departments, a city-owned racquet and fitness center, performing arts theater, a community center and senior center. Rialto is near mountains, beaches, deserts and other recreational areas.

Rialto’s housing mix and home costs are some of the most affordable in the southern California region. First-time homebuyers find Rialto more affordable than almost any other comparable community in the region. Executives and those seeking high-end homes also find they can purchase much more home for their money in Rialto. This lower cost of living in Rialto also translates into more discretionary income for residents, thus benefiting retailers and service providers.

For more information about Rialto, Calif. go to http://www.ci.rialto.ca.us or call (909) 820-2525.

Area Command Meeting Area 1

So as promised I went to the area command meeting for area 1 at Kucera Middle School on Buena Vista Ave in Las Colinas. In attendance were Chief Farrar (former Captain) Captain Deanda (former Lt),  Lt Thompson, Sgt Hardin, Sgt Wilson, Det Quiniones (former SCAT member) Code officer Dave Hernadez and Judy Roberts. There were represenitives from Code enforcement, Redevelopment Agency, Public Works, Waste management, City Manager.

It began like the original area command meetings. Different people from various deptartments came up and gave us a update from thier department. Most was doom and gloom so if you came in depressed you probably weren’t lifted up when you left.

To the Left is the new Chief of Police Chief Farrar. He is a former Captain with Rialto PD.

Below is a break down of the diffrent presenters at the Area Command Meeting and what they had to say or not say:

Steven Jaraminllo Redevelopment Agency – RDA’s in Ca lost thier fight against Govener Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown in eliminating these agencies in Ca city’s. So as of Feburary 1st 2012 there will no longer be an RDA here in Rialto. Rialto’s RDA does alot including:

The City of Rialto has a variety of industrial and commercial development opportunities, from small in-fill development sites to large development sites for retail power centers, as well as existing shopping centers that need to be repositioned to take advantage of shifting demographic trends in the region. Rialto also has several vacant in-fill sites along Foothill Blvd., commercial corners, as well as unique specialty retailing opportunities in the downtown Central Business District (“CBD”).  Rialto’s downtown is currently undergoing a renaissance following the completion of a $2.8 million streetscape improvement project and assistance from the Agency’s seismic and facade grant program.


So why is this important to Rialto Residents, first we dont have anyone in our local goverment pushing to bring positive development to our city. It seems to be that if left alone with business development here, city council would just add more liqour stores and indoor swapmeets. We have more indoor swapmeets that most other cities in the Inland Empire. REAL development didnt begin until the RDA took over and started making things happen. It was councils idea to put a moritorium om development along the new 210 freeway. So while Rancho, Fontana, Highland and Redlands too advatage of the new freeway we just sat back and watched.

What do we loose? Who knows about the In & Out on Riverside and 210 freeway thats in Limbo. Rember the reason we shut down the Airport? It was for the new Target mass shopping Center that too is in Limbo. The only project that is still a small possibility is the Pepper extension to the 210 freeway.

Questions can be directed to Steven at 909-879-1145 or click contacts from thier website listed above.

Mike Story City Manager – Mike Story is the new city manager and has worked for the city of Rialto for 20 years. I grew up with Mike’s kids and our families attended the same church for alot of years. Mike has been throw into the fire and has been left to make choices other has been to weak to make themselves. Mr. Story’s report was full of DOOM and GLOOM. According to him there are no positives here in Rilato. He said “the city must live within it means” and “I will try and do the same with less but I cant do more with less”. His report included the following:

In Limbo – In & Out, Target Shopping Center.

In Question Pepper/210 freeway extension.

May have to FIRE SALE properties RDA bought to re-sell to developers to bring business to Rialto.

10 depts consolitated into 5 depts, Layoffs.

Reductions in street sweeping and tree trimming.

See Mike Strories Monthly Report at:


Amy with waste management – Amy has been at most Area command meeting and gives us info on free dump days and where you can take haserdus waste, electronic wates and donated items. Every free dump day (one a quarter) the Salvation Army is at city hall parking lot taking your donated items and give a tax recipt in return. Also they have special sponsorships they do for non-profit organizations. This months is Fly Doctors of Mercy. They will be taking useable medical equipment like Wheel Chairs, Walkers, Canes, Prostetics, Hearing Aids and Eye Glasses. they take these items to impoverished countries and preform free medical care. The free Dump day for the first quarter is January 28th. Also they will be taking 9 tires per address for free disposal on the weekends of January 13-14 and January 27-28 at the Public Works Yard at 335 W Rialto Ave.

Michelle Aguirie Public Works Admin Assist – Mrs. Aguirie spoke about the near completion of the Fregusen Park Remodel. This park remodel cost 6 million dollars. She was asked alot of questions about street repairs and extensions and had no real awnsers her key phrase was “I don’t Know”. She was asked about Linden From Casmilia to Summit the street is all torn up and in bad repair. Mrs. Aguirie also feilded a question about the massive graffitti on the businesses along the north side of the 10 freeway espcially between Riversid and Cedar, no awnser but well let you know what she finally says. We will be taking pictures and reporting on these 2 questions to see what we can drive out of officals.

Det Anthony Quinonez Personal Property Crimes – Det Quinonez gave us good tips to help us stay safe and protect our properties. I have pictures of the slides he presented. If you have the time make one of the upcomming command meetings just for this presentation. The only thing I don’t agree with is his reliance on the Nieghborhood Watch Program? Our NW progam wasn’t there for Flores Park residents who wanted to included new and inovative ways keep one step ahead of criminals and empower residents. Things like Liason with Protection One, using technology and using our volenteers in new and inovative ways. He isnt a bad guy but he is comming into a situation blind.

Here are the pics of the presentation:


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