The many reasons not to vote for Ed Scott

So it’s no secret that Mr. Ed Scott and I don’t agree on anything outside of our favorite football team. What I find appalling are his campaign signs “Proven Leadership”. What leadership? Do you pat the guy on the back that did everything in his power to drive rialto down the same road that San Bernardino now finds itself?

So since my last post about Mr. Ed Scott drove our numbers through the roof I thought it’s time to do a highlight of the Ed Scott Years. We will start with most recent Ed Scott blunders and let you decide if we want this type of “Proven Leadership” back in power in rialto:

  1. Most recently we are finding out the most expensive of the Ed Scott policy issues the Outsourcing of Rialto Water to Veolia. Now Veolia was not Ed Scott’s first choice to have our water company for the next 30 years. We now know that Ed Scott’s water pipeline infrastructure project was a like a local unfunded mandate meaning he dumped it into our laps and later we found that the money was not enough to complete most of the projects. When the residents forced American Water from the deal the proposal was handed to west valley water district and General Manager Butch Araiza wanted nothing to do with the water deal. Now residents are left with ever increasing water rates and Veolia is allowed to walk away without completing what was their part of the deal. This deal was written leaving the city of Rialto with no ability to back out if the project is not completed. Yet millions went to local consultants??????
  2. Under the direction and supervision of Mr. Ed Scott Rialto residents were forced into a battle that the Federal Government should have waged but because Mr. Ed Scott wanted to sue the involved companies on the backs of the Rialto Rate Payers. Those rate payers were promised a refund, yet no real refund ever came. People that only paid the rebate for a short time received funds that were meant for the people who lived there before them. Others Like Anne moved to another house both in Rialto both in the Rialto Water Services area and was not given the total refund due to her she received a small portion. Even residents that could not take the Rialto the Ed Scott built and moved out were left with nothing even though Ed Scott promised they would receive a refund.

“Between the two deals, Rialto residents will get back about $9 million in a perchlorate charges they have paid on bills since 2004, Rialto City Councilman Ed Scott said. The surcharge will stop in December or January, which is when rebate checks will be issued to current and former residents, he said.” JANET ZIMMERMAN / STAFF WRITER Published: Oct. 26, 2012 5:41 p.m.

“Councilman Ed Scott, who is on the perchlorate subcommittee” By Josh Dulaney, Staff Writer Posted: 09/26/12, 9:00 PM PDT

  1. Ed Scott & Jimmy Gutierrez had a very comfortable relationship so comfortable that it has been rumored that Jimmy is now Ed Scott’s attorney. Why is this another black mark on our former councilman? Jimmy Gutierrez was bleeding the city dry on attorney fee’s making $3.1 million one year as the part time attorney for rialto. Jimmy was brought to rialto by Ed Scott and was fed well while Ed Scott was on the Dias. It took forward thinking councilmembers O’Connell & Hirtz to take the contract out and find an attorney that is now saving the city $750,000 a year.
  2. Ed Scott has been labeled as the councilmember that abused the cities week travel policy the most. It was so bad that it took the current city council a year and a half to undo the damage and set the ship right.
  3. Last but not least let’s not forget that Ed Scott has tried numerous times to outsource our police department to the sheriff. The worst time was when we actually lost quality police staff because they didn’t want to be left to the uncertainty of having a job at the last minute. Ed Scott had one last hurrah when he began threatening to bring the topic of outsourcing back up and the residents formed a group named Rialto Residents for Rialto PD. They stormed the council meeting forcing Ed Scott to back down at the last minute and change his tone.

Rialto residents it is clear from this brief outline of some of the Top Ed Scott highlights that Mr. Scott is not the trusted or proven leader Rialto needs. The current council has found a groove and seems to be able to accomplish what needs to be done for the better of Rialto. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

Rialto Candidate Forum @ Johnson Community Center

The room was full of people looking for information on a wide variety of offices

The room was full of people looking for information on a wide variety of offices

Have you heard of the FELLAS? I had not until just recently, but I knew a couple of the members that make up this group. Some of the most powerful African American Men here in the Inland Empire make up the core of this group one of which now lives in Rialto. Some of the core members are Terrance Stone of Young Visionaries, Joseph Williams of The Youth Action Project (Rialto Resident) and Hardy Brown II of The Black Voice News.

It was powerful to arrive early and see these men in action and see the passion for the community they have. My group Flores Park Neighborhood Group was asked to be a co-sponsor of the event and help with administrative functions of the event. This Forum was the best multi candidate event I think Rialto has ever had. The diverse array of canidates as well as the information that was given was priceless.

The slection of rotation was interesting and seemed to work out well. If anything was accomplished yesterday it was showing off who was ready to start on day one if they won the majority of votes in November.

The powerful stand out were the following and why:

Lynn Hirtz Rialto City Council – Lynn came prepared and blew away the audience with her list of council accomplishments and background working in Rialto and commitment to make sure we didn’t shut down the airport for nothing that we will have a beautiful development in the Renissance area of Rialto.

Paul Chabot speaks with community members. Here he is speaking with a Sara Garcia a Representitve with Assembly Woman Cheryl Browns office.

Paul Chabot speaks with community members. Here he is speaking with a Sara Garcia a Representitve with Assembly Woman Cheryl Browns office.

Paul Chabot Congress 31st District – Paul came out explained that their are big issues here in the Inland Empire and he is the true voice of the Inland Empire. As a Naval Officer, Reserve Deputy and a small business owner he had the knowledge and passion to best represent the 31st.

Dina Walker RUSD Board – Dina Walker came out prepared to let the parents know they would have a voice with passion, knowledge and experince in implementing created policy. She even went as far as to tell people she wasn’t and expert in everything with left many feeling like she was going to be a straight shooter something that has been missing for years in Rialto.


Christina Gangier Congress 35th District  – This young firey passionate young business woman is ready to take Washington by the horns and advocate for the Inland Empire. Her big focus was job readiness of our youth and older unempolyed. She refereenced her work with preparing people to be able to use technology to obtain careers not just jobs. She unlike her opponetnt Norma Torres will not forget who she represents and promised not to have special interests tapping her on the shoulder while she is advocating for the IE.

The elected hopefuls that were in attendance:

Rialto City Council: Lynn Hirtz, Joseph Britt

Rialto Unified School Board: Lillie Houston, Russel Silva, Dina Walker

Congressional District 35: Christina Gagnier

Congressional District 31: Paul Chabot, Pete Aguilar

Valley College Board Trustee: Joseph Williams

San Bernardino County Schools Board: Hardy Brown II


Who Are You Voting For Rialto Unified School Board

So after we did that last two polls on the City Council Race we were asked if we were going to do a poll for the Rialto Unified School Board? Well here you go here is the poll. Don’t fret we wont stop there we have a Q&A that has gone out to all candidates and we will be posting the ones that have come back tomorrow. So vote and share lets se what you guys are thinking.

Aguilar Says Yes to Drug Money

Below is a press release from the Paul Chabot Campaign. As I am a major leader in the Rialto Community Coalition and have worked tirelessly I find this post to have great value.
San Bernardino, CA – October 20 – Military veteran, law enforcement officer, small business owner, and Congressional candidate, Paul Chabot, wants to inform the voters of the 31st Congressional District just who is contributing money to Pete Aguilar.

Pete Aguilar has accepted $3,000 in contributions from the Marijuana Policy Project, a radical pro-pot organization committed to the legalization of illicit drugs.
In recent years, drug use among teenagers has risen substantially. Today 20 percent of school age children use illegal drugs. If Aguilar truly cared about education, he would not pander to the pro-legalization crowd.
“This is a deeply troubling affiliation,” said Chabot spokesman Ryan Hall. “We know that marijuana use decreases brain activity, heightens cancer risks, and leads to poor performance in schools.”
Unlike his opponent, Paul Chabot has spent his career protecting children. To help keep children off drugs and out of gangs he founded several organizations including:  Drug Free Rancho Cucamonga, the Coalition for a Drug Free California, and the Inland Valley Drug Free Coalition. As a volunteer reserve deputy sheriff and California Parole Board member, he worked with juvenile offenders and witnessed firsthand the devastating effects drugs have on our youth.
“Pete’s views on this issue are completely out of step with the Inland Empire’s middle class residents who struggle to keep their children away from drugs and gangs. Even Governor Jerry Brown has voiced his opposition and is not supporting Pete’s platform of drug legalization.”
If adults cannot say no to drugs, how do we expect our children to say no? We call upon Aguilar to return the drug money and apologize to parents and teachers for setting a bad example.


FEC Filing (including Pelosi and others)
Chabot won a clear and decisive victory in the primary election, placing first as the top vote getter. He faced six other candidates and garnered over 26% of the vote after being out-spent by his next closest opponent 11 to 1 and placed nearly 10-points above the second place finisher.

Should Candidates Use Personal Tragedies To Get Votes?

Here are the results from our poll thank you everyone for voting

Here are the results from our poll thank you everyone for voting

So it all began with a post on his facebook page then the mailer, Ed Scott appears to be ok with using his son’s death to win the city council election.

First off let me be the first to say it’s been nice not having the bully of Rialto on city council. Heck he hasn’t even inserted himself into the area of politics since his departure almost 2 years ago when the voters choose Deborah Robertson for mayor over Ed Scott. He did pop his head out looking to seek the appointed position that was given to Lynn Hirtz but since then the only thing to come from him is sports and work at his bar.

If you have not seen the facebook post we have it below:

ed scott

Now let me reassure everyone that the School District, Rialto Police & Fire, City of Rialto & The Rialto Community Coalition have been working very hard to deal with this very issue. Now I’m not sure if this made a difference but once Ed Scott Was exited from local politics all of the walls began crashing down. The Rialto Community Coalition held its first public call to action event “Don’t Go There” at Eisenhower High School, City Council Members began to engage with our local prevention and advocacy programs, School District and Rialto City have found new innovative ways to begin working together. Heck even retail development came on like a flood starting with In & Out (pushed to completion by the community not city council). Now we have a Wing Stop, Jersey Mikes, Chipotle, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Pieology coming to Rialto.

So were looking for your thoughts after everything that Ed Scott has put Rialto through are we really willing to give him a second chance to bully and take advantage of Rialto? I feel sorry for the Scott Family for their loss no parent should ever outlive their child but is that alone reason enough to give him elected power once again?

Coffee With The Chief

Join us and other strong community members as we are coffee and go over crime stats and upcoming events tie to our police department. Join us with Rialto PD’s top cop at Carrow’s on baseline.

Coffee Chieif last q 2014

Rialto Community Coalition Meeting

Since this is the beginning of the school year, and the Rialto Unified School District has expressed interest in collaborating with us, we need to take this opportunity to begin planning our next community action project in Rialto. You are needed now, more than ever, to emphasize the dangers and consequences of underage drinking and drug use to students (and adults) in Rialto.

The Coalition will be going over its next community action project slated for November come out and help them make this project the best ever.

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