The 2015 Election Cycle & Water Boards That The Mainstream Media Won’t Question

wvwb resultsSo November 3rd 2015 is in the books and as the dust settles from the election it looks like the attacks, stumping for allies from the elected dais and misuse of public funds to influence voter perception only worked out in a small way. Directors Linda Gonzalez & Clifford Young along with appointed Director Rafael Trujillo used questionable tactics to influence the look of the West Valley Water Board by supporting three candidates (Greg Young, Manny Gonzalez & Rafael Trujillo) and using public funds to hurt the campaigns of Alan Dyer & Butch Araiza. In the end only Greg young seems to have risen to the top of the pack followed closely Alan Dyer and Don Olinger. If the results remain the same these three men will be the your elected Board members for the 2015 Election.

Greg Young may be the first candidate to garner support from the FAR left and FAR right wing groups that make up politics here in the Inland Empire. Greg Young has had strong support from the EXTREME left wing Democrat Club in San Bernardino and via social media strong Tea Party Activists like Tressy Caps and Kathy Ponce are celebrating Mr. Young’s winning of the Water Board Seat. So it looks like pigs are now flying and Hell has frozen over because nobody ever thought that these two groups could ever agree on anything let alone a political candidate.

What stands out to us is the constant struggle that Rafael Trujillo finds himself in trying to get ELECTED to any political position in the Rialto Region. He lost for city council, unable to secure a council appointment, failed to defeat Joseph Williams for the Community College Board and failed this election even though he was able to find a short lived appointment on the West Valley Water Board for a month. What is sad is a lot of people have dumped a lot of political influence and pressure into getting him elected to something and it has not worked.

The SB Sun newspaper has covered the other local races to death mainly in the City of San Bernardino. Staff Writer Jim Steinberg spoke to us for about an hour about West Valley and Rialto Water Services issues. Jim said he had little time to write about Rialto and that Rialto no longer has a reporter (from the Sun) to cover Rialto. Then he writes this story:

Jim wrote about how the drought alone doesn’t draw people in and that people don’t engage with our elected water bodies. What he fails to address is that water boards and utility commissions treat the general public like idiots when we don’t like or agree with their given course of action. They treat the public as though we are uneducated and not worthy to input our thoughts on their out of control actions. So where is the Sun on these issues? Why isn’t the media covering Rialto at all? Don’t the people paying to get the Sun in Rialto deserve to be just as informed about Rialto as they are about Los Angeles?

Inland Valley News calls #AllLivesMatter a White Supremacy statement


As I was walking past a stack of papers in Fontana Friday I saw the bold article “Do the Math on #AllLivesMatter and It Equals White Supremacy”. I don’t have to tell you this stood out to me because I have used this hash tag and I wanted to know more about this idea. As I began reading the article I started to see a lot of ignorance on the part of the writer. I flipped the half folded paper over to revel the Inland Valley Newspaper and it all made sense. This publication is a strictly paper that writes for and about the black community. I have read it from time to time but I get lost in the articles like this that do nothing more than continue to drive a wedge in communities and hinder the ability to come together as one people.

Statements like:

“let us not be fooled into reading the word “all” as in “everyone.” We are reminded that the Founding Fathers used the same language of humanity. We do, indeed, “hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” In the language of U.S. politics, “all” has never meant everyone. #SomeLivesMatter.”

“Contextually speaking, #AllLivesMatter is a rejoinder. It is a retort. It originates in direct response to the creation of the hashtag and movement #BlackLivesMatter. And it is here that we find its promotion of white supremacy”

The writer SEAN EVERSLEY BRADWELL wants you to believe that All=Some? Is this the new common core way of twisting words? For some reason the writer doesn’t seem to want:

  1. Racial Healing
  2. To clam the racial tension that is currently plaguing our society

They may not want to admit it but #blacklivesmatter isn’t doing anything productive and their form of hate speech and violence is leading to Police Officers coming under attack and dying at alarming rates. For Mr. Bradwell to say that ALL lives don’t matter he is saying that the young children of the officer who is killed because of hate speech and violently charged statements do not matter. He is telling the community at large that we can’t come together as one people. He is making all the work that has been done since the 60’s worthless.

Mr. Mo Kelly a radio talk show host on KFI AM 640 on the weekends isn’t a fan of the #blacklivesmatter crowd either but his dislike comes from their lack of real goals to accomplish in the name of Black People that feel like they are treated unfairly by police and society:

“I’ve never been a supporter of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter or much of the associated hashtag activism. For many in this millennial generation, simply changing one’s Facebook profile picture, sending out a tweet with a trending hashtag or sharing the latest story which affirms their outrage (though at times justified) is the sum total of their contribution. Such behavior is lazy, disingenuous and ill-conceived in generating momentum for a movement. A well-timed status update rant largely does nothing other than massage one’s ego and tricks the person into believing he/she has “done their part in the struggle.”

Instead of trying to turn every police officer in the nation into a racist we need to focus our efforts in having levelheaded honest people at the table to make sure everyone is treated equally and that we shut down this all out attack on Law Enforcement before it gets out of control and takes one more Wife, Father, Mother or Husband.

Rialto Community Forum


The Mayor and City Council are inviting community members to attend this special forum regarding what Rialto is doing about the Water Conservation issue. Speakers from water agencies that are touched by Rialto will be in attendance to help residents understand what we are doing and why we need to conserve. This forum takes place Thursday, July 30 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Rialto City Hall Council Chambers, 150 South Palm Ave, Rialto, CA. For additional information, please contact the Administration Office at  (909) 421-4991.

Robert Eizenbiez Sounds Off On Rialto Water Restrictions

Rialto Water Con

In a phone conversation with Robert Eizenbiez the Public Works Director of the City of Rialto we learned a lot about the goals and intentions of the new water restrictions.

Rialto Now – How will water users know they are in violation of the new restrictions?

Eizenbiez – Once we get through the water education portion of the new regulations everyone will know and then thats when the enforcement method kicks in.

Rialto Now – Will the consumers water bill be used as a sole source of determining a violation?

Eizenbiez – A consumers bill will be a good determination of a consumers use and whether they are adhering to the water  conservation efforts or not.

Rialto Now – Will you need proof to start fining people?

Eizenbiez – Yes we will need proof and we will reach out to the consumer and verify that the information is correct but if you have a green lawn you are in violation of the ordnance.

Rialto Now – Wait so my lawn is 2/3 green does that mean I am 2/3 in violation of the law?

Eizenbiez – Well how can you have a green lawn only watering 2 times a week?

Rialto Now – How much turf is the City of Rialto lossing will we be holding community events on dirt and cactus?

Eizenbiez – We are working to be strategic about the amount of turf we eliminate, were losing some but not all.

Rialto Now – What are your thoughts on the move that the City of Riverside has done to sue over the massive water reduction requirements?

Eizenbiez – It’s interesting but a loosing battle. I feel they will waste money fighting the regulations and then find themselves behind the ball when they need to show their overall reduction. Also when you fight the State and Federal Governments you loose out on access to vital grant funds to entice people to conserve.

Rialto Now – So Rialto would never try such an effort to show solidarity with struggling rate payers because it would make obtaining grants more difficult?

Eizenbiez – I wish Riverside luck but its not a great case to jump on.

Rialto Now – Who will be policing this new ordnance?

Eizenbiez – We will be counting on residents to let us know when they see people around the city breaking the new rules. We also will be working with volunteers to do audits.

Rialto Now – In the presentation Tuesday the message to TARGET the Schools and Local Businesses was key to Rialto’s Success would you care to elaborate?

Eizenbiez – These are the largest water users and have the ability to change or pay the fines.

Needless to say it looks like a rocky road ahead. Questions that have not been answered are:

* What happens if my family has grown since 2013 the year that your using to determine if I am reducing my water consumption?

* People who live here in Rialto yet don’t plug in with city hall or attend city functions how are they being educated in the new water rules?

* What about the families who have young kids? We tell kids to get outside and now were telling families to kill their lawns? How does that make sense?

* Who will enforce these restrictions? Officials at Rialto PD have already stated that there is no staffing for Code Enforcement or Police to enforce these new restrictions?

* Less than a year ago the Green Lawn Police were out in force, make Rialto a greener place to be. Even Mayor Robertson was documenting all the wonderful green lawns in Rialto. Now you want people to let their hard work and $$$$$$$ die!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday June 23rd is the public hearing for these new water restrictions the community must come out and voice their opposition to these new restrictions and demand better accountability.

9th Annual Rialto Community Garden Open House Is This Saturday

The 9th Annual Rialto Community Garden Open House, June 6th. Free Popcorn & Drinks and Free Mulch Donated by Burrtec Waste.


Rialto Opens Up The Rails To Trails Project

Join the city of Rialto as it opens the Rialto portion of the Rails to Trail.


Trouble at Rialto’s Arrowhead Credit Union Branch

Early in the morning on May 19th the Rialto branch of Arrowhead  Credit Union on Foothill Blvd was closed.


We aptempted to contact Arrowhead Credit Union staff because a employee working on the in branch ATM’s was telling customers that the branch was closed because it was robbed at gun point. The security guard out front was saying that the bank was closed due to a violent situation. Since no one from Arrowhead was speaking to the community or the Arrowhead Account members we reached out to Rialto Police and they informed us that their was a report of a person suspected to have a mental disorder (5150).

People that heard the employee working on the ATM say that the bank was robbed felt scared and afraid. Yolonda said “that she grew up in the area and had been banking with Arrowhead for a while and never thought this would happen here.”

We reached the VP of branch services that confirmed that a person suspected to have a mental disorder was inside the branch and that they had to close the branch temporarily so that staff could speak to crisis counselors and Arrowhead had to wait until local police and the FBI cleared the bank to re-open which happened just after 2pm.

Come support Hunter tonight



Major Brain Freeze Now Open


As of 7pm on April 3rd the Rialto Major Brain Freeze location will be open for your sweet treat enjoyment. Owner Peter is super excited to bring his frozen yogurt shop to Rialto.

Keep checking our media to find out the date and time of Rialto’s Grand Opening.  Major Brain Freeze is the 5th tennant to open in the old Firestation pad. Share your photos using #rialtomajorbrainfreeze


How To Deal With Storage Costs


“The jury is still out for Inland law enforcement agencies embracing body-mounted officer video cameras on a related issue surfacing across the country: the cost of storing data from the cameras.”

Rialto, is more heavily invested. At community events in early 2015 Rialto Police Command staff were touting the camera program and the storage program saved the city money because it reduced the need to have a officer take files back and forth. Rialto Police and the DA are on the same system meaning the DA’s office has more immediate access to officer recorded footage according to commanf staff at a Coffee With The Chief event.

Rialto does have the newly aquired measure “U”  revenues that the tank farms have not yet paid. They also now have a functional budget and have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by removing City Attorney Jimmy Gutierrez and replacing him with Fred Galante early in 2014.

“That city’s police force was one of the first in the country to embrace body cameras in 2011. All 103 of its sworn officers now wear the cameras under terms of a contract due to expire in the next year.”

“That contract provides just under 3 terabytes (a terabyte is the equivalent of 1,000 gigabytes) of data storage by TASER International, the company made famous by selling stun guns used by police as nonlethal weapons.”

“When the contract expires, Rialto police Sgt. Josh Lindsay said, the city will have to decide how much data it wants to store under a different pricing system: a more expensive system that provides immediate cloud access and a cheaper cold storage system that would require about 24 hours’ notice to access data.”

“The cost of the cold storage system would be “pennies on the dollar” compared with immediate access, Lindsay said.”

“TASER spokesman Steve Tuttle said the 1,200 departments nationwide that contract with his company pay $15 to $95 per officer per month for storage.”

“He said he was not aware of the split pricing structure mentioned by Lindsay.”

“Demand for the devices is booming after the controversy in Ferguson and would accelerate further if Congress adopts President Barack Obama’s request for $75 million to help communities buy 50,000 more body cameras.”

“Already, cities are wrestling with whether they can afford to equip all their officers and how often the cameras should be turned off to reduce the video recorded.”

“With an average officer uploading several videos per shift, it doesn’t take long for data — and the associated expense – to add up.”

Portions in ” ” were taken from the Press Enterprise article

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