Catalyst for change

On Tuesday September 13th JOSEPH W. MARTINEZ Trustee, Board of Education Rialto Unified School District wrote an opinion on Tobin Brinker as a teacher at Frisbee Middle School and a City Council Member for the Third Ward in San Bernardino.

Mr. Brinker also runs a Facebook group called Inland Empire Teachers where teachers can openly connect with one another and share ideas, concerns and frustrations. As someone who is part of this group and a former educator I find the group refreshing and positive.

Mr. Brinker even availed himself to someone with concerns not connected to education, but to the state of a part of his council ward. Its men like Mr. Brinker that keep the Inland Empire moving forward and take the action necissary to forge ahead through life making everyone’s better by just not settling for good enough.

I challenge you to read the letter on the link above and read the nice words Mr. Martinez writes about Mr. Brinker.


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