Walmart Neighborhood Market

Who remembers the old Builders Warehouse? Does that take you back too far, how about the movie theatre?

Builders Warehouse was a home improvement store in the late 80’s and early 90’s that closed down. Then came the movie theatre in the summer of 1997 and lasted until 2010. Now we have a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market where these other two businesses once stood. As each business took residence of this anchor spot they made it their own by totally changing the look of the building. Now I must preface this post with a disclaimer I am not a fan of ANYTHING Wal-Mart does. With that said when I cruised through the Shopping Center it is clear this is going to be an interesting social experiment. Then I saw the front of the building and I was shocked! This picture looks like it has been photo shopped but promise it is as real as it gets.

Walmart Rialto Neigh

So here it is from the outside it almost looks exactly the way it was when it was a movie theatre. So instead of telling you what I think about this look I want you to share what you think about it? So post here, Facebook or Twitter and tell us what you think. Also will this new market concept find success where Fresh and Easy failed?

State Senate Election Meet and Greet

Hello Rialto Now readers. So now that the elections are over we can now put that climate aside for a while, right?

Nope we have a state senate seat open here in rialto and other surrounding areas. Norma Torres is running against the Mayor of Ontario Paul Leon for our state senate seat. I asked each of them one question via Facebook. What role should our state senator play in helping the communities they serve work to combat graffiti that harms our communities. Norma Torres had no response but Randall Ceniceros did kind of respond on her behalf.

Paul Leon said that he thinks that the state senator needs to be more connected with the issues plaguing the communities they are representing. He was open to helping local cities combat crime and graffiti in a effort to make the Quality of Life for the community as high as possible.

Norma Torres Never responded but Randall Ceniceros said he would ask me and get back to me. That answer never came and that was asked in February.

So as I post the Meet and Greet info for Mrs. Torres I urge Rialto residents to attend and bend her ear to what YOU care about. Our state legislator both assembly and senate are greedy, power hungry people that through their actions have no real concern for the PEOPLE THEY REPRESENT. Make them listen or not get elected.

The picture provided below was provided by Joe Britt.

Torres Meet and Greert


Assemblymember Cheryl R. Brown (D-San Bernardino) has been appointed by Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) to the following Standing Committees for the 2013-2014 Legislative Session: Rules; Housing and Community Development; Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media; Veterans Affairs; and Aging and Long-Term Care.


“I’m excited about the work that I’m going to be doing in Sacramento for the 47th Assembly District,” said Assemblymember Brown. “I’m pleased to be appointed to the Committee on Rules, which oversees all incoming bills and other fiscal and personnel business of the Legislature.”


“I’m also excited to be appointed to the Housing and Community Development Committee. My background as an urban planner will aid me as I work to ensure that our communities have access to affordable housing and that we’re utilizing our community development tools for economic growth.”


“My appointment to the Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media will allow me to build on my experience in this area, especially tourism and internet media. In addition, I will look for new ways to promote economic growth through entertainment, arts, sports, and tourism.”


“I feel especially gratified to be appointed to the committee on Veterans Affairs. I feel that veterans are very important. I appreciate their service and the sacrifices they’ve made to keep our nation free. We should honor and treat them with respect. There should be no homeless veterans.”


“I’m proud to be a strong voice for seniors and help with issues affecting aging and long-term care. As a member of the Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care, I look forward to sharing my ideas and personal experience in long-term care and having a positive impact. I want to thank Speaker Pérez for assigning me to these important committees.”


Assemblymember Brown represents the 47th Assembly District, which includes San Bernardino, Rialto, Colton, Bloomington, Fontana, Muscoy, and Grand Terrace. Assemblywoman Brown was elected on November 6, 2012.

“SPOTLIGHT” interview with Assembly Member Cheryl Brown

Hello Rialto Now readers we come to you today with another “SPOTLIGHT” this one comes from our newest Assembly Member Cheryl Brown. I have been working with Assembly woman Brown and her staff on this interview for the past couple weeks and I am super excited to finally see it complete.

I find it important and vital to our local community that we know our elected leaders as to see them as more human and less like people that are on a pedestal so high we fear asking them questions or interacting with them at all. I found it exciting to know where Mrs. Brown went to school and that it was right here in the Inland Empire. I think that shows our youth that a local education doesn’t mean you can’t still be GREAT.

What excited me the most is this was the first time readers went the extra step and submitted questions and were willing to put their name behind them. It is our goal here to bring the most information to the people seeking it. We created relationships with the people that matter to you in hopes that your voice will reach their ears.


Assemblywoman Brown, how long have you lived in the Inland Empire? Where did you attend High School?


I have lived in the Inland Empire since the late 50’s. I attended San Bernardino High School, Class of 1961.


Are you a college graduate? If so, where from?


Yes, I completed my BA degree in Geography (urban planning) at California State University, San Bernardino, Class of 1974.


What did you enjoy most about working with the Black Voice Newspaper?


I enjoyed writing stories of major interest to our community.


Do you have any connection to the Black Chamber of Commerce? What is the biggest value you see in supporting our African American business owners?


I’m a founding member of the Inland Empire African American Chamber of Commerce.  Our biggest value is investing in African American businesses to build stronger communities.


How involved do you think a local Assembly Member should be in local politics that fall in those members boundaries?


It’s imperative for local elected officials to have a close working relationship with their Assemblymember. We have to work together as a community to effect change.


I was in attendance when the outgoing San Bernardino city manager, Charles McNeely, was a guest speaker at the African American Chamber meeting. He spoke about how local and regional leaders coming together have shown to make strong resilient communities. What are your thoughts on city councils and school boards with strong connections with state elected officials making for better unified communities?


I support the notion of working with our district’s leaders to unify our communities. In fact, over the past month, I met with educational, local political, legislative, and community leaders in our district to discuss how we can work together to support one another and resolve our district’s most critical issues. We’re working together to generate new ideas and draft legislation and/or seek administrative solutions that will promote educational opportunities and economic growth.


What are the biggest hurdles you see in your districts future? Do all cities share the same hurdles or does one city have a hurdle that currently isn’t affecting others?


The biggest hurdle I see for our district is creating and sustaining economic growth and stability. This issue affects every city in the district. In order to get over this hurdle, we’re going to have to address the district’s economic uncertainty, high unemployment rates, school dropout rates and public safety issues.



Join us and help Rialto Rid itself of dangerous thugs and tagging crews by attacking their markings go to

Join us and help Rialto Rid itself of dangerous thugs and tagging crews by attacking their markings go to



Unemployment is a massive issue here in the Inland Empire. What are the greatest tools we can give our young people to allow them to succeed in today’s job market?


Academic, technical and vocational education and training are the greatest tools that we can give our young people. In order to increase our economic growth, we need to make sure that our students are successfully completing their education. We must look at job training programs to prepare our youth for work.


Although reports show the Inland Empire communities are experiencing a small growth trend economically, one thing that stands out to people in your district are the empty buildings. Where once we had a business, it is gone and we lack the ability to sell new businesses to fill existing spots. This makes the economic rebound of our area hard to see. What are your thoughts on this and is there a solution?


I’m currently evaluating the issue of blighted buildings that depreciate our district’s cities economic property values. As it stands, there’s no legislation that supports cities in forcing property owners, who personally allow a building to become blighted, to comply with current building standards. There’s a need for legislative and administrative solutions. It is my desire to  establish a special select committee to address the issue of blighted city buildings.




Trisha Vincent, small business owner:

Under new legislation directed by President Obama, is there any way to justify or stop skyrocketing health care premiums before the legislation takes effect?


We can help stabilize health care premiums by covering the uninsured. Californians who cannot afford health insurance or lose their coverage due to a job loss, are usually forced to access our health care system at the hospital emergency room. This is a costly practice. By ensuring that Californians have access to affordable health care through Covered California insurance exchange and the expanded Medi-Cal program, we can reduce the high use of emergency room services and help curb health care premiums costs.


Jorge Acosta, general construction worker:

I have a young family, what can be done to make sure the Rialto area remains a safe place to live? How can we help you, help us support our local police?


Local residents can help support their local police by personally engaging their community’s safety. Community activities such as neighborhood watches and community meetings are necessary to help neighbors look out for one another. Keeping your neighborhood safe could mean asking for a street light on a particular corner or speed bumps on busy residential streets, therefore it is important that you and your neighbors communicate regularly with each other and with your elected officials about your safety needs.  It’s also important to establish a good working relationship with your local police department so that residents feel comfortable reporting crimes and coming forward when they witness a crime.


Rick York, school teacher:

Not every child is going to go to college and those that do are finding it hard to find spaces in our UC system. What can you do to help support our Regional Occupation Program (ROP) and Adult Studies classes?


Funding for our state’s Regional Occupational Programs and adult education programs have been subject to categorical program flexibility, which means our local school districts can spend the money that was once specifically set aside for these programs for any purpose. I will work with the leaders in our local districts to help ensure that these programs remain a priority and receive the funding they need to continue their work. I will also work with my colleagues in the Legislature to improve our state’s education funding system and make sure that our curriculum prepares students for both college and career.

Power Point Slides from the UUT Workshop

Deborah Robertson Makes a Failed Stance

This week I David Phillips learned another hard but valuable lesson.

I had a long conversation with Mrs. Deborah Robertson about her intentions with our police department. She did state that her only intention was pension reform but she never said at the cost of 22% of the cities budget. Yes she is holding her Vote on the Special Election Hostage over the Police officers paying their full 9% pension costs. Her statement to me was my goals while in office havent changed since my campaign.

She has this power for many reasons:

  1. The biggest reason she has this power is the council took the entire month of October off for the election. Knowing full well the decision on the special election must be made before December 1st to make the deadline for the special election in March (Utility Users Tax sunsets in June 2013). This gives Deborah the leverage necessary to squeeze the Police for what she wants now.
  2. The tax Measure “V” that just died over the cities inability to be straight and honest with the community.
  3. Talk of the PERS tax being re-instated.
  4. That the last 2 chiefs have rebuilt the police into something we can be proud of and staffed the department with people that will bend to a TYRANT forcing her will upon the electorate to see the awesome programs and resources not be lost at the cost of severe arm twisting. FYI the police have taken concessions for the last 4 years with no end in sight.

So whats the solution?

First its supporting the Utility Users Tax at 8%. All council members stated they dont support raising it beyond that point at the workshop last Tuesday.

Second email, call and text Deborah Robertson and tell her what you think of her hard line stance and what it does for her ability to show she wants to work with the council and the community rather than fight us and try to rule with an IRON FIST.

Deborah Robertson


Phone: Office- (909) 820-2525 Fax- (909) 873-2921 Cell- (909) 644-8520

Third be at the council meeting on Tuesday November 27th and voice your concerns over the possibility that she will vote no on allowing the community to vote on the future of our city and our police.

Fell free to jin us on the Rialto Now Facebook Page or the Rialto Residents for Rialto PD group at the following link:

Below is a message put out last night

****Urgent Action Required***

Deborah Robertson is holding the communities ability to decide on the need of the Utility Users Tax hostage. She has made a strong ultimatum to the cities most important barging unit. Pay you full 9% pensions or I vote no one the Utility Users Tax Special Election. We must show our support for these men and women to have enough time to discuss this impact on their families. The vote on the Special Election must be unanimous one no vote and it doesn’t happen. Plus because council went dark in October this is it. If the vote doesn’t happen in November the special election wont happen prior to the tax unset in June.

We need a mass showing of resident support for these vital men and women. Make signs and show up.



Coffee with the Chief overview

Coffee with the Chief was held at Coffee Nuttz at 8am.

Chief Farrar talking with the attedees

Rialto pd staff in attendace Chief Farrar, Captain DeAnda and Lt. Karol and Volenteer Cordinator Judy Roberts.

Captain DeAnda and Lt. Karol and Volenteer Cordinator Judy Roberts

Chief Farrar began with showing off the new Ford Taurus police units.

New Canine Car Ford Taurus Utility

Chief Farrar announced officer Nelson as the new Community officer. He will attend the outreach programs the Police Department puts out as well as schools and will be the begining of the eventual return of community policing to Rialto.

Dr. Michael Neeki, who regularly works in the trauma center at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Rialto, pulls double duty as a tactical medic for the Inland Valley SWAT team. Click this link for the full story on CBS 2 news

Newest reserve officer was sworn in. Chief Farrars goal is to beef up the reseve unit to give Rialto PD the ability to add officers to the street at a low cost.

Grants submited for police officer supplies like bullet proof vests. Also Lt. Karol also spoke about a grant to get a vehical to help deal with big rig traffic in the city.
Someone asked if people can help with grant writting and Chief Farrar said all help would be great and appreciated.

Air Support Unit last 2 months logged 200 hours of flight time. Also Redlands PD has decided to join this joint effort. With thier addition to our regional Air Team Rialto now has the availability of thier fixed wing Air Support Unit a great resource.

Javier palitto helped design the new badge which will be displayed at Council Meeting tonight. Badge will display Rialti PD’s commitment to the Community. Come on out and see the badge or watch on TV tonight. Also Chief Farrar will be introducing the first new Rialto Police Officer graduating Topof Class.

Resident gave the police big kudos for thier work with Community and the School District.

Question was raised about new Mayors ability to work with police? All three command officers said they have always worked well with all Mayors and council members and look forward to working with Mayor Robertson.

Plan is by next year to reintegrate the Narc program.

The Crowd about 20 in attendance

Also the Chief updated us on the canine unit and Cash for Gold businesses:


The Rialto Police Canine Team competed on November 2nd and 3rd in the Riverside County Sheriff’s 17th Annual Canine Trials. The canine team did excellent competing against 40 other canine teams, from all over California, Texas, and Baja Mexico.

Officer J. Maltese and K-9 Smoky – First Place in Building search (3 years in a row) and
Third Place in Area Search

Officer C. Compton and K-9 Jango – Second Place in Area search and Fifth Place in Area Search for Narcotics
Officer A. Anderson and K-9 Gilly – Second Place in Protection and Fifth Place in Parcels Narcotics
Officer J. Breen and K-9 Kimo – First Place in Protection

The moritorium on new Cash for Gold businesses has been lifted and in iys place are stiff restrictions these businesses must follow much like those for Pawn Shops in an effort to keep people from selling stolen items there.

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