Local Law Makers Wasting Time

On the way home from the store I was listening to talk radio and heard on the news that Gov. Browns office was reporting that most of the bills that were on his desk were not important and would receive a VETO. Gov. Brown stated that we need to be focusing on unemployment and the budget, I agree.

Everyone knows that California has been in a sad shape for a long, long time. Looking at the latest round of bills coming out of our legislator I don’t think they see what we see. They have wasted valuable time doing other offices jobs.


Assemblyman Paul Cook, R-Yucaipa Signed:

A.B. 167 makes it illegal for a person to make a false claim of a military
decoration. Pending Brown’s signature: ALREADY ILLEGAL

A.B. 199 would enable instruction on the role of Filipinos in World War II in
social science classes. STATE OFFICE OF EDUCATIONS JOB

A.B. 309 would require an appointed individual or “ex officio” member to
vacate his or her office when the individual has been suspended, disqualified or
otherwise excluded from participating in federal transactions. The bill doesn’t
require vacating an elected office, only the position on the governing body of
the local agency. COMMON SENSE

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Hesperia Signed:

A.C.R. 6 recognizes the month of January as National Slavery and Human
Trafficking Prevention Month, and it would recognize Feb. 1 as Free From Slavery

Assembly woman Wilmer Amina Carter, D-Rialto Signed:

A.B. 230 amends the education code to give Middle College high school
students equal access to community college courses so they can graduate. STATE OFFICE OF EDUCATIONS JOB

A.C.R. 57 declares the week of June 6 to June 12 Dropout Recovery Week and
states the Legislature’s intent to encourage the support of dropout-recovery
high schools with creative teaching strategies, alternative assessments, and


A.B. 446 would have authorized a county to adopt a restorative justice
program to address the needs of minors, victims and the community.

So why wouldnt our local elected officials want to deal with unemployment and the budget? Why tip toe around the two things keeping California from progressing and forcing hundreds of workers and employers to leave the state? FEAR, you see for the longest time they have been able to pander to the special interests and just exist in Sacramento and everything was hunky dory.

http://www.sbsun.com/letters/ci_18896905 this article is from the San Bernardino Sun and this letter in the Voice of the People titled “Lost Loyalty” the writer is upset because Josie Gonzales is endorsing Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod for Congress. The writer believes that Congressman Joe Baca has done a good job and everyone should just fall in line with what he wants because he wins in such large margins. No, the only reason he wins is because he represents areas that act in two ways come election time. One whoever puts up the most signs and liters the area must be the best. Second just stay home and not vote at all. The only time the second option wasnt true was when President Obama was elected they came out in droves. Because of that the proposition making gay marriage illegal in Ca won, without that turnout the outcome would have been much different.

So lets contact our elected officials at let them know they need to get to the business of saving this state from destruction.

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